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  1. I put my desktop into hibernate each night. At some point each night it awakens. The BIOS isn't set to start the PC up at any point, and if I do a normal shutdown, it says down until I hit the power button. any ideas why this might be happening? I don't have any WOL or anything set up in the NIC driver config.
  2. outlook does not give you a way to change the orientation of the contact lookup screen while writing an e-mail. sorry
  3. theories and simulations of what? how the internet works? http://computer.howstuffworks.com/internet...rastructure.htm if that isn't what you're looking for, can you be more specific?
  4. for the first time i've ever experienced, system restore actually worked. I restored to a point a couple days ago and it's all working. I guess I should leave well enough alone
  5. weird problem that cropped up after I created a new user on my MCE box. I had been using the built in admin account for mce, and I decided to create a standard account. I created the account and logged in. I set up all my preferences in MCE (it's hooked to my TV). Now these buttons are not functioning record, stop, play, back, more, skip. The green MCE button and all the other buttons work, just not those. Anyone have this issue before? It affects both profiles now and I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas?
  6. yeah, that's fine... onboard audio would be sufficient for your case. If you were playing a bunch of games and stuff I'd say splurge for the external card, but since you aren't you don't need to
  7. when you say "network connection" what do you mean exactly? Are you trying to get to the internet, or are you trying to get to a shared folder on another machine? Network connection is a little too vague for us to assist you.
  8. good luck finding a cable-ready hdtv tuner... the only ones that are out there are for terrestrial HD (think rabbit ears). ATI just came out with a true HDTV tuner using the Cable-Card spec, though there are some caveats: 1. at the moment it's only available to the big box builders (HP, Dell, etc). It won't be available to the retail space for a while. 2. I believe it's only external, though I'm sure they'll make an internal version. otherwise, the ATI HDTV Wonder got good reviews, and I believe hauppauge has made one as well.
  9. i'm surprised no one's mentioned zipzoomfly.com. I typically buy from newegg myself, but have made a couple purchases from zipzoomfly, and have had good results. when it comes to water and high-performance cooling, I usually shop at http://www.frozencpu.com/. They're NY-based, which is only a couple hundred miles from me, so that helps for shipping.
  10. My company is running a watchguard soho now. I hate it. It's got a clunky interface, a internet seat limit, and an expensive support contract (which I've never had to use). Is it really any better than a WRT54GL (or version I can load something like dd-wrt)? It's the same firewall (SPI), isn't it? anyway, we're looking at getting some new systems in, and a new VPN solution, so I was curious as to see if it would be worth it to get rid of that crapbox and put something better in it's place. thanks for the input guys!
  11. some details would help... game in question: old driver version: newest driver version: does the issue only occur on this one game, or is it everything you play? Did you completely uninstall the old drivers before installing the new ones, or did you install the new on top of the old?
  12. it's tough to say. I'd be more inclined to believe D-Link's website than anandtech for the simple reason that D-Link may have added WEP in a firmware update, which may not have been available when the review was done. If you can, check the release notes for the firmware. You might be able to get a good idea if WEP was added after the initial release of the product, or if it's a mistake on d-link's site. I agree with MMX... don't go for 802.11n until a final draft has been ratified. Is there a particular reason you're going for high-bandwith wireless? Unless you'll be gaming (and most laptops aren't that good at it), I don't know if it makes sense to spend extra money on that kind of technology. You might be better off with something like a linksys wrt54g, which is probably the most popular router of the last 4 years. If you're into tinkering with the firmware, head over to ebay and pick up a version 3 wrt54g for around $60 and load some custom firmware on the device (like http://www.dd-wrt.com ). Otherwise they can be bought pretty inexpensively from places like newegg or zipzoomfly
  13. if it has automatic voltage regulation, then it is a line-interactive UPS. if you want a good explanation on how that works, check this out: http://nam-en.apc.com/cgi-bin/nam_en.cfg/p...amp;p_topview=1
  14. Not necessarily. The UPS units that are line interactive have power running through the inverter at all times. All of the big name UPS manufacturers (APC, Belkin, CyberPower) still make stand-by systems. In those systems, you are running of wall power at all times unless the power goes out. At that point you have the switch-over (appx 30ms I believe) which is still fine for most computers. Line-interactive UPS's are usually in the range of 2-10ms. How were you able to determine that it was the PSU's that were emitting the buzzing? It's odd that psu's from 2 different manufacturers would emit the same buzz.
  15. I had a similar problem on a different router. it turned out to be an issue with how the router handles the large volume of TCP connections necessary for p2p apps to work. When you have this problem, does the internet go for your whole network, or just the PC in question? Meaning, do any other PC's connected to this router have internet problems as well?
  16. you could have your task scheduler run a command file which does this, but I believe some account needs to be online (not necessarily your bosses, but an admin or like account) you would write a command file that says
  17. when you connect your laptop to your desktop wirelessly, is the default gateway and DNS information correct? DNS should match your desktop's settings, while I believe the default gateway should be the IP address of your desktop PC
  18. when you share the printer, or any item for that matter, don't you have an option to forgo the use of the NSW and just enable file sharing? If not, you may be out of luck
  19. mac filtering will probably least impact your throughput as opposed to any other versions of wireless security
  20. that wouldn't work necessarily because then he'd need a different CD for each customer (as each XP key will be different). The idea behind a universal disk is that it's universal. He can just revise the programs and any little bugs that might pop up, then distribute it to all his customers.
  21. have you checked the manual for your motherboard? that should tell you
  22. try switching to simple file sharing... it sounds like you have the advanced setup on. I've had similar problems on my network since I'm not running AD, and once I switched to simple file sharing, everything worked.
  23. it's probably as good as you'll find for tackling that issue
  24. there's nothing there... the attachment is blank
  25. yeah... all APC UPSs come with software to hook up to your PC for unnattended shutdown, or you can use the UPS service built into windows. Either way, it works just the same

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