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  1. bump... if anyone would help me out ps its located under C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers i know alot of people use the beta sp1 patch so help out!
  2. uh since sp1 wont be out for a while do anyone have the atapi.sys file that fixes this problem? http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;836871 edit* ps ppl that have win2k3 and have sp1beta installed please give me a copy of the atapi.sys file im assuming thats the file i need
  3. if u are having issue with unattend instalation heres the best site to go to http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=202 and to make it bootable go here http://www.tacktech.com/display.cfm?ttid=248
  4. ooh so u take the whole metal thing out like the 2 metal clip that holds the fan onto the board what about the jelly glue that come with the old fan are u suppose to wipe it away or just reapply the thermal Compound and slap on the new fan?
  5. yeah it works for me the first time then after i installed it again it said it need this vb6 runtime installed to be able to run it but i thhought it is included in win2k3??
  6. update: i found a great site for this stuff [url=http://www.bink.nu/Bootcd/default.htm]http://www.bink.nu/Bootcd/default.htm[/url update: sweet it works! bust out an unattended installation and almost everything is automated installation without them startup disk and crap like that
  7. lol not booting with xp,what i want is a super windows 2000 cd just like arrons super xp cd but i want win2k cd to be bootable with the options to format hard drive and partioning and stuff
  8. how do i make a bootable windows 2000 cd with partion option just like windows xp and 2003?
  9. but how can a new fan be installed while a diffrent one i installed do u screw the fan out of the metal thingy holding the fan inplace and put in the new fan?
  10. yeah i wouldnt run 2003 if i were u because with my win2k3 experience i got a major problem the atapi issue which the cd-rom being fail to load within a special time causing 10 min startup so if i were u ill go with xp its a great os for game and stuff
  11. there is an 8.1 out maybe higher but.......u gots to know your connections and sources to obtain such a software
  12. how come when i reboot my computer, when i connect on the internet it ask me if i want to allow certian online programs to run eventhough i click on the remember box so it wont ask me this again but it still dose
  13. norton corp 8.0 dont know about avg 7 but ill give it a wirl one of these days and tell ya wut i think
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