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  1. Unreal Tournament Error

    Ok, i found the problem: the logitech iToutch software. I uninstalled and now the game works like a dream.
  2. Unreal Tournament Error

    Well, i just did a fresh install of UT, and when i go to play it i get a General Protection Fault error. I have tried SAfe Mode and all of the different rendering engines avilable. I have not had any luck. Error: UT Log
  3. Was Winxp64bit Realesed? Is It Final?

    It isn't comeing out until 3/28.
  4. Trick a service pack

    Its legit. I got the MSDN CD from a garage sale some time ago. Im not planning to run it as a full time OS anyway. I already own 2000PRO and XPPRO.
  5. Font

    Yes, that one. Is the other one underneth just a bold version of the top one?
  6. Font

    What font does MS use for the windows 2000 bootscreen and banners?
  7. Trick a service pack

    No one knows how i oculd do this?
  8. I have a beta version of Windows 2000 (2183), and i was wondering if there was a way to trick the SP$ setup into slipstreaming into it. What files would i need to edit?
  9. Starting from scratch

    If possable, id also like to create a batch file that will automate the process of installing windows pe to the hdd, but i do not know how.
  10. Starting from scratch

    Id like to start a Windows PE cd from scratch fro a slipstreamed XP Professional SP2 cd. First of all, i need to find some guides on how to build it. can anyone help me out? Id also like to add a desktop and some extra apps like Office 97.
  11. Newer pc cant install old pc win 2000

    Its an OEM CD. OEM CD's are tied to the origonal computer that they came with. To my knowlage, there is no way around this.
  12. List of MUST-HAVE software.

    Spybot S&D Ad-Aware Pro 6 Win RAR Tweak UI Office 2k3 Nero 5 (latest version) MS or Connectix VPC VMware ISOBuster ISORecorder powertoy Watercolor Lite 2.11 Desktop Theme Mozilla Firefox Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2004 mIRC Trillian Smart FTP Glass 2k (makes windows transparent)
  13. Need to know 2 swiches

    I need to know the swiches for win2k twak ui, and firefox. anyone know what they are? Also looking for one for Spybot S&D and AVG.
  14. I got a 6X PC-DVD and i tried to install it. When it was installed, I got a bios message that said: "Device not ATPI Compatable. Press F1 to continue." How do i fix this? I have it set as secondary slave to my Optoright CDRW drive, which is the Secondary Master. What am i doing wrong?
  15. Creative PC-DVD

    not to sound rude or anything, but im no computer novice. I can tell the difference between a power cable and a IDE cable. But anyway, mabi it was the wrong cable. Im pretty sure i was plugging in the right cables.