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  1. Well, my project is now over at the company I was working at. I know, it's been a long time I last gave feedback. Here I am catching up with you all. Without further suspence, below are the results of the project. The network follows the client-server architecture and is protected by a network router hardware firewall with more strict than lenient rules. The server machine is a powerful desktop PC which runs SBS 2003. It is by no means a piece of server hardware, but it runs the 10 person shop quite smoothly. It is also protected by a 200$ UPS system that's about the size of 1 & a half PC
  2. I guess that answers it. In winXP Pro w/ SP2, I don't have the option to install such a component. I guess I'll have to wait till we get SBS 2003 installed on the server. Anyways, Hamachi is very good (I've already installed it). I guess this thread is solved. Thanks guys, helpful as usual.
  3. Hamachi looks very promising. Haven't been able to test it properly yet, i.e. on machines plugged into different networks. But it looks very good. Thanks alot guys. It a bummer though that VPN won't work. @TAiN: What client software are you using? The VPN in Windows? Yes What version of Windows? XP? Yes What server software are you using? none Did you verify basic connectivity between hosts before attempting the VPN connection? I think that direct cable connection is the most basic connection to check. Not only that, but I also tried other configurations. No doubts here. Can you verify that
  4. Hi network guys I have tried many alternatives to get a VPN happening on one of my computers. For simplicity, I'll name the computer I want to connect to remote comp and the one I'm connecting from, local comp. 1st try - Direct cable connection: . disabled the software firewalls on both comps. . connected both comps via crossover cabling. . set static IP address to both comps over LAN. . On local computer, set same static ip over VPN connection. . Initiated PPTP connection to remote computer through VPN. Got error 678 2nd try - Through router (static IP addresses): . same as first try, but con
  5. The impression I got from reading on Sharepoint on the internet was that it could do like VPN, that it could allow for remote connection to a network through PPTP or L2TP. I don't know where I got that from. I was happy to think that because I was having issues with VPN. Guess I'll have to revert to solving those.
  6. This is a very clear summary. thxPlease clarify this: When you say that I have a CAL to connect a comp to the server, will I be adding this to the licensing manager by means of a CAL code or will the manager not even ask me to authenticate the CAL? The only reason why I'm asking this is to know what artifacts to look for when buying the Server OS. B) Entry added July 13 2006, 11:13AM Here is an answer to my above question, courtesy of Fizban2:
  7. I sure hope that the Sharepoint services that come with SBS 2003 will be fully functional and will not require any tools not built into SBS. Any more on this? Because this is what I was intending to do. Or very close to that, only replace VPN by SharePoint services. By the way, these issues have been resolved. I learned that, generally, if a software runs on Windows Server 2003, it is compatible with SBS 2003.
  8. Thanks, I have a D-Link DI-614.I've visited this site called Spywareinfo (SWI). There were excellent instructions to follow. I followed their instructions and you can see what it gave me by clicking on the links: Spybot search and destroy (no log) adaware Ewido 1 Antivirus (Ran Kaspersky) and HijackThis I also installed ZoneAlarm and it's really tracking everything. I have a feeling it gets less intrusive with time. Results: The downloads.aaa1screensavers.com is gone! Thank you very much. Let me know if you have any comments on the Logs. Maybe we can trace back to the root of the intrusion. N
  9. Crahak, I liked your insight on TortoiseCVS. Lots of good points you made. Having already toyed with it a bit, I can say: - I loved the GUI. Clean and simple to understand. - It takes practice to predict the dynamics between the repository and the client directory (tested on localhost). Thanks, I'll definitely look into subversion (already started doing so). If I have time, I'll post my findings on a new thread (in relevance with what it can bring to a client-server network). I was gonna explain why this domain app is relevant, but for simplicity I thought we should just leave it at: Server
  10. I'm shopping for a windows server product. To whoever has already bought a Windows Server Product, Do CALs need activation? Does a CAL come with an associated product key? If I buy a 25 CAL pack, should it come with 25 keys? What certificate of authority do I get when I purchase a CAL? Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks for the help. I was discouraged when I saw no replies at first. The process is firefox (firefox.exe).There is another entry in my netstat that uses firefox, but the origin IP address doesn't indicate anything to me ( I made a search for the hosts file. If you look carfully at this image, I could not find the occurence under .../CD BURNING/... .Anyways, I added the entry downloads.aaa1screensavers.com in my hosts file and will now install an anti-virus software on the computer. Note: TAiN, I read the thread you referenced to me. Thanks, it was helpful.
  12. Hi. I was playing with netstat today and realized that foreign address downloads.aaa1screensavers.com was playing with my ports: mine(to) his(from) ======= :1257 :1258 :1258 :1257 :3366 :3367 :3367 :3366 Where do I start to get this guy off?
  13. I must say, the discussion is bringing out a lot of interesting points. What especially jumps out is the difference in scale between my IT perspective and dear Crahak's. Crahak has provided an excellent description of what a full fledged IT solution would look like in a more IT driven company. In our case though, it's not really the direction we'll be taking. I am the company's IT guy. Maybe a bit new at it, but there's a start for everyone. In response to And , please take a close look not only at my first, but also at my second post, as it will answer a lot of your questions.Just to s
  14. Here it is... Got IP addresses automatically for 2 workstations using DHCP. Disabled firewalls on workstations and . Created new VPN connection from 0.114 to 0.107 . In "Connect cname" window, entered the uname and passwd info for 0.107 . Hit Connect. And ... Got error 800. "Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be unreachable, or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection." Note from July 19th 2006: SOLVED: Refer to 2nd thread on same issue.
  15. You were right, they were upgrade CALs. About point 3, the version control program. Does Win SBS or Server 200x have an integrated version control system?
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