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  1. Has anyone figured out how to get WMP10 working on Windows 9x? I just upgraded to Media Player 9 from version 7, and Windows Media Player 10 by MGX causes the system to be stuck at the screen of configuring files (I let it go for at least 8 hours...).
  2. The problem is that I have yet to get any later QT apps working. Once I see the files with 90 or later, the chances of KernelEx launching the application becomes smaller than Tom catching Jerry.
  3. Hey MSFN! For fun, I was wondering if there is a method to get Old School Runescape or Runescape Classic (unofficial client only for RSC) running on Windows 98. This game was originally a web browser game that would play on any good ol' PC back in the day. Unfortunately, the RSC launcher requires a later version of Java, which Windows 9x cannot install even with KernelEx. The same happens with unofficial Runescape Classic Clients (official game is taken down). The RuneLite client appears to be slightly too new to run on Windows 9x (noticed some 120 qt-related dll files). If you know of a solution, please tell me!
  4. Hello MSFN, I am wondering if it would be possible for me to install Windows Vista or 7 on PC w/ ACPI issues for anything older than Windows 8. I recall my all-in-one Dell PC from 2013 giving me a BSoD after installing Windows 7 because of ACPI issues. Is there any updated file for Windows Vista or 7 systems? I am hoping to use one of those instead of Windows 8/10. SATA drivers shouldn't be a problem because even Windows XP has unofficial drivers that will probably work on Vista/7. USB 3.0 is also covered for XP and later. Thank you for your time.
  5. You may need it. My Windows ME laptop would not read my NTFS 128gb flash drive unless I updated the 48-bit LBA. It would read in FAT32 mode though.
  6. If your phone is rooted, try this https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-universal-mass-storage-enabler-beta-t3240097 You can enable your phone to appear as a flash drive and use on any PC that supports 48-bit LBA, NTFS, and USB (Any computer after 2005 should work fine)
  7. I tried to download the classic version through the web archive, but it gives me a message on Windows ME that 9x is not supported.
  8. Hello, Today, I am in search of making Windows 9x more modern looking. I have currently tried to look up the old trial versions of StarDock WindowsBlinds for Windows 98/ME, but even the WindowsBlinds Classic version does not work with Windows ME, but requires 2000 or later. Are there any good alternatives to Revolutions Pack 9.7? I love Revolutions Pack, but using it with KernelEx causes problems with explorer.
  9. This free art program works with 64-bit Vista or later apparently https://firealpaca.com/
  10. I am on the search for an art program. I am looking for something similar to manga studio or SAI Paint.
  11. I'm taking a look at office suites and support is slowly dwindling away. Only suite I know of that still keeps XP support is OpenOffice. It's half-brother, LibreOffice, dropped support a while back. Has anyone tried WPS Office?
  12. Just like cov3rt, I went ahead and purchased a M70 to install Windows ME on. The setup process was a bit of a hassle. The official intel INF drivers didn't work. I installed the ICH7 drivers from lonecrusader and the proved to be a fatal mistake: attempting to even change resources would crash the system! But, LoneCrusader's ICH6 drivers worked just fine The sigmatel ac97 audio driver I used for my D600 did not work for this laptop, so I used this as a last resort...and it worked :DDDDD It also gave me a free USB driver and the communications driver too :3 I think I had an intel wireless pro, so I had no drivers for those. Went back to my RTL card (same model that cov3rt has) and drivers installed. It doesn't connect oddly, but I think my card is just broken; it would randomly time out last time I used it a few months ago. Now, the video was a bit tricky. The thing would not work unless I used the unofficial NVIDA drivers. After installing it, I could utilize the graphics cards' full screen resolution! I also had to install rloew's shutdown patch because it had shutdown issues. But besides that, this was totally worth the 30 bucks off ebay <3 GOM Player IS running, faststone capture just doesn't capture the video playing in Windows 9x.
  13. I am unable to test unfortunately. My Thinkpad R60 only has GMA 950 graphics.
  14. Come to think of it, has anyone tried using BWC's KDW? In theory, we are wrapping Windows XP applications with Windows 2000 wrappers. And Windows 2000 dll's probably have a better chance of working in Windows 9x than XP or later ones. Once the download links at BWC's are fixed, his customized Windows 2000 dll's look promising. https://w.atwiki.jp/win2000/pages/17.html Also, if a tool exists to spoof Windows 9x's registry information, please inform me! A tool like that will absolutely help with KernelEx compatibility.
  15. Hello, I am attempting to use the R. Loew Electronics Slipstream Builder Scripts Version 1.3, but I am finding myself rather lost on the whole thing. I downloaded Rloew's slipstreamer and ran the file on Windows 7, but I am struggling a bit to figure the thing out because I'm more of a newbie. I really hope I can do something similar to the Unattended BootCD project that once existed on MSFN. I really love the concept of automating Windows 9x to install essential files like rloew's ram, SATA, including software and including my own key. It's really time consuming for me to install Windows ME fresh on my existing computers because I have to update, install DirectX 9, include the SATA-CD rom driver, install system drivers, install KernelEx, NTFS (and manually copy updates, and ASPI. The process tends to take me 2-3 hours to do. Or, if I could do something similar to autopatcher, I would be super thankful. Now, I am attempting to use the slipstreamer, but have no idea where I'm going. -One of the file requirements is XFILE in PATH. I'm honestly not too sure what to do here... Afterwards, I created a new folder for a Windows ME installation, coped scripts (*.BAT) and BASE.DDF (I copied everything) into the folder. Then, I copied my Windows ME cab files into the proper folder, then ran the SPLITME.exe. Now, I'm just overall pretty confused how to add system updates and creating new cab files.
  16. That's saddening to hear The last build of Maxthon was based off Chromium 69. It's a disappointment they didn't go further...
  17. I am somewhat debating with myself whether a 945 is the best idea. All my attempts to install Windows ME on a Thinkpad R60 have been rather questionable. After installing the chipset and video driver, the system has momentary lags. Same happened when I tried installing Windows XP on my AIO Haswell HP and Dell PCs. It's likely because installing video drivers on unsupported systems cause lag and graphical glitches. An attempt of playing Resident Evil Outbreak on my Haswell PC w/ Windows XP gave weird 3D shadows and glitches that were never seen on 7 and 10.
  18. Okay, this explains a lot to why FF did not work for me. I don't have most of these files. So, I have to include both the newer and older versions of MSVCR to launch firefox?
  19. Also, does anyone know where I can find Java 8 Runtime MSI installer? I've successfully installed 7, but the system had a bit of a crash in order to output a separate folder with the MSI installer. When I tried to do the same with 8 by putting Vista compatibility, only a folder is created without any contents. Attempting to launch RuneLite with 1.6 resulted in an error saying the main class could not be found. The 1.7 (first version) says there is an error.
  20. I attempted to use the program, but things are not working. I have the KernelEx updates, DLL's, and made the ntdll a known dll in the kernelex folder, but I get an error that XPCOM cannot be found. Am I supposed replace system dll through DOS?
  21. I am hoping to find a laptop with a 945 chipset, so I can use a laptop with 4gb of ram in Windows ME. The configuration mostly needs a good graphics driver (no GMA series) and AC97 audio. I haven't had too much luck on my hunt finding such a configuration.
  22. I placed the MSVCRT from a W2K installation (with BWC's Extended Kernel ver. 30) in the Windows\KernelEx folder, and had it as a known dll in the registry. I never tried placing the file in the VLC folder itself. But, I can confirm this is the only MSVCRT file I've used that results in a working VLC 3.0. Eh...I'm a bit confused by the instructions above. Can you give me a copy of your KernelEx core updates? Mine just has the kex stubs enabled.
  23. I used BWC's MSVCRT and MSVCR90.dll. VLC 3.0.0 launched just fine Only glitch I had was closing it gives a message of a crash.
  24. Found a bug in version 30...attempting to open Coc Coc browser (Chromium) causes Boingo Wireless to forget the computer even has a wireless card and stops internet. Luckily, Odyssey Client isn't effected by the bug!
  25. A bit late, but I believe Blackhawk Browser still supports Vista. A few months back, I recall testing the web browser on both a Vista and XP installation. It only worked on the Vista installation. I believe it's based off Roytam's goanna engine too. https://www.netgate.sk/content/view/19/43/

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