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  1. WinPE3.0 Install

    Hi Jadestar Sorry if i ask but wat is the winpe3.0 method . Scorp
  2. Did you looked here http://www.boot-land.net/forums/ good luck Scorp
  3. Hi reza Did you look at this maybe it will help. http://www.msfn.org/board/change-modify-se...en-t113048.html Good luck Scorp
  4. power loss during update

    I think you are right Mr Snrub. Thanks for your time Scorp
  5. power loss during update

    HI to all Sorry for my english Yesterday i had to reinstall vista on my system . I was updating it and during instalation ON the screen say no turn off your pc i had a power loss . After reboot i am not able to install ie 8 ( it is the only update that i have left ) it tels me. (translation i have a dutch version ) camnnot proseed with instalation you have a newer version installed if i check the version of ie it says ie8 but i still get it on the avalible updates. if i check it on the installed update it is not showing up when i check the update history it tels me it was not installed and give me a code E error i can not find it on microsoft. can some one help me or knows how it can be solved or can i ignore this update Thanks for your time Scorp
  6. Hello to all My question : Is it possible to make a directory whit a fixed size . i try to explain i make a lot of photo and i mod them whit text and stuf . i have a frend that will print them ( at his print shop real shop ). iam allowed to send him 50mb in 1 month. so i like to make directory and put all the mod pic in and when it is full (reached the 50mb ) it will tel me somthing like Disk full. maybe a tweak or a program that can do that. thanks in advance Scorp sorry for my English not my native language.
  7. receive product key from image!

    HI Have you tryed this http://www.msfn.org/board/Tutorial-Clean-W...ll-t102095.html i have never tested it but maybe it will work Scorp
  8. How Can I modify WINXPSP2 Boot SKIN

    Hi diginode Don't know if it could help but this is what i am tinking. If you read the how to of the themexp.org you see what file you should modifi if you extract that file of the sp2 modifi it and then reinject it to sp2 and then slipstream it in to the xp cd maybe it wil work . sorry about my english i hope you untherstand Scorp
  9. Hi to all I am trying to make a unattenden cd for win98 whit all in it so i need autopatcher . Now my question i use a dutch version on win98 can i use this auto patcher or is it only for the english version and if so is there a dutch version availibe or can someone tell me how to get the files for the dutch version Thanks Scorp
  10. Hello again i have formated my drive and instaled win2000 pro and installed xampp but nothing changes i can still not upload from a remote pc in the network is there realy nobody that can give me a hint. Scorp
  11. hello forum people I had a old pc that i could use as a web server . so i instaled win98se and AppServ on it . Now i'am trining to make a basic website whit Citydesk after i made the web site it is time to upload it to te server. but that is not posible it will not upload to it. it is saing couldn't conect to server . i tryed and instaled a ftp server on the server and trying to conect to it whit fillezilla but it is again unable to conect. the big problem is that i do not have a extra monitor to put on the sever so itis not possible for me to work on the site from the server itself it will be updated frequently i have to upload it from my normal pc. the server is accesible from the lan and from the internet it shows the standart page off Appserv. what do i have to do to upload my site server pc 350mhz 131mb of memory 5 gig hd win98se Appserv and ftp server Hope to have all the needed info . hope to see a solution soon. Thanks in advance Scorp
  12. Samsung Monitor

    have you tryed to put it on a other pc or a different monitor to this pc Scorp
  13. Problem whit xp italian ulz

    Sorry you are right And thanks for inventing this program jcarle Scorp
  14. Problem whit xp italian ulz

    Yes i found the problem the second line <updatelist product="Windows XP" platform="x86" language="ITA" lastupdate="2006-08-26" xmlns="http://wud.jcarle.com"'>http://wud.jcarle.com" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://wud.jcarle.com http://wud.jcarle.com/wud.xsd"> is wrong it has to be <updatelist product="Windows XP" platform="x86" language="ITA" lastupdate="2006-08-26"> It is working now Scorp