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  1. What happened here? When Wunderbar98 started this thread, I came here precisely because it was about running "vanilla" Windows 98 editions without anything like KernelEx. Just the same pure experience of doing it the first time we did in 1998 and later. I feel like his thread was "hijacked" by people with different Windows 98 experiences that have nothing to do with the goal of running it the vanilla way.
  2. No, just checked now. TBH I don't even care about kjliew's "work" anymore. He continues on violating the GPLv2 license of WineD3D, doesn't make the code he modified for these libraries available, but pardon my sincerity, for all I care, he can go (censored) himself. I'm doing just fine with Parallels Desktop and Windows 11 aarch64, all games run there, the Windows translation layer isn't as bad as people talk about. And I am also doing fine with UTM and 86Box for macOS. And 86Box is one hell of a great emulator, much better than the abandoned PCem was. VMware Fusion Tech Preview for Apple Silicon Macs already got 3D going on linux and is planned to make it run on Windows aarch64 soon as well. Virtualbox has a very early beta of its virtualization for Apple Silicon started. Good times are coming with these news. No one will need his clunky and badly designed "qemu-3dfx" solution. I think that unless anyone still wants to waste time and get a headache with this, this thread could be closed by the mods because this "solution" will not work as good as he claims and keeps bragging about on youtube. Cheers mate!
  3. Well, since he has made changes to his latest code, things are broken. And with the zero perspective of running a WineD3D game, I just gave up on his "project" since no support at all comes from him, and resorted to a Parallels Desktop ARM64 Windows 11 VM to run the games. It's not classic windows, but games work fine. Meanwhile, I try to improve the other emulators such as 86box and DOSBox-X. They have a community support afterall. I solved my problem. Hope he enjoys his silly private, confusing and badly documented project charging a hefty donation for ppl unaware that they can do better in a VMware VM with intel PCs and without much hassle. If he wasn't a total douchebag, the project could've been much better with a community support and for everyone in any platform. Instead he choses to break the GPL v2 license of WineD3D and apparently also the BOCHS V9x driver gplv2 license. I think in a few days the mods can close the thread, since I see no reason to give support to that "solution".
  4. I see that he updated the code. I tried to compile a new build with his new code and while it does run and boot the system, even after I had updated the glide wrappers, and also OpenGlide on my host machine, any glide game I fire up just crashes QEMU. Damnit. The problem was his updated OpenGlide. As soon as I rolled back to previous OG version, it started to work again just like before. No improvements.
  5. No, because he demoed the same games with a M1 MacBook Air (same model as mine). If you look at the issue I posted on his github months ago, he shares a screenshot of GP3 running on M1. The problem is definitely in the wrapper. Parallels works, but its not what I want. Windows 11 is not Windows 98/XP.
  6. Another discrepancy... if I want to run a glide game, I have to run QEMU without X11 (SDL_VIDEODRIVER=). If I want to run a OpenGL/D3D game, I have to run QEMU with X11 (SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11). I need to fix something. Clearly. No idea what. I installed Grand Prix 3 in a Windows 11 Pro ARM64 VM using Parallels Desktop. To enable 3D accel, I used dgVoodoo2. Turns out, performance is acceptable. Good for dry track, not so good for wet track. But Software mode graphics are so much better than hardware mode, except for the rain and wet track effects. I don't remember the graphics being that BAD when I was 16/18 yrs old and playing that game. So playing GP3 in software mode might be more than enough. No need to have it in a Win 11 VM then. That VM has only GP4 (perfect) and Max Payne 1 (perfect) as well as CS 1.6 (even more perfect).
  7. These ReactOS libraries worked 99% fine with Counter-Strike 1.5, when I set it to use OpenGL, default driver and 1024x768 in game settings. the 1% is because when I get into the actual play, the mouse pointer is missing, so I had to navigate through the menus using the keyboard. Now if we manage to improve GP3 performance somewhat, AND find out why the textures are missing for that game... Installed CS 1.6, works, somewhat slower, same settings, and the mouse pointer is missing from the entire game. At least the cross for aiming is not missing when shooting.
  8. @AndrewNi which video driver are you using (cirrus? vbemp?) and which gpu are you emulating (-vga, -cirrus-vga, -vmware-svga...) when you did that test with GP3? I finally got the same results you had from the screenshot above using your libraries. I also had to start qemu with X11 (export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11) but from his youtube videos using the same M1 Mac as me, he is not using any X11 at all now. I need to find out how he is doing it. The first run of GP3 did not work, but the 2nd attempt after a small glitch (missing GL context, it seems) it finally showed the same result as you.
  9. @AndrewNi "nope, I haven't tested". I tried GP3 and Counter-Strike 1.5 & 1.6. I may have to try again the reactOS libraries now that I can run this qemu fork through X11 (will be slower than natively). If it works, and it's a big IF, then I need to figure out how did he make it work without X11 with his M1 Mac. No idea how. You can limit the year with a glide.cfg file, as he stated here: https://github.com/kjliew/qemu-3dfx/issues/15
  10. Anyway, since I cannot get it to work with any other WineD3D library, and since kjliew is not exactly a community/cooperative guy, I decided to give up on QEMU-3Dfx and put some effort in talking and testing with the DOSBox-X guys to improve and fix the issues that were preventing me to run some of the games with its 3dfx emulation, which were the reason why I gave QEMU-3Dfx a go in the past. It's sad to see that solution for QEMU not being used as it should by the community. Nothing we can do, the guy is very selfish. More modern games (GP4, Counter-Strike, Max Payne...) I will just leave for a modern Windows VM in Parallels Desktop. I will have to live with that. Case closed.
  11. 1) Nope. 2) I can try it out. But I don't expect any miracles. Nope, they do not work. Thanks anyway. 3) In my previous post I alread left an advice regarding the amount he's been asking for a donation, in case he is really reading the thread. However, in my opinion, to be in the legal right, he has to provide the source code for his custom WineD3D libraries and the means of compiling it for free too, if he wants to charge a (hefty) fee for readily built ones. That's my view when I read the license. 4) No way. I am a 20 yr old seasoned web developer. I've worked with many programmers. I've met good and bad programmers. He is a bad one - does not mantain a consistent and good documentation of his project, is arrogant like hell, and unable to help/assist people willing to compile and run his fork with some sense of education, nor respect others works with other emulators like PCem. I would NEVER want to work with a guy like him. His behavior is outrageous. Go read his posts and rants about other emulators on VOGONS forums. Then you'll understand why he was banned by the moderators there. He does not have a community spirit sense. No wonder why he got banned from VOGONS.
  12. @MrMateczko another gem of a dig from him at the end of the video comparing us (and the Vogoners) with the dark side of the Force (ROFL): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXrdhvNTcsY ROFL. Seriously. He really believes that he's right. He has ZERO community spirit. His work could be even better and easier if he were able to fork something like UTM or a frontend to run his QEMU fork. And then provide an installer for the WineD3D libraries just like SPICE Tools on QEMU/UTM. But no... "let's choose the path of extortion and ask for a hefty donation (USD 59.99) to provide these gold WineD3D libraries to run DirectX based games". He could have something much better than WINE, PCem and DOSBox for the entire retro community, since he hates all other emulatores so much, that with this work he could obliterate them; but instead he chose to go rogue. "So this is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause." -Padme Amidala, Star Wars Look at UTM. The developer (osy) knows he has something SO GOOD, that it can fight with VMware/Parallels/Virtualbox. Dude, UTM is the fifth most downloaded app from the business category on Mac App Store. His only weakness is that 3D acceleration is only supported on Linux for now (thanks to the work of another developer with whom he collaborated to make it happen). But it means that UTM is being downloaded by people willing to have Windows to run their apps on Mac for various reasons related to work/business/production. However, osy is not demanding a single penny to produce the binaries for us. Yes, he has a sandboxed version of the app on Mac App Store, but he asks for only USD 9.99. The sandboxed version has limitations compared to the non-sandboxed one available on his github page for free, due to the Apple's policy on apps standards. I don't know why, but here's my take: He gives us a chance to test his software and if it works as expected, we can sure as hell buy it on App Store to support him. Therefore with both routes to get the app, he is well within the legal GNU GPL license standards. Which kjliew fails to do with the WineD3D libraries required for his QEMU fork. Here's a tip, I know he is reading the thread, at least let people choose how much to donate, be it $0, $1 or $59.99, and then proceed to download the libraries. Then he might have some traction for development. Most GNU GPL licensed projects do it anyway. ElementaryOS is a (good) Linux distro and a good example of that.
  13. I've tried to recompile that fork of QEMU on my M1 Mac twice just now. Successful builds. And yet the damn thing still fires up XQuartz.app when I want to run a game with one of those WineD3D libraries before crashing QEMU and sending me back to my host terminal, with the same errors I mentioned here before. I can only run Glide games. Grrrr....
  14. @MrMateczko LMAO. I saw the video just now. I did talk to Federico Dossena (author of WineD3D on Windows) and Henri Verbeet (from CodeWeavers/WineHQ) about the legality of it. Verbeet also informed Alexandre Julliard about that work he's doing. While Federico does think he is violating the license, Verbeet was unsure, but both said the same thing: the corresponding source to build these libraries must be made available to people purchasing them, and additional restrictions cannot be imposed on them, e.g. redistribution of that source code. There is no source code for these custom-made WineD3D libraries for his QEMU fork being made available from him, and I haven't heard from other buyers if they have got the source code along with the pre compiled libraries. I suspect they didn't. The way I see it, it's a violation of the license. He should have made it available for anyone capable of building them. And for those who aren't capable, he could mantain the donation with a fair price along with the support for the three main games. This way he is completely legal under the license. CrossOver has nearly the same price tag, and is a more complete product along with a frontend to run them in an easy way. My games ran as if they were native on Mac. Unlike his project, a puzzle you have to mount yourself to make it run, while you scratch your head...

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