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  1. Okay, I tried testing the latest version of MPC-HC (portable) with after replacing the uxtheme.dll file with the one here. I now get this error. It's going forward because it's launching, but just won't function.
  2. Try running roytam1's build of TCPMP Player on Windows NT 4.0. He's fixed the compatibility issue with 95.
  3. Hello MSFN, To challenge myself in coding, I am trying to make a simple C++ based installer for diyba's ram patch. I know there are better out there, but this is mainly for me to apply C++ (I do not know any other coding languages besides a tiny bit of java). So far, things were going OK, until I changed Visual Studio 2019's tools to a Windows XP-compatible tool. Now, I have a syntax error mentioning something cannot be converted. I am quite confused and am wondering if I should just use another IDE or something. https://github.com/JiaoTongNan/Windows-XP-Ram-Patch-Attempt I am a complete newbie to coding.
  4. With the latest KernelEx updates and updating mscvr90.dll and mscvrp90.dll, you can use coolreader3. SamutraPDF 2.2.1 was already reported to work, but the layout will not change in settings. It remembers your books last read though.
  5. Which program is this? This sounds like something on my 9x list. Please name the exact program, so I can remove it.
  6. How do I solve the issue then? Am I supposed to use a .dll from Whistler or ReactOS then? When I checked kernelex, it includes the uxtheme.dll file, but is it the same one as mentioned on the KernelEx Auxiliary topic? Once this is fixed, maybe even the last version of MP-HC will work.
  7. I tried downgrading to Zoom Player 12.5 from 14.5, but installing the last version of VSFilter for Windows 98/ME and LAV does nothing... I get a runtime error if I attempt to play videos without enabling KernelEx as well. EDIT: Installing LAV on Windows XP SP3 mode fixed it! I had to set Zoom Player 12.5 to "Base enhancements," too. I'm not completely sure whether changing the compatibility mode to Base Enhancements was the issue in the first place or not. MPC-HC 1.5 also works amazing now thanks to setting compatibility mode to Base Enhancements. VLC 2.0.5 also experienced a similar thing; setting the compatibility mode to Base Enhancements instead of XP fixes a lot of issues.
  8. Along with a Windows XP list, I've been in the progress of making a list for Windows 2000 and 98/ME w/ KernelEx https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/p/list-of-working-windows-98me-kernelex.html But, this list and the 2000 list are still considered incomplete by me (in obtaining working software reported on MSFN), so it's only accessible by link here for now.
  9. Windows 9x is so limited for MP4 rendering... I've seen older posts mentioning Media Player Classic-HC working. Version launches beautifully, but the MP4 doesn't work at all. What could the problem be? The application launches with Windows XP SP2 and SP3 setting, but not Windows Vista. For me, installing the ACE Mega CoDecS Pack fixed my problem with MP4 and AAC3 audio on Gom Player and enabled just the sound on Zoom player. But, MPC-HC is uneffected. I believe I've used much older versions (1.2) and found the video still does not play. Also, MPC-HC 1.7.9 installs on Windows 9x, but will not launch due to missing export UXTHEME.DLL:61. The same error happens on MP-HC 1.6 as well. These later versions require Windows XP SP3 or later.
  10. I'm having trouble with Gom Player I've installed multiple codecs (K-Lite 5.71, and cole2k media), but will not play AC3 audio of my MP4 file. Why is this an issue? VLC, Haali Universal Player, and TCPMP player can do it. Did installing multiple codec packs screw things up or something?
  11. There are still lots of media players we gotta find the final versions of: ALLPlayer FinalPlayer ZoomPlayer SMPlayer KMPlayer Pot Player BSPlayer and a bunch more... Also, I tried updating the main list and creating a new one here: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/p/latest-versions-of-software-working-on.html This one is also a big WIP. I'm still trying to get the software on this thread.
  12. I've seen a couple fellow members post about streaming youtube on even a Windows 95 machine with a capable media player. How can this exactly be done? TCPMP is apparently capable of streaming youtube on Windows 95.
  13. I do not want to start another topic because I believe it's probably more appropriate just to mention it here. Is there a wifi client manager available for Windows NT 4.0? The biggest flaw with old version of windows is the lack of utility to manage wireless cards. I have not tried Linux WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X Supplicant yet on NT 4.0 or Windows 2000. I recall attempting to use it with Windows ME, and it failed there.
  14. Alright, I spent about 2 (maybe 3?) hours trying to make a proper list consisting of the final versions of software working on Windows XP. I put a list on my blog. The list is a total work-in-progress; I got lots of labels to fix along with organization. I think a few items (coding-related thingies) may not be in the correct category and a few items were also put in the "other" section, so I will organize some of those later. Give feedback and let me know if anything is off!
  15. Error on my part I simply got files starting from the earliest version and kept adding new files with newer versions. There's probably junk files included. I did this because the updates provided here did not appear to provide all updated components. For example version 24c has 8 of 13 files replaced in the previous 23 version. I just keep the old files together for consistency. I initially backed up these files on my blog in fear of MSFN having another crash like a few years ago that caused the loss of a couple KernelEx updates. Version numbers are the same at the end, but I only changed the year for more accurate documentation of update. I probably shouldn't have done that.
  16. @roytam1 I tried to test your K-Meleon 1.5.4 build on Windows 95, but it does not launch. An error states that K-Meleon is linked to missing export ADVAPI32.DLL: CreatedRestrictedToken
  17. Chromium does not appear to work on Windows XP. I attempted to launch the 80 executable and only got a message. Unfortunately, the message did not display properly due to my system lacking Chinese fonts.
  18. Maybe try this file. Locate the INF file manually and install from there.
  19. VMWare kept giving me issues on my Windows 10 Acer Nitro Laptop (the only hardware I really have that can emulate at decent speeds because of bloat). I spent today resorting to my dual-boot Windows XP/Vista PC and installed Virtual PC 2007 (extracted additions from 2004 version using 7-zip) to test roytam1's build on Windows 95. Once I got Windows 95 fired up, I launched the player and tested three youtube videos. I am lost for words how great this is! MP4 works (almost out of the box; had to change video settings to "GDI") and the audio sounds amazing too! I was astonished MP4 can be played on a theoretically low-spec machine. I set my virtual machine's ram to 128mb and my host's machine's cpu is a Windows XP with an Intel Core Duo 2 e8300 with a GPU of a NVIDA Quadro FX 1700. There are occasional decoding problems of glitchy squares showing on the video for a moment, but I'm questioning whether it's the player at fault or not. It only occured on one 200+ mb video with a very long length. Another video with a file size at 200+mb at originally 720p plays without a problem! I will preserve these builds on my blog for everyone to enjoy: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/01/tcpmp-072rc1-mod-6.html
  20. Can you share your Windows 95-compatible version? I'm sure lots of enthusiasts would love your one-of-a-kind gem You're the first person in the WORLD to get MP4 playing on a Windows 95 PC!! You gotta put this on your site with your web browsers! Holy crud!
  21. Wow...that is godly... Do MP4's play on your version?
  22. The player works perfectly on Windows ME, but fails to launch on Windows 95 due to missing dependencies. Oh well, Windows 98 is plenty old Thank you Roytam1 <3
  23. Wow, you are a wizard roytam1! How did you find it!? :O

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