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  1. Does anyone know where to find the orginal windows vista ultimate extras (version 6.0.6000.17015), I wasn't able to find much myself. If it is impossible to find the whole package it doesn't matter as I mainly need Hold'em 6.0.6000.17015.
  2. Oh thanks a lot, now I can install windows xp onto my old pc I7 4790k 16gb ram ddr3 980ti
  3. None of those motherboards have windows xp drivers on their websites?
  4. Is there any motherboard that supports intel 4th gen cpu's (Ill be using i7 4790) and has driver support for xp (most preferably xp x64). Unnoficial drivers are fine.
  5. Will programs for xp sp3 32bit work on xp x64 sp2?
  6. Most games on steam are drm protected, I just keep using the xp machine for older games.
  7. Yeah I have 2 retro machines one with xp and one with 98, I might try steamcmd in case it works
  8. windows 98 supports up to directx 9 so in theory if may be possible
  9. I have a cd of the first half life
  10. the xp version of steam fully works including the store
  11. My idea is to install steam on windows xp, add the files from archive.org and then copy the directory to windows 98
  12. steam works on windows xp, maybe I should set it up on xp then copy it to windows 98 and try with kernelex
  13. Is it possible to use steam on windows 98, what kernelex dll’s are required, what steam files?

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