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  1. Got a bit of a problem, computer stopped booting and BIOS was really slow to react to keyboard presses. So I cleared the CMOS. Now it boots but I cant change anything at all in BIOS (which still runs slow) otherwise itll freeze just after memory test. No idea how this problem occured, I flashed to latest BIOS months ago and have not had any issues until now. I tried the older version BIOS but no luck. Help!!
  2. Does this game make your computer hot? I get real high temps when playing this, doesnt happen with other graphics intensive games.
  3. OK, I installed a new Thermaltake Spark 7, now my temps are 32c idle and 52c on load. Massive difference. However, major problem with the noise, it sounds like a jet engine!! Any easy ways to sound deaden without restricting much airflow? PC has been on for 2 hours and I have a headache! Plus it gets louder on load when the RPMs go up.
  4. I changed from an old Gigabyte to a new Gigabyte motherboard. I think I do need a new heatsink/fan, when playing UT2004 I get the warning beeps because the CPU is going over 70'c. Nothing is overclocked apart from my Graphics Card. The current heatsink/fan is a standard OEM looking aluminium heatsink with copper centre and coolermaster fan. Can anyone recommend a standard size heatsink/fan that works well and isn't too loud. I was thinking of buying the OEM Sanyo solution that comes with the retail pack 3.4ghz P4. Price range upto £20. edit: any free software that lets you monitor cpu temp / fan speeds?
  5. ok, how do I take off the old thermal paste?
  6. Ive recently upgraded my motherboard but kept my original CPU. It heats up a lot more than it used to (same heatsink/fan). It used to run at 55'c average but now runs at 70'c average. Is this safe and will it ruin the CPU? Im thinking it could be the low amount of thermal paste but am not sure. CPU is P4 3.06ghz Thanks
  7. StupidVideos Hundreds of hilarious clips on this site, personal fave is 'dumbest kid alive'. Broadband essential.
  8. Its likely to include SP1, thats the usual Microsoft way. But no doubt it will install over XP SP1 as well.
  9. 1 xp pro 2 norton antivirus 3 powerdvd 4 nero burning rom 5 winrar 6 winamp 7 kazaa k++ 8 office professional 9 msn messenger + plus! 10 paint shop pro
  10. Im playing Pro Evo 3 and NFS Underground, these should last until the big guns are released next year (HL2,Doom3). Doesnt seem to be much else of interest coming out anytime soon..
  11. yea there was a thread with a poll about the same thing. average connection was 512/1mb i think.
  12. windows xp pro is exactly the same whether its corp or retail, same features, same everything. except in corp you never ever need to activate it, whereas the retail version needs activation on install and sometimes on major hardware changes. thats it. nothing else. corp is just more convenient for most of us.
  13. i just got my copy of max payne 2, love the graphics. but where is the right-click bulletdodge with firing like in max payne 1?? please tell me its there somewhere, it just wont be the same without it
  14. try downloading v1.1 patch also i wanted to know if max2 uses any dx9 technology..
  15. for all you guys who have completed the game, there are extra levels to be downloaded.. Official Download Site
  16. P4 3.06ghz 1gb DDR333 Memory 120gb Maxtor HD 120gb Samsung HD 128mb Geforce4 ti4600 16x LG DVD-ROM 52x Liteon CDRW 5.1 Sound Card 18.1" LG TFT 1mb Cable/10/100 ethernet 4x USB2 3x Firewire WinXP Pro
  17. same with me, i have a 3ghz and ti4600 but still it seems to run jerky i ran unreal2 at high res and antialising without jerks so this must be a very bad port wait for unreal tournament 2004, its like halo with the vehicles etc. check this out.. 7mb video download
  18. also looking forward to this game.. almost finished the first one just two more chapters to go
  19. maybe its for those blondes who didnt understand it the first 2 times...?
  20. Ive forgotten a password I made on a Rar file full of out of date documents but need to get in somehow. I tried a program to crack my password but it didnt work, is there a way to get my files out?!
  21. if ever you want to know what a particular piece of hardware is/does search for it on WhatIs
  22. where does one get hold of corporate nav? its not available to buy in shops.. also does it come in versions like 2002/2003/pro etc?
  23. i still use pkzip... nah, winrar and winace are the only good ones ive come across

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