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  1. what software is that to tell you your stats that you have on the side..?
  2. My average is 55 celcius on P4 3.06ghz. Generally a P4 runs cool unless overclocked, so you mite have airflow problems.
  3. MBreview article has some interesting news if its to be believed.
  4. It crashed on Xvids before I got the codec, same with Indeo codec. Old WMP just gave an error message but otherwise it looks smarter and is just as quick.
  5. I need to install Win98se onto an older PC I have, the thing is, will I be able to use windows update to make it secure (especially with recent events) or is it just too old? The last time I tried windows update on a win98 pc, I dont remember it working.
  6. Download game movies: Unreal Tournament 2004 7mb Doom 3 (alpha video) 6mb Half Life 2 16mb
  7. yep Not true, it will work with older cards as well. It didnt work on my PC because my latest nVidia drivers have blocked the playing of the alpha leak. Last version to work with the leak is 41.09. For a look at Doom3 actually playing download this movie I previously uploaded (6mb) Here
  8. ok, i got the leak but when I run it I just get a blank screen... anyone else tried it yet?
  9. Dear Sir, I would like to apologise for my disruptive behaviour and hope that my humble apologies can rectify my appalling behaviour. I do hereby offer my services as a volunteer as the bravest, but certainly not the brightest. Yours sincerely, Wild-Kat
  10. i canna do it scottie, there isnt enough power.. i'll shutup now
  11. Ive been looking for that leak for ages, cant seem to find it.. can you point me in the right direction..
  12. yes, the answer is 5 to the square root of the quadratic.
  13. should i delete msblast.exe? my norton is up to date but it doesnt find it as a virus/worm
  14. which of these games will be dx8 or dx9 my gf4ti doesnt support dx9 features
  15. all of them?! Im still on my 56k, havent updated since SP1 How do I disable MSBLAST and will it affect anything?
  16. Just got the message and it restarted, I enabled the standard XP firewall for my Internet and it seems to be okay now. How is this issue resolved? Windows Update doesnt seem to have the corresponding update
  17. yea its really cheap as well, ill order it this might sound immoral but can i have full access to the files/resources on my sisters computer and my computer be totally stealth-like on hers? also i think i could do with more bandwidth
  18. Can you tell me what you think of that BenQ Router, the link is in my earlier post..
  19. ok so that benq router is good to get right?
  20. one question.. does the main computer have to be switched on for the second to gain internet access (using a router)?
  21. I wouldnt buy a router if the crossover way is good enough, but I dont know much about networking at all, so I dont know what to do

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