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  1. yep, from the sticker on the bottom of the laptop... 2lenovo/ibm laptops, one toshiba... cant insta with the key from any of them
  2. hi all, I'm trying to reinsall xp pro on my laptop with a retail cd which I've fixed to be OEM but it wont accept the cd key. my setupp.ini looks like: [Pid] ExtraData=786F687170637175716954806365EF Pid=55274OEM any ideas hoe to get this working?
  3. thanks all, I managed to install using a different key, then change the key before activating (then had to ring MS to reactivate).. Hopefully wont need to reinstall for a long while...
  4. hey all, I'm trying to make a windows sp2 cd so i can reinstall my laptop (The recovery partition is full of the usual crap which we dont need, and doesnt even have SP1...) The sticker under the laptop says: Windows XP Professional 1-2CPU IBM Corporation Prdouct KEY : xxx...... I have tried this key in a pro retail and pro oem cd and neither will accept it.. Does anyone know what cd I need?
  5. glad to help... this is what i was trying to suggest back with my first post guess i need to work on my articulation a bit more
  6. ok do this.. in the runonceex.cmd file add the first bunch. then add 1 more item which will run runonceex2.cmd int runonceex2.cmd add the next bunch (with the last item being runonceex3.cmd) and run rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess rinse, repeat...
  7. well, i have just done a full install (bartPE -> working XP with programs installed using runonceex) and i have to say it was painless and simple i have uploaded a new version which fixes some minor bugs, and includes some more examples so u can go about adding your own programs to the RunOnceEx list... the only downside i have found so far is that the /makelocalsource switch for winnt32.exe doesnt copy the contents of the $oem$ folder (but it does make the folder??? stupid M$ ) so i got around this problem by adding another item which manually copies it all across after setup finishes... has any1 else tried doing a full install with this yet? please let me know how you go and what needs to be fixed up more... i have updated the link in the first post... the bartPE plugin is in the same archive... and last thing... ive been told the name "Windows Installer" isnt a good 1 to use.. so the project is now known as "Windows Install Manager"
  8. hey all ok im using winnt32.exe from inside winPE and im starting it with the /makelocalsource switch which copies the setup files to the hdd... i have "oempreinstall=yes" in the winnt.sif file and the correct $OEM$ folder structure next to the i386 folder... now with the /makelocalsource switch it creates the $OEM$ direcotry on the hdd but doesnt copy anything else in??? wtf?? what needs to be done so the $OEM$ dir gets copied correctly so programs can be installed after windows installs?
  9. hey, ok, i dont know if this should go here of the winPE section... so if admins want to move it thats fine.... well.. i finally finished my Windows Installer program which lets you unattendadly install windows from bart/win PE... now i went i step further and with a bit of playing, you can get it to choose which programs to install silently (using the RunOnceEx method.. probabl;y others would work) when windows setup is done. ok, so a screenshot or 2... firstly, the main window .. boring and simple (some may recognise it from previous plugs The install button is greyed out forcing the user to go edit the answers (to force them to put in their key/username etc... so this is what the answer window looks like On the left is a list of all the options that can be configured.. it doesnt look likle alot in the pic, but thats becuase all but display go into that list on the right, also, this is all that has been setup using the xml files (you can fiddle with everything...). the checkmark in the tree means that that option will be saved to the answer file, same thing for the checks in the 3rd column of the list. down the bottom is a item "Actual installing windows".. (thats just a blank placeholder), under it is where the fun begins you can see in red the item "format system drive", well, if that is checked the command "cmd /C format c: /q /u /fs:ntfs" will be run, then windows setup and then reboot (u need to manually reboot, or add a command there to reboot automatically when winnt32.exe finishes successfully...) the green item shows a list of the winnt32.exe params it can be run with, (all this can be fiddled with, nothing is hardocded). under that (where the mouse is hovering over) is a list (well only 1 in the example.. but you can add more) or programs to install using the RunOnceEx method. (the first item just sets up the cmd file, ideally this list would be saved to the ramdrive and then copied to the setupdir\$OEM$\install folder after winnt32 is run, but i didnt do that in the example coz im lazy). if the program is checked the nescacery stuff will be added to the RunOnceEx.cmd file, and if its not, it wont. PROBLEM> what happens if the user forgets to set OEMPreinstall to 1 but they want to install these programs? ANSWER> they get a nice error like this cool aye? clicking yes will fix it and pressing no will stop that item being written to the answer file (or the runonceex file in this case). You can et circular dependancies, so its set to keep checking untill you either keep pressing yes, or keep pressing no pressing OK in that window will save your changes... pressing cancel will cancel ALL the changes since the program was loaded (i know, it sux... but so do $2 whores and noone complains about them ) finally, press install on the main screen to get windows insatlling, or save to to just save the sif answer file. so, now all you need to do is get your xml files going and Windows Installer will do the rest... because i prefer programming to writing user docs look in the examples in the archive and the readme on the net.. ill do a proper site for this when im really bored ok now the files : Windows Install Manager and bartPe plugin Slighlty outdated readme... good luck, and post all questions here.. EDIT: woops, i forgot to mention what that drop list with "Windows XP SP2" is for... in that is a list of all version of windows from 2k -> 2k3sp1, it lets you choose which version your installing so the answers are different.. this is coz some settings can be installed only on certain versions.. (e.g ue popup blocker settings is only for xpsp2) ) this is also going to make move this to Vista pretty simple even tho the answer file format is different.
  10. ye, but doing that means u have to keep rebooting.. what i suggested means it will display the first "page" fully, then start the next "page" without having to reboot
  11. hmm... this might work... fill up the screen then add 1 last command which removes all entries in the runonce key (may not be needed). then add the rest of the keys and run the command "rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess" do as many items as nexscacery.... (not tested and may not work... but it should)
  12. well... ive been playing and windows installer is now probably 100 million times better than anything ever seen before... im gonna do a proper writeup later today, but here is a peview of what u can now do.. dump this and your xmls on your bart/win pe cd and run it, fiddle with the answers so the install can be changed per computer with one cd... now here is where it gets better... it can now run commands before and after it runs setup (e.g i have set it to format the c: (or systemdrive) before running setup, then when it finishes setup copy the RunnceEx.cmd from the ram drive to the setup file... why from the ramdrie u say? becuase winstaller can now write to any arbitrary text file... which means that you can dump all 50 programs that u have that could be installed in the runonceex stage, but selectivly choose which u actually want to install on that computer !!! cool aye? so, ye, im gonna get the bartpe plugin done and some standard xmls done and then ill right up a proper how to.. also, depending on how much time i have next week, i may even make a xml editor to make that part just a bit easier... stay tuned .. btw, the new version is in the link in my last post
  13. well, i tihnk if ppl see the new stuff which has been added since last time they might be in more of a hurry \/ not such a great pic but its good enough http://members.optusnet.com.au/jdgordy/win.../winstaller.zip as u can see, u can colour the items now (conisder it nice bloat ) have a look in quickref.txt in the zip for more info.. also note the project name has been changed... so Martin, can u rename the thread?
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