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  1. Build #692 32-bit works great! UxThemeSignatureBypass32.dll also works as it should.
  2. Doesn't work, clicking Ignore would produce black screen 99% times, requiring hard reset. And even in 1% of time when it seems to work, computer would hang with another black screen when shutting it down, probably nothing strange given the nature of the error. Edit: If I remove UxThemeSignatureBypass32.dll from AppInit_DLLs, I can click Ignore and it doesn't hang/crash anymore. I found this in Event Viewer: Faulting application name: dwm.exe, version: 10.0.14393.0, time stamp: 0x57899025 Faulting module name: UxThemeSignatureBypass32.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x54fc8726
  3. I'm aware of reputation the power-saving features in Windows have, fortunately, there haven't been any significant problems related to them on my configuration. I just got used to those 15 seconds from boot logo to login screen. if I remember correctly, that's approximately how long Windows 7 took to cold-start few years back on this machine. Things have gotten a bit slower in that regard with later Windows versions. Either way, I doubt this glitch is related directly to power-saving features. There must be some strange condition occurring on my PC (it's very rare) that sometimes make Aer
  4. Did it ever happen to anyone that when turning on PC (after default hybrid shutdown), Aero Glass wouldn't work properly? DWMGlass.dll is injected, window frames have glass effect, but custom theme atlas isn't loaded and neither there are new entries in debug.log for the current session. I logged off and back in and it works now. Also had it happen once when logging in via Remote Desktop, reconnecting fixed it.
  5. The only very rare, basically impossible to reliably reproduce glitch I've noticed with these builds (including #668), sometimes closing a window would leave portions of it on the screen until some action made the whole thing refresh. This is all without GlassSafetyZoneMode setting in registry, if this even has anything to do with it due to the said glitch not showing up regularly.
  6. #668 runs very well on my machine, haven't caught any visual glitch yet, RAM usage hovers around 80-90 MB, CPU usage seems normal, around 0.3% maximum when not doing anything, jumps to about 3% when moving mouse around. I have an aging AMD Phenom II x4 920, 4 GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (driver version 368.81). I also haven't been able to reproduce those visual glitches from last time when working in Word 2016 (modal dialog border going fully transparent).
  7. Current user: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM System-wide: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM Settings under HKEY_CURRENT_USER override system-wide settings. About disabling Aero Glass, open Task Scheduler, find the Aero Glass task, end it then disable it, afterward, you can just close the dwm.exe console window. For non-debug builds, the process is the same, except you have to end Desktop Window Manager with Task Manager since you don't have the console window.
  8. I noticed that logging in via Remote Desktop is another way to spawn ModernFrame's debug window that belongs to Explorer. Another window belonging to ApplicationFrameHost.exe is usually spawned when actually launching Modern apps. Or it spawns by itself eventually as already pointed out few posts above. The appearance of debug window belonging to ApplicationFrameHost.exe seems to be expected behavior since that process supposedly hosts those frames. But what's Explorer's role in this? It is considered a Modern app by Process Hacker. Maybe some sort of bridge so everything is integrated to
  9. Actually, it might depend on other opened applications at the time. Can't tell what exactly triggers it.
  10. The bug with fully transparent borders, it shows up for me frequently, pretty much all the time, when opening modal dialogs in Micrososft Word (2016). It disappears as soon as something visually changes in it.
  11. Here came a new Windows update KB3176938, and once again, Aero Glass is confused about new dwmcore.dll, and fails to download symbols. Cancelling DWM incompatibility error dialog and letting it work with current knowledge seems to be working at first glance.
  12. Actually, you should delete the whole Wow6432Node section. I should've clarified, Wow6432Node is for 32-bit DLLS on 64-bit OSes, 32-bit Windows doesn't have Wow6432Node section, just the regular one, so it's sufficient. And since modern apps are either 32 or 64-bit, not both at the same time, there is never a need for 2 separate DLLs, just the one that matches the bitness of installed OS, so the regular entry will do. This is how installer for final version of Aero Glass works, it detects the bitness and installs appropriate ModernFrame.dll and fills in the AppInit_DLLs value under HKEY_LOCAL_
  13. What's the deal with those wait/busy cursors since only those that are set in Mouse Properties under Cursors tab are actually used? .theme files can also explicitly specify them.
  14. You don't need ModernFrame.dll under Wow6432Node, which is for 32-bit DLLs only.
  15. NoelC: Actually, never mind about RoundRectRadius. I think I've been zooming in those corners for too long. It does affect all corners, either my eyes were playing tricks on me or it was a temporary glitch. I'll just leave the value at 11 as you suggest, it looks just fine under usual everyday conditions.
  16. NoelC: I've played with RoundRectRadius a bit and have to ask, does it effect anything else except the top-right corner of the window? I figured value of 15 looks nicest to me, but there are still some redundant pixels in the remaining 3 corners of the window, bottom-left corner being the worst.
  17. Glitches I've seen with the previous build seem to be gone with the current build. I've only noticed some subtle black flash of a part of a shadow casted by a window when I used Peek at desktop function, but can't reproduce it anymore. And when some window opens, its window frame doesn't get the correct appearance instantly, but after a few ms delay, when the animation finishes, this is only with EnableBlurBlend enabled. So 32-bit builds are actually problematic when it comes to Aero Glass? From my past experience with software in general, bugs usually slip in 64-bit versions. There is qu
  18. One thing I've been wondering since Windows 10, why does the default setting TextGlowMode result in caption text being shifted to the right? It happens with Aero Glass whether custom theme atlas is used or not. It worked fine with this theme on WIndows 8.1, no text shifting. I have this disabled, NoelC's RoundedBorders.png doesn't add any glow anyway, and the shifting looks stupid IMO. Text caption color set to white, which looks good most of the time, but if background where caption resides is brighter, black glow would certainly be useful to make the text readable, which is how Windows
  19. Regarding those glitches, they don't seem to be connected to graphics drivers, judging by the fact that they also show up when running with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.
  20. Try this: http://noel.prodigitalsoftware.com/ForumPosts/Win10/14393/RoundedCorners.zip 14393 instead of 10393. And Win10 part.
  21. With auto-colorization of frames according to desktop background color enabled, the colors also come back when the background changes in addition to when UAC dialog pops up. So there's no workaround for this issue ATM? I'd also like to know, where exactly in registry are those settings related to transparency?
  22. I'm getting some minor visual glitches, eg. when browsing files, sometimes black rectangle shows up briefly somewhere above explorer window, 1/4 of a second or less. Black rectangle also shows up 99% of the time when I open hidden icons in the notification area. It goes through the middle of the rectangle that reveals the icons. It disappears as soon as I move the mouse over the rectangle containing the icons. I wanted to try it out on my laptop, which has AMD graphics card instead of NVIDIA, but I have x86 Windows there... I thought about the drivers since NVIDIA's are a bit glitchy thes
  23. It's just a code snippet written in C. You'd need the whole thing and Visual Studio to compile it. I haven't dug into theme related specifics so that's all I can say.
  24. While you can run without symbol files and turn off Glow Effect, there are still small graphical glitches. Judging by the errors, I think Microsoft hasn't uploaded new symbols yet. I assume it would work if we had the symbols, but for custom theme atlas files, they or the associated layout files will need to be updated again to work with the new update.
  25. I'm pretty sure I saw a bunch of HTTP_ERROR_NOT_FOUND errors in console window that shows symbol download progress, so maybe the problem is that Microsoft hasn't uploaded new symbol files yet? I also put updated support DLLs in Aero Glass folder (symsrv.dll, dbghelp.dll) from the latest Debugging Tools for Windows, though that didn't make any difference, but it might be a good idea to use the latest versions.
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