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  1. if I understand your setup correctly, you'd use 1 box to have 2 lines come in and serve yourself and your neighbor. Aside from the appropriate wiring downstream of that box, it could be done. It'd be a bit of setup work because you'd have to turn that box into a firewall, DNS, NAT, DHCP, etc... but once that's done I believe all you'd need to do would be to bridge the 2 network connections coming in (in windows), and have a 3rd go to your internal network.
  2. if you want true HDTV (which it would seem based on the topic title), I'd hold off for a while. There are HDTV tuners out there, I'd also recommend hauppage for those cards, but they only support OTA (over the air) HD. That limits you to your local channels. CableCard hasn't taken off because it's not really that good in its current form. I'm waiting til CableCard 2.0 before I think about re-doing my htpc.
  3. that said, I don't think battle.net or whatever the meeting place is for warcraft uses that many ports does it? I would think at most 2-3? I don't like DMZ'ing systems if I can avoid it, and you might be able to by forwarding a larger port number range, say for example 1001-5152 instead of each individual port.
  4. to connect 2 ISP's to 1 network, you'll need a router that has a failover, or WAN2 port. The router itself may be able to be configured to specify which protocol goes to which ISP, but most likely the 2nd LAN port would act as a failover in case WAN1 failed
  5. I own the antec super lanboy case... overall i'm still happy with it 2 years later. It's compact yet it is somewhat roomy on the inside. The 120mm fans they include are suprisingly quiet (for oem fans). couple downsides: 1. the USB ports on the front have little white plastic seperators (you can see them in this photo) After a lot of plugging and unplugging usb devices in, I broke one of them, which essentially rendered my bottom port useless because there's nothing to slide the USB connector against. 2. If you want to use the front mic/headphone jacks, you either need to buy a splitter, or not use the front as it's basically an extension cable to go from the front to the back. That's fine for people who exclusively use it as a LAN box (to whom this product is marketed), but for those who don't want to cart it around, you're better off buying a splitter. Also, be careful, extra long power supplies may interfere with your cd-rom drives because the case isn't that deep. like i said, I like the case alot, even with those couple caveats. If I had to buy another case, I'd still have a hard time not choosing the super lanboy
  6. that issue was caused because the firmware wasn't setup to handle a large amount of simultaneous connections by default. Once you go in and increase the settings on that (steps available on their wiki), everything started working like a charm again. I ran into the exact same thing. I believe they have resolved it an update or 2 ago
  7. wireless G does not eat up all the bandwitdth USB 2.0 has to offer. the max throughput on usb 2.0 is 480mbps, vs the 54mbps of a wireless-g card operating at full spec. Even if you were connecting at wireless-b speeds (11mbps), you'd still have more than enough bandwidth for games. That said, it's highly unlikely to be your wireless card, however I suppose anything is possible. It's more likely to be the hotel's connection. Some hotels will only buy a decent connection for their establishment to save money. It's typically a high latency connection. Most people won't notice it when they check their e-mail or surf the web, however it will be quite noticeable in online games where latency is a killer. You may be fresh out of luck on this one.
  8. what installer package are you using? RyanVM's, or direct from MSFT?
  9. I haven't personally tried it, but afaik it's the followup to frontpage.
  10. i toss my vote in for dd-wrt... i've tried a bunch of other firmwares, but always came back to it
  11. Weird problem on one of my workstations. HP Photosmart 7600 on an XP SP2 w/ latest patches. Streets and Trips 2007 will not default to the draft print I've set up on that printer. I changed the properties of the printer directly through the control panel, as opposed to doing it through a program. When I go to print a map, it defaults to best quality. I have the same program on my pc and when I try to print to his printer, it defaults to the fast draft as we have specified. I don't know how to make draft stick. It only affects streets and trips though. Other programs are defaulted to fast draft. I've uninstalled/rebooted/reinstalled the program with no luck. Even new drivers have done nothing. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this... anyone else have any hints?
  12. simple search of "xp ris" gave me the following hits: http://www.mcmcse.com/windows_xp/guides/ris.shtml http://support.microsoft.com/kb/304314 basically the same steps apply as in 2k
  13. Motherboards in general are not user-serviceable, and in of themselves are not that expensive, especially the ones eMachines use. You might have to call them and see what brand and model they used in your PC. if it's available in the retail channel, you should be able to replace it without too much hassle. good luck
  14. Having the same "manufacturer" of your servers and your storage solution eliminates the "it's not the server, it's your storage box" and "it's not the storage box, it's your server" problem. That alone is worth something. They also guarantee compatibility.
  15. rendrag

    Halo 2

    only MS funded developers will develop games soley for vista at this point... Valve released new survey specs and only 5% of respondents actually use vista, where 93% use XP. No developer in their right mind would throw 93% away for 5%, it just isn't fiscally responsible.
  16. check with your domain registrar and change your reg information there
  17. I don't know of any way to completely make it impossible for a user to save a file to his/her local drive, however since the majority of files are stored in their My Documents folder, you could manually change the location of that folder to a network share (right-click My Documents and go to properties... change the target location), and each user could have their own folder in the share where they store their documents, or everyone could work out of the same locaiton, it's up to you. If you're a small business (and you probably are if you're talking SBS), I'd recomment NOT hosting your webpage yourself. Unfortunately there are too many people trying to break into computers nowadays that it doesn't make sense for small businesses to host it internally. With the cost of hosting @ less than $5 USD per month, it's cheaper to host it externall than internally. Maintaining a webserver is not a set it and forget it scenario... you have to be constantly checking for security vulnerabilities and making sure they're patched. Is there a particular reason you want to bring it in-house?
  18. eh, i'd give MS a call... worst they could tell you is you can't legally transfer your copy of XP... there is more than one way to skin a cat however
  19. We're moving to a brand new production program at the end of this summer/ early fall. I have to learn vb.net. to assist in configuring my manufacturing/production specs into this new system. The software manufacturer recommends I take a VB.net course, however I don't want to go into that course cold as I don't have much of any experience with coding, and I'd probably be way in over my head. I wanted to get a book or something to at least get my feet wet. I found this site: http://visualbasic.about.com/od/vbnetbegin...lgtvbbegina.htm and I was wondering, are books that were published in 2002 still viable for an intro to VB.net? Would you guys recommend any particular book for a beginner? Thanks
  20. you could accomplish it through access actually... I checked their templates available on the MS office website and they have a contact management database template. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/template...3&av=ZAC000 if you needed the data a certain way, you could write your own reports, or export the data to excel and mess with it however you want. That'll be the least expensive method (assuming you already have access)
  21. have you rebooted since uninstalling it? Is the card still physically in your computer?
  22. for the most part, you will only find that functionality in a CRM based program... have you looked at Sage's ACT! ? http://www.act.com/
  23. but he only has to do that if he's going from outside his firewall to inside his firewall... if both computers exist inside the firewall, that's not necessary. the avg home firewall does not block internally routed traffic

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