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  1. it's called Remote Desktop... only available in XP Pro (I don't know if MCE is Pro or not underneath) It's not very secure, so I wouldn't necessarily run it across the country, you might want to try something like VNC, which is free from http://www.tightvnc.com Some antivirus programs auto update its definition file, AVG and symantec corporate immediately come to mind. You could turn on automatic updates, and maybe have a schedule that automatically reboots the PC once a week or something.
  2. You might be able to get around losing all your files if you just re-install your copy of windows on top of your existing installation. Either way, you need to get a legit license. My suggestion to you would be to get XP home edition (they should come with Service Pack 2 pre-installed). It should run you roughly $90 (if you're in the US) If you can't get windows to allow you to get past the login screen then you might just have to wipe the hard drive and kiss your files goodbye, though I'm really suprised Microsoft doesn't allow you to get a genuine copy in order to activate windows... very strange.
  3. quick search brought this: http://www.frozencpu.com/fan-129.html?id=SBGHgfpX
  4. if Windows firewall was running, the text would read: Windows Firewall is on Unfortunately I don't have access to a XP Home workstation, but my guess is there's something wrong if you don't have the Windows Firewall/ICS service, unless Sygate removes it with its installation. From your control panel, do you have a Windows Firewall icon? Does it do anything when you try to open in?
  5. I don't think consumers have hit a bottleneck w/ a 100MB network that they would request a gigabit wired connection. Even gaming over a home network w/ 16 people would be fine w/ 100MB, so 1GB is really only used for large file transfers. I think as we start to stream more media in our homes, then we might hit a bottleneck. Besides, for a home user to make the jump, they need a GB switch/router, and, if they don't have it, a GB NIC. Most onboard NICs up until about a year ago mainly only came in 10/100 flavors.
  6. RogueSpear, I think that they're talking about the "View workgroup computers" section, not necessarily the my network places folder. Those are just shortcuts, but the workgroup computers can't be deleted from the list. @ amberlea, I believe that list is generated from 1 random PC on that network, and then broadcast to the whole network. I would try what Tain suggested on all your computers, and then reboot them all, and see if that works.
  7. is the firewall service started? Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services The "Windows Firewall/ICS" service is the one you want to check. Make sure it is not disabled.
  8. it's unlikely you'll find that all on one video card... just not enough real estate to store all those connectors. you'd probably be able to achieve it all in 2 cards, 1 dedicated capture card, and 1 dedicated video card.
  9. The samsung has a slightly better contrast ration than the phillips, but otherwise, they both seem good. Samsung has a good reputation for monitors, though I haven't heard much about phillips, they do good televisions. probably couldn't go wrong with either
  10. why would you want to run XP's firewall exclusively? You're better off w/ the sygate free version
  11. Hey Fellas, Wondering if I could get some troubleshooting help here with a very strange problem. I took over desktop support from a 3rd party support company that administered my company's PCs. We're having a problem with one of the PCs, where there are no printers visible in its printer folder. We have 5 printers, 4 are networked, 1 is local. Not 1 shows up in the printer folder. The strange part is that all of them are accessible to print from any program. I'm sure it's something stupid I'm missing, but I can't figure it out. Ideas? Thanks
  12. I have a 5 yr old maxtor, 6.5 year old IBM, a 3 year old WD, and a couple 3 year old seagates. I've had good and bad luck with all HD manufacturers.
  13. In order to use your laptop as a monitor to your desktop, you need to use remote control software (VNC, MS Remote Desktop, pcAnywhere, etc). That means you either need to buy or borrow a monitor, keyboard and mouse to install/configure the software on the desktop PC. You would also want to configure the desktop PC to not halt on mouse/keyboard errors, because when it boots up, it won't have those devices present. If you plan on getting online w/ either device, then a router is the way to go, otherwise you can just buy a cross-over network cable and directly connect the 2 computers.
  14. There are temp files located in your user profile directory, so that would play a part as to why there's a lot of flux in the size of the profile. Is it the only reason, probably not. Hopefully some of our other members will chime in.
  15. go to Start > Run and type gpedit.msc Under the Computer Configuration heading, follow below: Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Account Policies | Password Policy Set your minimum Password Length to 0 characters That should do it for you
  16. hey fellas, lookin for some guidance/assistance. I took some home movies w/ my digi camcorder, and the volume is pretty low, even w/ my speakers and sound card maxed. Are there any software packages out there that can further increase the volume on these files, or do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks
  17. the "S" in WRT54GS is the speedbooster technology... when paired w/ a wireless linksys card also featuring the "S" at the end of its product name increases your wireless throughput. I think it's overrated. the WRT54G is a fantastic router. If you are purchasing it in a store, try to get an old version (I think v4 or earlier) as Linksys reduced the available memory in v5, so you can't use 3rd party firmware as easily. If an old version isn't available, then do as big poppa pump said, and get the WRT54GL and then flash it with DD-WRT firmware
  18. well, a cheap battery backup would have done the trick as well... it's likely that the files were corrupted. As m3n70r said, try them on a different PC with iTunes, or burn them to CD and listen to them on your PC or a CD player. If they work there, re-rip them to your computer. Oh, and for those who don't know or realize it, if the track you just burnt to CD was purchased through iTunes music store, when you re-rip the track to your PC, you now just removed the DRM lock on it, so you have your normal fair use back (limitless copies on limitless PCs).
  19. it's a router problem, huh? Does your router get an IP, default gateway and proper DNS entries? But if replacing it is easier, go for it.
  20. have you tried hooking up directly to the modem? That would tell us if it's a modem/account problem or a router problem.
  21. and what Tain said will work, as long as both of you aren't trying to connect simultaneously. If you're both trying to surf the web, my guess is whichever PC was turned on last will own the connection (unless of course that modem is a router as well) Just out of curiousity, do you get a 192.168 IP address when you connect? you can check by going to-> Start > Control Panel > Network Connections . From there, look for whatever your network connection you use to connect to the web (you may have more than 1) and double click it. From there, click on the Support Tab.
  22. does that westell have it's own web interface? could you connect to that and maybe do some diagnostics? perhaps see if it is being assigned an IP, or try to ping the gateway? i have a westell 6100 and it has it's own interface, so maybe yours does as well
  23. i know that's what adobe designer is for... but i'm not if any other programs accomplish the same goal
  24. does your router have a QOS (quality of service) section? Is it enabled? If so, I'd disable it, then run a speedtest, and see if you're downloads improve. Unfortunately if you have set up everything correctly in your router, and your downloads are still slower, it's possible your router just can't handle the amount of simultaneous connections required to run a p2p program
  25. so: internet -> DSL modem -> netgear router -> ? what's the rest of your setup like? I.E. how many PC's are connected to your router? Are they connected wirelessly, wired? DON'T DISABLE YOUR SPI FIREWALL on the router. Leave that enabled! It is quite possible DSLextreme has capped only p2p traffic. Were your downloads faster before you put the router in place?
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