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  1. WIHULite English

    Sorry but i don't see it there.. Theres english WIHU Then theres WIHULite Source.. But the source comes with a german (i believe) binary no english.
  2. WIHULite English

    I don't know how to compile the source for WIHULite. Is there an English binary anywhere? I can't seem to find one. Cheers
  3. Manipulating Registry

    I want to create a tree with various reg tweaks. I don't however want to create a spearte *.reg file for each tweak. Is there a way to mainuplate the registry defirectly from install.ini as apposed to only regedit /s ? Thanks guys.
  4. Posting screenshots

    am i the only one that thinks the GUI is a huge step backwards?
  5. Just wondering what the purpose of the CONFIG-EXTRA.INF file is. From what I can see the contents of CONFIG.INF and CONFIG-EXTRA.INF are the same. Not only that but mkimg.cmd appears to just overwrite CONFIG-EXTRA.INF anyways. Just trying to learn the WinPE (Microsoft) build process to better customize it. Cheers
  6. SFCFiles.dll Alternative.

    thats because sfcfiles.dll is built on the fly during the install. So including a pre-hacked one wont work. At least not anyway I know. It has always worked fine for me hacking after. Defeats the hole automation idea but it does work. Only thing I can think of is let the default be and build at runtime then have your hacked one copy over with a script on first boot.
  7. Ridiculously simple trick that I can't believe I never thought of. I like a clean Program Files dir like most. I use to edit sfcfiles.dll to zero out the dirs so I could remove them. Much easier way is to just use attrib +S +H and hide them. I always have hidden files viewed but not system files. So for anyone like me you can just mark it as a system file. So simple I cant believe I never thought of it. Can do it on things that make the dir structure messy that the OS actually needs too. Sure most of you already thought of it, but for anyone slow like me I thought Id share.
  8. Updated original post with link to DOWNLOAD As for SP2 compatibility that is what Im running and the SFCFILES.DLL I edited was straight from SP2. As for what I changed, I wont pretend it was hard like some. I simply nulled out the values. What problems were you having? I've had no problems at all with this.
  9. I use to just disable WFP but decided to try and clean my Install to be less 'Hacked' if you will. Problem being is the xerox and microsoft frontpage folders in %ProgramFiles% really tick me off. Searched the forum for a bit and didn't find much on excluding certain files or folders without disabling WFP. Anywho, ended up with a hacked SFCFILES.DLL that excludes both these dirs. Tested and works perfect. WFP is still active as I tried to remove a few files and it wouldnt allow me or they came straight back. Both the xerox and microsoft frontpage dirs are no longer present and don't come back after a restart. I've attached the SFCFILES.DLL for anyone that's interested. Any other files or Dirs can be easily added too. These are just the two that bother me. CRC header has been changed so XP wont complain. EDIT: File is 4kb over 150kb limit. Can't compress anymore. Will post it when I find a place to host it. EDIT: Thanks for the links. Uploaded HERE
  10. anyone have a reference chart at all so I know which is which?
  11. Im trying to add a ramdisk to my WinPE disc. Just had a quick question reguarding these INF entries. 0x4,"ControlSet001\Services\Ramdriv\Parameters","DebugComp",0xffffffff 0x4,"ControlSet001\Services\Ramdriv\Parameters","DiskSize",0x04000000 0x1,"ControlSet001\Services\Ramdriv\Parameters","DriveLetter","B:" 0x4,"ControlSet001\Services\Ramdriv\Parameters","RootDirEntries",0x00000200 0x4,"ControlSet001\Services\Ramdriv\Parameters","SectorsPerCluster",0x00000002 What do the 0x4, 0x1 etc represent? I noticed theres no HKLM or HKCU.. Is this them in another form? Cheers
  12. WinPE VS BartPE

    I have a copy of WinPE but also know about PEBuilder. Just wondering if theres any advantage to either? So far Im finding WinPE's customization a little tedious. HIVE files are converted to a binary so I have to re-build everytime I want to make a change. Things like that. So is there any real advantage to either or just personal preference? WinPE have anything built in that PEBuilder doesn't? Cheers
  13. whats going on? I need this solution too but all the posts are removed? WTH?
  14. Mac OS X Bar

    great.. few options to choose from.. thanks alot mate