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  1. well, it seems you've exhausted your options short of swapping a CPU or motherboard. My initial reaction is it's a motherboard issue, not a CPU issue, but it's tough to say. Any chance you could buy a CPU locally, test the system out, and then return the CPU after you've found the source of the problem?
  2. why do you need an IP of a machine on your network? If you want your external IP (you couldn't use an internal IP anway), just go to www.whatsmyip.org for a computer on your network hostname = computer name Right-click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name, and look at Full computer name
  3. well, the avg 3 prong circuit is actually only 15 amps. You can tell if it's 20 amps by looking at the neutral prong. If it has a little horizontal line in it, then you have a 20amp circuit. You will only fail to meet code if the load requires more than 80% of a circuit's rated capacity for more than 3 hours. A circuit won't trip until you go over 100% of its load. 15 amps x 80% = 12amps 20 amps x 80% = 16amps That said, that's a lot of power required on startup, however that can usually be attributed to 2 things - either a huge nominal power requirement, or woefully inefficient power supply. Does the manual state what the nominal load is for the computer? Edit: V(olts) x A(mps) = VoltAmps VA x PowerFactor = Watts PowerFactor is not always equal to 1, especially when dealing with SMPS (switch mode power supplies) which are found in computers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Factor_Correction
  4. 90% of a case is personal preference. There will be people who swear by Lian-Li, Antec, Thermaltake, etc... if it has what you want in the case, and you like what you see, I'd say go for it.
  5. i would personally stay away from boards that mix pci-e and agp. Performance usually suffers as a result of mixing technologies like that ASUS and DFI would be my recommendations.
  6. ah, i didn't know that... thanks
  7. Hey fellas, I built my first HTPC, and i'm having a weird issue I'm hoping I can get some insight on. I have hibernation set up on my htpc, so that when i press the power button on the remote, the PC goes into hibernate. I do this at night when I got to bed. When I get up in the morning, the darn thing is back on again, and I have to hard reboot (hold the power button until it goes down, then turn it back on again) to get the TV tuner working. Any idea as to why my pc turns itself on at night? I know it's not a power issue as the pc is on a UPS, besides, it's set to last state, as opposed to full on. edit: oh, forgot to add... anyone know of a way to get the remote to turn the PC on? It's a USB remote, so I'm assuming the USB port would have to be active to receive the signal, so my initial reaction is an anwer of "no", but I'm holding out hope
  8. it's strange because in the program's window, I can highlight the various pieces of text, and copy/paste the text out of the program into a seperate text file. That's why i don't understand why it won't print as text to a file. I want to avoid PDFs because the data can't be extracted individually... basically what's going to happen is that the hours will be parsed by a payroll program and will spit out a paycheck. I suppose I could just copy and paste the information out of the program by hand, but it's not as easy as just hitting print . any other suggestions, feel free to chip in
  9. here's my most recent try. I had to rename the extension to .txt, as .prn wasn't allowed 6_3.txt
  10. I'm telling it to output to "FILE:", and i do have to give it a file name ending in .prn. opening that file in notepad, wordpad, or any other text editor gives me a bunch of nothing
  11. employee's names, dept, and hours worked for the range i requested. When i use the generic text print driver, none of that information is actually "printed" to the file. If it would just print out text, I could deal w/o the commas, but I can't even get that far
  12. My goal is to print out the data on my screen as a CSV text file. The software I'm using (timekeeping software for our employees) displays to screen, or prints to a printer. That printer could be anything in my printers folder (network/local printer, PDF file, etc) So MSFN community, do any of you know of somewhere I could get a CSV print driver? I want to take what's on my screen, and "print" it as a CSV text file. I've tried the generic text printer driver available to windows, however that doesn't print any of the data on my screen. For some reason it prints our company name, and then the title of the window, but nothing else. thanks in advance for the help
  13. if you take the faceplate off, you could see if the button is damaged and/or missing. The cost of repairing most likely exceeds the cost of replacing, so if ejecting the CD through My Computer is too inconvenient, your best bet is to replace it.
  14. i'm sure enterprise class routers have some kind of bandwidth monitoring, however I know of no consumer grade router that does that. If I log into my webhost, I can tell how much bandwidth has been used by my account, so I'm sure it can be done at the server level, but I would have to assume all network traffic would have to pass through said server to be logged.
  15. I'm trying to set up a random image rotator that will pull a random pic from a directory and post it. I call <domain>/random_image.php however it won't work in a phBB board, such as msfn (it says the image extension is invalid)... has anyone found anything that works on a phBB based board? thanks
  16. ^^agreed if you wanted to isolate your PC from your parents, you have succeeded. if you wanted to just add more PCs, you're better off getting a switch. A 4 port 10/100 switch shouldn't cost that much. It certainly should be cheaper than the router
  17. an ftp server would log that information, but nothing that i know of in windows.
  18. as far as TV tuners go, none of those are really bad tuners. The HDTV tuner only does HDTV over the air, not over the cable line, so don't think you can hook it up to your cable/satellite line and start recording HD. the HD tuner is the best one of the bunch, w/ the woner elite coming in 2nd
  19. X-Fire screenshots can be taken ingame, and are saved to a screenshots folder. no exiting game required
  20. what do you mean by "logging in"? What are you trying to log into?
  21. well, 1280x1024 isn't a standard tv display, so it's unlikely to be a very popular output for tv tuners. generally speaking 1280x720 (720p), 1920x1080 (1080p), and 960x540 (540p) are the high res outputs. I think 720x480 is standard definition. I just ordered a DualTV MCE by nVidia for the htpc i'm building... it only does analog, but i don't have many digital stations in my area anyway
  22. several pages? do they want you to write a novel about their bowing to the suck gods? lol... i'm sure they wouldn't want to see the results anyway
  23. that would most likely be the case.... what brand/model router do you have?
  24. is there QoS available on your router? If so, enable it, and disable or restrict the protocols their using. That'll free bandwidth up for you
  25. well, based on the previous thread that prompted this one, I still would have to go w/ VPN as the best option, however you'd have to do your research to see if the VPN clients for the router you'd use would work on win98 since OpenVPN doesn't work on Win98. Since the remote PCs are on dialup (IIRC), Remote desktop might be too slow, especially for gaming, unless that game is solitaire ICS assumes PC_A has a direct physical connection to PC_B, and PC_B would act as the gateway(or router for simplicity's sake) to the internet. If your systems are outside the router's network, the presence of that physical connection is probably non-existent. For the sake of those here who want to help, but have no idea about your setup, please spell out the network layout you have presently, and we'll do the best we can. Given your description in your initial post, it's too vague to offer any real guidance.
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