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  1. Hello MSFN, I am considering on getting a laptop model to run Windows ME on, but I am trying to figure out whether a Dell Precision M70 can run Windows 9x properly. This topic has shown the wireless (may require swapping card), chipset, and video driver appear to work. The SigmaTel audio is AC97, which I am aware we have a SigmaTel 9200 (runs perfectly on my Dell D600). Oddly, the official intel page claims the driver even works for Windows 3.1 (I am highly questioning whether it's a typo) What attracts me to this model is the high resolution; it's not easy to find a laptop for Windows 9x that can do such a thing. My dream is to find a laptop with a modern 945gm/pm chipset (4gb of ram), AC97 audio, Windows 98-compatible video driver (widescreen), and have a replaceable PCI-Mini card. I'm on a internet hunt to track the highest-end laptop models for Windows 98SE/ME. So far, I documented some findings here. So far, the best laptops I've found are potentially the HP dv2401TU (requires unofficial NVIDA drivers...so I'm not sure if it's the best choice) and Dell Precision M70.
  2. Alright, I'll try taking the MSVCRT file from my Windows 2000 machine w/ BWC's kernel32 soon. I hope the latest version works.
  3. Back to testing somewhat. Attempting to open VLC Player has been giving me various errors with different mscvrt.dll files. Version 7.0.2600.5512 launches up an error the file is linked to missing export NTDLL.DLL:RtlGetNtVersionNumbers. 7.0.6001.18000 gives KERNEL32.DLL:SetThreadStackGuarantee 7.0.9200.16384 states "a required .DLL files, API-MS-WIN-CORE-CONSOLE-L1-1-0.DLL, was not found." Launching VLC on ImportPatcher.41 tells me: [Patches needed] vlc.exe=Functions [KERNEL32.dll] GetProcessId= HeapSetInformation= RtlCaptureContext= Attempting to load the API-MS-WIN-CORE-CONSOLE-L1-1-0.DLL (6.1.7600.16385) results in the file being unable to "load at desired address, and is not relocatable." MPC-HC 1.7.5 launches fine using version 6.0.8397.0. Video won't play though. For VLC, _fstat64 is missing. Attempting to launch with 7.0.6001.18000 brings the same error as VLC (KERNEL32.DLL:SetThreadStackGuarantee).
  4. Turns out my mistake was very elementary. What you need to do for Windows 98/NT4/2000 is install this driver. Alternatively, using imgburn 1.3.0 fixes the problem. For Windows 95 machines, this driver is required. I would burn discs with my other computers, but unfortunately, my ME laptop is the only working DVD drive in the whole house. All the other PC's either don't come with one or broke as the years passed...ironic considering my laptop is the oldest PC in the entire house. I guess they just don't make them last long as they used to.
  5. I'm quite curious, do you know what causes the issue?
  6. Late, but... I believe Revolutions Pack has been causing issues for me on both Windows 98SE and ME. On Windows 98, I often get messages that explorer.exe was not functioning right and caused crashes. For ME, I am experiencing similar issues, but I am not getting crashes.
  7. No. That one will not open on Windows ME. His service pack for ME also has system updates disabled, unfortunately. I used hjsuffolk14's service pack. But, it appears his gmail mysteriously disappeared along with his site.
  8. Only the Unofficial Service pack (not problemchyld's). I'll try that! Also, what version of KMP Player works on Windows 9x? I found even 2.0 doesn't work. EDIT: After installing LAV and changing output setting to system default, it works! Although, the video has a green line at the very bottom? Not sure why. But it doesn't affect the video. Maybe it's from installing Revelations Pack?
  9. Hello, On my Dell Latitude D600, I'm trying to figure out why I cannot write to my DVD-RW disc despite having a DVD+-RW drive in my laptop. When I attempt to use ImgBurn, Windows 98/ME fails to erase the disc. I already have read capabilities for UDF 2.5, so is there something else I need to do to use imgburn properly? Thank you for your time!
  10. Okay, I something is going wrong for me. I am attempting to run MPC-HC 1.5.0 on my new Windows ME installation, but MP4 no longer plays. I can't figure out why it worked on another partition.
  11. My question has probably been answered before, but in theory... Wouldn't it be possible to install Windows 95/98/ME on a Virtual PC and add the NTFS-read support, then create a Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 installation using NTFS, delete the system files of Windows NT 4.0 (bootloader included; alternatively, just create a blank NTFS partition with Linux), then simply copy the Windows 9x installation through a flash drive with copyzilla? The process sounds rather long, but in theory, maybe we could get a Windows 9x installation on NTFS. This video shows it IS possible to have Windows 9x on an NTFS partition. But, it's unstable and cannot write. What I am attempting: 1) On VirtualPC 2007, create a Windows 98SE installation. Install NTFS4DOS, Rloew's SATA/ACHI, RAM, and Universal File Reader. Also install all system updates. 2) With 7-Zip, rip the files of the VHD onto a flash drive. 3) On another flash drive or CD, burn clonezilla. 4) On another media, install puppy linux or anything that can format the drive as NTFS 5) Plug both the Windows 98 USB and Clonezilla USB 6) Clone Windows 98 USB contents to hard drive. Result...BOOTMGR is missing...hmmm, probably copying with 7-Zip didn't properly copy the Windows 9x bootloader. I attempted something similar with Windows ME on a PC and it booted from the flash drive...gonna try using copyzilla on a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Sometimes, it feels the features of ME that surpass 98SE are just overlooked too often EDIT: VirtualBox ain't working on my Windows 7 PC; attempting to open a virtual machine gives a stupid 0x80004005 error... Attempting this ends up in a blank black screen that never ends.
  12. This is a bit late, but where can I obtain the latest GTX driver by blackwingcat? His blog is rather confusing to navigate.
  13. I got tired of Windows 10, so I am attempting to install Windows 7 instead. So fear, I changed the EUFI boot to legacy mode, then proceeded to install Windows 7 through a USB media. But, it appears there is one nearly fatal issue: USB ports will not work. I tried to grab a signed USB 3.1 driver and integrate the driver by selecting the XLM (if I recall format properly) to my Windows 7 installation, but my installation is still usb-less. Any advice to fix the issues? EDIT: How to install Windows 7 on Acer 5 Nitro 1) Get NTLite and Windows 7 ISO 2) Press f2 while booting up the Acer Nitro 5 machine. 3)Go to Boot mode and change to "Legacy." 4) Set touchpad to "Basic." 3) Get a Windows 7 ISO and extract all contents to a folder on the desktop 4) Open NTLite and select folder with Windows 7 contents 5) In NTLite, select the Windows installation folder. 6) Allow NTLite to load the installation 7) The left tab should have a components section. Integrate a driver from there. 8) Create a new ISO 9) Burn to CD with rufus on MBR mode. EUFI mode doesn't appear to work.
  14. Back to step one: added the MSVCR and MSVCRT dlls to registry and kernelex directory, but no changes. Jumper's newer UXTHEME.dll is already included. When I launch MPC-HC 1.6.8 and 1.7.5, I no longer get an error of pins not working. But, the program gives me an error saying "Invalid file name." Lastly, where do I obtain the QUARTZ.DLL Only place I find it mentioned is problemchyld's unofficial 98SE service pack. EDIT: I realized a super dumb mistake I made. It seems I mixed up MSVCP90 and MSVCR90 with the 70 versions. I have MSVCR70.DLL in the registry. I also have MSVCRT90.dll still...I originally included these versions to make CoolReader 3 launch. They did make it launch successfully, albeit very slowly. After fixing this, MPC-HC 1.6.8 still won't open a video and gives an error claiming the name is invalid. I also replaced MSVCRT.dll from my Windows XP SP3 dual-boot.
  15. You can get a copy of the Extended Kernel 3.0e here: http://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2020/04/windows-2000-extended-kernel-30e.html?m=1 Or here: http://i430vx.net/files/Win2k/
  16. I am more than happy to attempt this despite the great danger you mentioned So, I am modifying the Kstub822 file to include these stubs and removed HeapQueryInformation (kernel32.dll). I also have MSVCR71 replacing the original file in system. Did you use the installer version? I am using the portable version! EDIT: I think changing the stubs somewhat broke my Windows ME installation. Windows will freeze after booting and not properly load services. I booted in safe mode and now Windows works fine. It's always a good idea to dual-boot Windows 9x with XP or a lightweight Linux distro; then files can be restored from other partition. But MPC-HC gives me this error, then breaks Windows ME from properly loading next boot. But, going into safe mode will restore everything. I also tried to mess around with stubs. I analyzed the application with ImportPatcher, then just added whatever functions appeared to be missing to the Kstub822 file. The result was MPC-HC causing an error and closing immediately.
  17. Run the included registry file that's only in the "For KernelEx" folder. Running the file applies adding a few dll's to KernelEx's known library of dll's. I am testing my own system and every file appears to be working. No errors or issues have popped up.
  18. Perfect timing! I just compiled a zip containing the updates. Do you mind testing for me?
  19. What could I do to allow Windows 9x to launch MPC-HC 1.7.5 like demosh reported to do so? I've installed the recommended updates, updated dll's by jumper, and tried add functions stubs to my copy of Kstub822, but the thing isn't launching. https://imgur.com/a/pbSFaDe
  20. After installing all the available updates, KernelEx Auxiliary DLL Updates, stubs, and recommended updates, I noticed versions of MPC-HC don't have a glitchy file menu anymore. It slides down smoothy, but still no video. Windows XP SP3 still breaks the media player as before. Attempting to launch 1.6 portable (with enhanced bases) gives an error that MPC-HC.EXE is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:VerSetConditionMask. Also, ImportPatcher gives me this list Looking around the text file, I found the function present in the KEXBAS~2 file, but not int he KEXBAS~1 file. I assume both are representative of kexbasen and kexbases in the CORE.ini file? I hope this function isn't hard to stub. Also, I noticed the KernelEx bases contains a line mentioning "Kstub824." Where is that supposed to be from? An unreleased kxstub package? mpc-h#.log
  21. Which version of the file do I obtain? EDIT: After searching the internet and updating my installation, I created a easier update folder. Just copy contents to system32 in main folder and anything else in the KernelEx folder into Windows' kernelex folder. Then apply registry. EDIT2: Need to fix something, a DLL is not registering to the registry...
  22. Oh, thank you so much for correcting me. I didn't realize my error until I searched up the version again! I am amazed 3.1.2 portable apparently works, but earlier versions are glitchy? I do not think the KernelEx stubs I put in the KernelEx folder have any effect on compatibility. I could not get the stubs working with the command (for K452stub) jumper provided.
  23. I personally use Haihaisoft PDF Reader. It's not glitchy like Samutra (1.2 and later) with the settings I used. I just tried opening version 3.1.2 with the KernelEx stubs, without success. I get the message "D2D1.DLL" is not found. Edit: it looks like adding the stub files might have broken something. KernelEx would not set compatibility modes again until I restored the original core.ini file without the stubs.
  24. I am using the latest 24 updates and registered MSVCP90.DLL and MSVCR90.DLL to my known KernelEx DLL's. I also have the unofficial 2008 runtime installed and replaced the stock uxtheme.dll in the KernelEx folder with another one provided by jumper. I did not yet added the MSVCR70.DLL file or KEXT stubs. When I tried to test MPC-HC later than version 1.5 (even 1.5.2), the video would not play in any of them.
  25. I tried downgrading multiple versions. Version 1.7 does not launch regardless of which mode I choose. 1.6.8 launches (XP SP3 mode only), but does not appear to work. The unofficial Visual C++ 2008 is what allows version 1.5 w/ the latest KernelEx updates to run. But 1.6.8 and later are built off visual studio 2010...and KernelEx's limit is when Qt 4 starts having 100 in its dll's instead of 90. The image below IS playing video in MPC-HC in 1.5, but faststone screen capture cannot capture the video playing itself. Also, attempting to set compatibility later than XP SP3 results in an error. There is a beep, but the program does not actually launch. Furthermore, it appears SlimBoat is very close to working. It's Qt-based and I found a version using the 90 dll's. But the message "DBGHELP.DLL" causes the program to close.

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