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  1. Best: Windows 3.11 For Workgroups, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000. Pretty much EVERYTHING from 2000 and below. Worst: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Pretty much EVERYTHING from XP onwards.
  2. Why would you want to do that when you can run MS Edge and/or even the latest Firefox version with Windows 7/8? Anyway, can I suggest SeaMonkey? It's the closest you can get to old fashion theme and modern web.
  3. I'm still quarantined, but I am perfectly fine and managed to avoid Covid so far. I could try Zeckensack's again later. Netscape was my #1 browser all the times in the 90's. I currently have a dislike for rFactor 2, because of the new developers (ISI passed it to Studio 397). They chose to use DX11 instead of keeping DX9 and therefore newer mods don't work with older DX9 builds, which were faster for me. Then I quit the game. Well, as long as I can play Championship Manager, FIFA and some Grand Prix 2 or 3, I'll be fine.
  4. Just came back to give a small update. Only three machines are running on my mac so far: Windows 3.11, Windows XP (with Inexperience Patcher to look like classic Windows 9x) and Windows 10 build 2004. On my iPad Pro, thanks to UTM (Still no sound tho) I have Windows 3.11 (exact copy) and Windows 98SE, vanilla state AFAIK. I haven't updated it yet but I have a few games running on it, although I do not have proper 3Dfx/Glide support. The same games are on my Win XP above running flawlessly thanks to nGlide. I have only the unofficial service pack for 98SE waiting in line on my iPad to see what happens. I am not using KernelEx (the only reason for it was the web browser). I am using Netscape Navigator, with a NSS patch thanks to roytam1, I can access a few https sites now. There is a patch for QEMU which adds 3Dfx support, but I failed to compile first time. I got a tip from other forums and I'll probably try again. If it works, then there is the ideal scenario for me: On mac, with QEMU patched, I could use 2 VMs (3.x and 9x) while I could transfer the W10 to Parallels Desktop instead of VMware for DirectX 11 support (and therefore might be able to play rFactor 2, finally) On iPad, I doubt the developer of UTM will at least give a look on the patch, but at least he says sound should be fixed after release 1.0 so I keep waiting. Win 3.x and 9x will be running there. Thanks to QEMU (UTM is also a QEMU wrapper) I expect to have exact copies of the same machines between the mac and iPad. I struggled a lot to make Win 98 usable but for now it should be half decent. Maybe in the future I can toy again with KernelEx + something these guys on other topic here are doing with Firefox 24+ to be able to surf modern web. Now I just want to play my games.
  5. I simply gave up on Windows 98, I am moving to Windows 2000 or Windows XP + Inexperience Patcher to get a more closer classic feel. The many workarounds to keep 98 alive is just not worth the hassle for me. I just need an OK enviroment with a proper browser and be able to run my D3D games on VMware. XP has it covered and 2000 has it partially with BWC installed in.
  6. I'm trying SeaMonkey 2.25. It's a bit unstable - some sites work some just crash the browser and close it. Sounds like a memory related problem even though I'm running with 1GB RAM. The browser just cannot handle too much JS. Thinking of leaving it to Netscape 9 for now since it's just a virtual machine, not a full real desktop.
  7. There's a forum (WinClassic) where people have worked on bringing the classic theme back. As far as I know its a quite excellent work but requires too many handmade modification, it isn't just an one click solution like the Inexperience Patcher for XP. Actually I just gave up modifying Win 10 and just accepted it as it is. It is just not worth the hassle. I basically installed Classic Shell, OldNewExplorer, changed a few bit and that was it. (I also went through the privacy/data collection/telemetry settings to shut the s**t down) When Win 10 build 2004 comes, I expect to have a more bearable UI design with these new fluent design icons. As a designer I cannot stand the current icons (I hated the XP ones, can't believe they are still there). But but but... I still prefer Win 9x/2000 UI.
  8. If only they had given the option to show the start menu like the classic one (but with the modern fluent design, of course) then it wouldnt be that bad. They could even compete with the Classic/Open Shell add-on. Same goes for the file explorer - needs more customization to give the users a 9x feel on newer design. This way they can cater for the whole audience. The file explorer is so bad that I had even thought about using the old WinFile they did for Windows 10 on GitHub. But no, they do not listen us...
  9. Hi, I just set up a fresh new Windows 98 SE VM with all the updates + KernelEx (updated) as well. I'm going to reinstall both Netscape 9 and SeaMonkey 2.25, and apart of the obvious tweaks indicated to me from previous pages, is there something new to add? I've been away for a good time - Home Office is taking more and more of my time.
  10. That's great! I will make another Win 98 SE VM since my original one is a bit corrupted now because I had a problem with my external hdd (where the VMs was stored) and try it out. I may lose the Win 2000 VM too, I had it for a bit more modern games like Grand Prix 4, but that does not work well because VMware Fusion stupidly assigns 64mb vram to the emulated video card instead of 128mb max as per documentation. For these games, my options are an upgrade to XP or 10 with tweaks for a classic theme. From XP onwards I might be able to assign more vram to the emulated video card. (according to the documentation, older Windows below XP gets only 128mb; newer can get more than 256mb, even 2GB).
  11. I tried to apply that with most of what I could find in about:config. It did improve browsing on certain pages. Except for the main brazilian news site, Globo.com, It hang up (I bet they rely too much on a JS framework, because I was interviewed by them for a job there last year and they did ask about it). I'll check now on FF, I was testing SM EDIT: The browsing experience did improve a bit. I'm impressed. Maybe, with actually a good write-up of about:config tweaks (maybe it deserves a topic?) for older browsers, maybe opening up an excel spreadsheet containing the tweaks for each version to make public available? Then browsing on Win 98 + KernelEx could be better. I am just missing the video plugins used by Youtube. The most interesting thing is that maybe if I install the same version on Windows 2000 I should get them. Currently My Win 2000 runs a tweaked SM 2.46.5 to look like Netscape, and the browser works great in 2020.
  12. That does work! However SM still crashes A LOT with JS enabled. I have even disabled hardware acceleration for the browser, no luck. So I disabled JS for now. I was testing SeaMonkey 2.32, quite stable if you ask me now. Just don't run JS. For me this is strange. I know the browser can understand the jQuery calls (most of them) and modern JS. I still think it's a caching related problem, either that or the OS can't handle the amount of scripts involved in any website. I loaded VOGONS forums, MSFN forums, I just didn't attempt to login or post. And FF 31.8 ESR works the same way as SM 2.32. No JS. I am starting to think that Netscape 9 with roytam1's NSS updates is better even thou it's outdated. FF 3.6 and K-Meleon are also on the same boat as Netscape 9.
  13. Actually, I will try out all SM versions until the one that stopped working for me (because of address bar not working until I reset my profile every time I use) to find out the “sweet spot”. As for JavaScript, even patching Windows 98 to use more RAM, the patch alone won’t make things better. I believe the browser is having a hard time trying to deal with the amount of JS bs. Increasing the FF cache size isn’t helping either. (As a direct comparison, my RPi 3 has 1GB of ram at disposal for Raspbian and isn’t suffering that much to render them on latest FF)
  14. I thought Rain or Waterfall were good enough? I have Rain on my Win 98 VM and I haven’t seen any side effects, all is clear.
  15. I just have a DYI laptop stand for my rMBP. Now to tidy up the cables and find a way to keep it cool. 😎
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