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  1. Naturally, the less JS bloat the better is the website. If you need JS to justify more security, then you're doing it wrong.
  2. that did the trick and msvcr90.dll from another win2k install I had working. Managed to install net 2.0 and vc++ 2008. then WUA 3.0. All clear for me now. thanks
  3. Something probably wasn't properly installed in my Win2k QEMU. I cannot update the Windows Update Agent with the WUA installer (reports unrecoverable error and complains about the lack of MSVCRT90.dll) and I cannot install last supported WinZip version too. While on VMWare I can still access Windows Update and run WinZip. I've lost almost two days trying to debug the problem.
  4. I just wanted to let you guys know about getutm.app, UTM is an app to run Qemu on iOS. The latest beta release has improved a lot, I can now run Windows 2000 Professional on my iPad Pro 2nd gen 64GB, I created a 16GB hard disk image for that. I went with Win 2k to see how far I could go. Currently I can allocate 1GB of RAM for that machine - But I believe I can allocate twice more, so I could probably have a smooth FIFA 99 or Need For Speed II gameplay. I have almost everything working (sound, networking, vga...) except clipboard copy/paste and file sharing. So far so good, I havent tested games or apps. But I suspect it wont be powerful enough for this. And I wanted a DOSPad replacement anyway, DOSPad is too old (2015 / iOS 10), so I will transfer my VMWare Win 3.x machine to replace and use less storage and resources. I could run Win 98 - But without a good browsing option, I quickly discarded the idea.
  5. I'm just done with the (bad) browsing options available for Windows 98 even with KernelEx (and its attempts to update). I've tried many, many times the same things. I'll just keep the Windows 98 VM around for a while with standard KernelEx 4.5.2 and Netscape 9, in case there is something new to try out, and I will just stick with the Windows 2000 VM for now.
  6. Yeah, even with 12.02 it does show quite fine, with a few things not well rendered here and there. The most confusing thing are the icons - they are not rendered because we know why. It can't render the font used for these icons.
  7. Just a small "useless" update. I'm finally working from home remotely as of today for the next 3 days before my vacations start. I will have some time to fiddle with these things with my VM soon. I was in the process of updating KernelEx when I was told to do so.
  8. there is no apilog.dll or .exe, but there is apihook.dll on install folder
  9. I unzipped the download and checked the files... there is no "ApiLog.dll" and "Verify.dll" in it. Does the update.bat typo affects the install? It does say 4.5.2015 btw...
  10. Yikes. Thanks for the advice. I have some "free time" at work recently since I finished the current project - now on standby waiting for the testing group to return with the bugs they may find in it... meanwhile I fired up my VM to try some things again. Let's see Firefox...
  11. @siria: Thanks for the tips about the userContent.css! I will check it out with RetroZilla. I’ve tried many things with both KernelEx 4.5.2 and the KernelEx updated with this. I’ve tried Opera 10.70, Opera 12.02, Opera 12.02 was the closest thing to what I wanted, except it was missing some ciphers for forums. I tried 12.10 beta 1 (since it was the last supported by Win 2000) but it didn’t even install. So the best Opera is indeed 12.02. I’ve tried many, many Firefox versions. Best ones? 3.6.28 and 10.0.12 esr. I can try to tweak them, but honestly, if they cant render youtube videos nor render properly some websites I like to check (like, my own website) then what’s the point? Thinking in backwards compatibility, it’s better to let them be rendered almost without CSS instead of broken. Then it would be more readable. It’s like going back to the basics, when the www started. K-Meleon needs more work to be stable. I’d rather stick with Mozilla or Opera. I don’t know if the VM is SSE, I use VMware Fusion. Is there any setting in my vmx file where I can check it? As for the db files, no, I didn’t... EDIT: Luckily Netscape 9 (since its based on Fx 2.x) has an userContent.css file too. I can use it. I'll save another snapshot because I am resigned with the current status (Netscape 9 as main browser) and I might want to try and update KernelEx again to test one more time SeaMonkey, Opera and Firefox newer versions again. I really don't expect improvements though. First I'll check if VMware Fusion can make VMs with or without SSE.
  12. I'm almost accepting defeat and resorting to RetroZilla and Netscape with NSS updates. I have to accept that most sites won't be viewable and no youtube either. I'd go with a higher Firefox version but they all have issues. Highest I've tried was Fx 10.0.12 (ESR), yet was unstable and renders most sites badly. Thinking of backwards compatibility, the fact that RetroZilla does not render much CSS at all makes it easier to read, for example. It's like a site was rendered in plain text with no formatting. Same happens in Netscape. I wonder if I can write custom CSS locally for some sites so I can make it a bit nicer? Is there any extension for these browsers? Netscape with updated NSS by Roytam1 can, for example, access a 2nd gmail account I had created for retro machines testing. I just had to make this account render in low bandwidth mode so I can use the webmail. Pretty neat. Search engines work. A few sites like the lite CNN version (http://lite.cnn.io) works. even http://isp.netscape.com works. OK, Not bad at all. Youtube? Page renders with errors, but well... no video. Okay. It's enough for a search and then get the video link for VLC streaming (if possible) or download to view on WMP. No browser for Win 98 is capable to render my current personal web site properly, lol. Anyway, I was planning a total redesign for 2021 of my website and one of my plans was to make it backwards compatible. IMHO a very good web designer should take it in account when designing a new site (backwards compatibility) but not so extreme to a point where you have more than one version or give up on some feature you'd like to use because it wouldn't work here.
  13. Opera 12.15 source code was leaked in the wild around 2017. I wonder if it would be of any use for those that can compile it... There you go. Opera 12.15 source code was leaked there by someone apparently. https://git.teknik.io/Zero3K/presto
  14. Thanks. I have so many missing information about these things, it’s good to know. I never knew they were for IE only. Damn...
  15. I’m starting to think that for Windows 98 web browsing, the focus should switch to Opera, not Mozilla based browsers. There is no mozilla browser for Win98, not even roytam1’s versions, capable of rendering HTML5 / CSS2 (CSS3 came after 2010), and play embedded videos without crashing, freezing/hanging up, or GUI issues. Pale/New Moon don’t help in this matter too. Netscape 5 source code is out there, but its engine is too old and Netscape has no source code leaked plus it’s based on Fx 2.x, so it’s another dead end. Fx 3.6.28 needs more love, but cannot play embedded videos or properly render YouTube to search for videos to play straight on VLC. K-Meleon is too unstable and often crashes on me too. Opera 12.x is the closest thing to that we have today, was an advanced browser for its era with HTML5 capabilities, but without the right KernelEx updates, we cannot “open this door” without problems or fiddling with it. I’m not a fan of Opera. I prefer Safari on macOS (been trying and liking Edge Chromium lately), and Mozilla Firefox on Windows (also Edge Chromium on Windows). Just for reference, last officially supported versions for each old Windows version: Windows 95/98/Me: Opera 10.10 Windows 2000: Opera 12.10 (Beta 1) Windows XP/Vista: Opera 28.0 Build 1750.48
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