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  1. Naturally the virus update version and signature numbers change with every update. The "Could not connect to server" isn't the update server, it's for logging into your account.
  2. Of course it's not fake. I have BitDefender on several 32-bit XP machines -- works the same way on each (perfectly) and is updated daily, usually multiple times a day. I plugged in an old eMachines/atom that hasn't been turned on in years. It went like this:
  3. Yes, there is a full (offline) installer for BitDefender, and it still works fine.
  4. I have four DTSE9 (actually two of them are DTGE9--gold in color). I checked them on XP Professional, and all show driver 5.1.2535.0. Device Manager "Update Driver" says "Windows could not find a better match for your hardware..." for what that is worth.
  5. Just a quick test to see what would happen, using the modded Chinese repack, I pulled the pepperflash dll and replaced as usual in my Chrome Portable 49.0.2623.112, which yielded this result:
  6. All of my installs behaved the same. I can't remember the solution, but it was simple. I think I clicked "Options" on the Primetime plugin and then clicked "Check for Updates" from the Tools dropdown. It's possible I also turned Automatic Updates on and then back to Default, but I'm not sure about that.
  7. https://msfn.org/board/topic/173710-intel-mei-driver-pci-simple-communications-controller/
  8. In that case I would skip "Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller" and begin working through the other USB drivers instead, because the route may be different for your H57 chipset. I know of no fixed formula for solving this, so can only suggest, in general: Try starting with different USB drivers from the Upgrade Device Driver Wizard list. As you work through these attempts, along the way try to let Windows Update take over, because if Windows Update can once get a proper foothold, it should be able to complete the USB installation steps automatically. Unfortunately it is sort of a layered process, and the "Select a Device Driver" window has quite a few Manufacturers / Models there to try, and who knows what order will work for your H57. Just don't let it go back to its original choice (Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Host Controller) because that is a dead end. Like brute force decryption, hammer on it and hammer on it and maybe it finally gives in.
  9. Right, use audio and LAN drivers from the Realtek website, video driver for whatever card is used, and Intel (or blackwingcat) chipset INFs. Here's a Gigabyte board:
  10. I have installed XP on these motherboards using the i7-4790K CPU: GIGABYTE GA-Z97M-DS3H GIGABYTE GA-Z97-HD3 ASRock Z97 Pro3 ASRock Z97 Anniversary (XP x64) All drivers are available for the Gigabyte boards. The ASRock boards come with the i218v LAN, so I installed Realtek LAN cards instead. Subsequently, @bearwindows shared an x86 driver for the i218V LAN (which I have not tested), and also for XP x64 (which did not work for me): https://msfn.org/board/topic/176687-seaching-for-intel-210-219-lan-xp-2003-32-64-bit-driver/?do=findComment&comment=1162644 So you're in business, if you can find one of those boards.
  11. Yes, unless you are using W2k Pro to build the OS disc, in which case use I think uniATA is not helpful in this context.
  12. I checked my XP x64 testbed (which includes 5eraph's Update Pack) and see that TLS 1.2 is working there.
  13. The NVMe drive now in use is an Intel Optane SSD 905P Series SSDPEL1D380GAX1. Other updates include an EVGA 980 Ti video card (by way of Matt's Repository) and a Silverstone SST-ECU04-E USB 3.1 card (been so long I've lost track of where I found the driver). There is no need to involve other OS (such as Windows 7) in the XP x64 installation, so post 1 has been edited.
  14. Confirming you are correct: the 980 Ti card works fine using the same driver sets from BWC.
  15. I've since tested the 980 Ti on W2k Pro (as well as XP x64), and in both instances it works fine. I hope to update the relevant threads soon.
  16. I've used this one daily for 4.5 years -- and I have a pagefile on it:
  17. I think this is the third release in a row with no intermediate Beta release, the last of which was September 24, 2019.
  18. Saw egrabrych's post and hoped that coins would pour out the front of my machine when I ran heinoganda's updater. Dashed again.
  19. Definitely modified installation sources are included; this is why I referred to: The point is, in no instance is USB function achieved. Not with factory-standard / vanilla W2k Pro, nor in any known package. If anyone has information otherwise, I am wide open to it.

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