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  1. Commands for setting correct keyboard layout for DOS in Windows 98 in autoexec.cfg and config.sys are fine out-of-the box on Slovenian version. Looks like I've stumbled upon a very old VMware specific quirk.
  2. Found a quirk in Slovenian version of Windows 98 SE; in registry, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MediaPath is set to C:\WINDOWS\Medij - but the actual folder is still called MEDIA. So when you go to Control Panel to set sounds for events and click the Browse button, it opens My Documents folder while it normally opens the media folder set in registry. Number of user folders' names are translated, not the same way as on today's Windows where Explorer displays translated name, but the folder on the file system still has the english name. Also interesting to not
  3. Installing invidious always-dash script unlocks certain videos that refuse to load otherwise and extends a quality selector so videos may be viewed in higher resolution up to 1080p (+ 60 FPS, if applicable). The script has to be modified by adding matching URLs of Invidious instance(s) one intends to use. The script is needed only when viewing the site without being logged in, logged in users have a quality setting they can change. Though compression artifacts might still be noticeable since there doesn't seem to be a way to select a codec, so everything is streamed using H.264 (relevant
  4. I registered here because of Big Muscle's Aero Glass. That was 6 years ago! Seems so distant now. It's enough time to notice some people seemingly disappearing and some new ones appearing. There are also lurkers lurking in the shadows, some present for a long time, others less.
  5. No. Their devices communicate via USB using virtual COM port. Many INFs wouldn't work then. It's not a critical error that would abort everything. I haven't a clue what OP's issue is. Both INFs work for me, at least I could force install through Add legacy hardware wizard since I don't have an actual device to test. I tried to replicate the bug with original INF by deleting usbser.sys from C:\Windows\System32\drivers and running sc delete usbser from Command Prompt, but still the driver service was installed and usbser.sys appeared in drivers folder, so who knows unde
  6. http://maxedtech.com/about-testmode/ - I'd go with Disable Driver Signature Enforcement method on this one. Seems it wasn't copied right from the browser, the whole file is perfectly valid. And here's the description of the issue you're experiencing: Why CDC Serial Device installation fails on Windows Vista and 7 ?
  7. INFs for these types of devices tend to differ from the one you linked to in the following ways (at least the other two I've seen): FakeModemCopyFileSection=12 is added under [DestinationDirs] CopyFiles is set to FakeModemCopyFileSection (so DriverCopyFiles.nt and DriverCopyFiles.NTamd64 sections are redundant) Based on these observations, below is a trimmed version of uniden_usbser.inf: ;-------------------------------------------------------- ; Uniden ; ; Communication Device Class ; Virtual Serial Port ; ; 1/1/2014 ;---------------------------------------------------
  8. I don't remember the last time Firefox (up to 52.x versions) or its derivatives, namely Moonchild Productions' offerings (not aware of anything I'd consider better), haven't actually leaked memory, regardless of OS or hardware acceleration on/off. Good luck with "optimizing" and let us about the positive results, I think the failure has the high probability unless you're better than all the programmers that came before.
  9. I run Win XP and therefor before the days of Aero. Whatever restores Aero restores Luna or whatever, at least as far as title bar is concerned.
  10. DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) is pretty much all you need as far as I'm aware of.
  11. Office 2003 with SP3 works as far as I can tell on Win10 20H2. But MS never made those suites portable. Normally, both 2003 and 2007 versions require activation as well unless it was installed with volume license product key or we're talking about hacked Office, latter sounds like exactly what OP has.
  12. Coded a quick tool to read it, run it from DOS prompt. win9xinstdate.zip AIDA64 Extreme isn't free, but there's a trial version that reads it. Currently latest version 6.33.5700 still runs on Windows 98, but you need to download ZIP package.
  13. Have you missed your favorite thread? It didn't go very far.
  14. The place I waste my life at, they develop some stupid time attendance and access control web application (that never works right, I might add)...Internet Explorer 11 is probably the only reason it doesn't work only on Chrome and its imitators, for now.
  15. Intel Celeron 2,00 GHz (eventually overclocked to 2,5 GHz), 256 MB RAM, eventually upgraded to 1 GB, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440, HDD - unknown Maxtor 60 GB, which eventually had to be replaced, got a 80 GB model then, this one died at one point as well, don't remember the year, but the entire timespan of that computer's service was 2001-2009. Thinking about it now, I don't think it was actually that slow, it might have been just my crazy expectations, probably that disk just couldn't fetch data fast enough for everything to open instantly plus there was this quirk, taskbar always remained fro
  16. I used to disable services many years ago on old PC that ran XP, but I wasn't impressed. Was much happier with results from overclocked CPU and GPU. XP appears inherently slow in some areas. Not long ago I was decompressing files from external USB HDD to internal HDD, some FreeArc packed stuff. The overall impact on computer responsiveness was great. Note that the destination disk wasn't even the one containing the OS. Was browsing the internet (at the slower pace, page loads being delayed by few seconds there and there) and when I wanted to restore minimized KeePass to look somethin
  17. So this is what SMR means? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shingled_magnetic_recording Slow write speeds, suitable for backups/archiving, but otherwise behaves like any ordinary HDD? Link is dead.
  18. I copy URL bar content and if I paste it back, the copied URL is pasted. But if I paste it in this very form, where I'm typing this message, the site title is pasted. If I use the link insert form, then URL is pasted in the URL field and site title is pasted in Link text field. Anyone got the name of this feature?
  19. Do they still not let you access individual wireless network properties, also disconnected ones, like you can do with the old Manage Wireless Networks interface, where you can also change their order?
  20. You mean "System" from Control Panel? You can open it through the context menu you get if you right-click on it. Or the normal way through Open-Shell start menu if you have Control Panel displayed as menu.
  21. Yeah, those bars are stored as images in your theme's .msstyles files, so if you find a full Windows 7 theme and apply it, they'll change. You can modify your stock C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\aero\aero.msstyles with msstyleEditor and only alter those bars and save the file under different name. The bar images can be extracted from Windows 7's aero.msstyles (or any win7 imitating .msstyles file for newer OS that has ripped 7's resources, just have to find such theme on DeviantArt or wherever). When you save any theme in Windows, the file is created under %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Wind
  22. I tried RTSS on virtual machine this time as I'm not in native install ATM, I tried both May 2020 (your kernelbase.dll was revised with this update) and May 2021 cumulative updates and they don't seem to be an issue. I can try the native install next time with those updates, though I doubt it'll be any different. Didn't really do anything to get it working, it just works. OK, that is the log entry. I noticed I didn't add a link to documentation in my previous post - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/wer/collecting-user-mode-dumps - that's how you get the dump file.
  23. Yup, they're not older than 3 years. Well, crap...all seemed nice and dandy after February's mechanic visit.
  24. True, but I was involved in an accident many years ago as a child. My mum drove then shiny new Volvo S40, a model made in 1999, we were going out from the home neighborhood and she got out on the intersection to the main road too early as the speeding Renault 5 was driving down the main road, the speed limit on that road is 70 km/h. The driver couldn't stop it in time and we were hit from behind. Not much was felt, there was just a loud bang. Renault was totally kaput on the front side, the driver was OK I think, Volvo only took slight damage. 2001 Volkswagen Polo with 1.0 petrol engin
  25. There are hints that the time may come when old cars just won't be acceptable anymore due to emissions. Regarding safety, do they mean crash resistance? Renault 5 does fall apart rather easily. What about the bulkiness of many modern cars? Is it all about safety standards, something about being easier on the unlucky pedestrians if they're hit or are there other reasons? Does anyone have an experience with CHECK light? Mine's been on for years, it was said there's nothing to worry about. It stays off for a day or two after yearly mechanic visit and on a very rare ocassion, when it may
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