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  1. Well there is 2 graphs, one for cpu usage and one for page file. The cpu graph only has one green graph line going through.
  2. I have a PC with a P4 3.06ghz CPU and Windows XP Home edition. When I run the latest version of sisoft sandra it gives me a warning that my hyperthreading is disabled and needs to either be configured or the OS doesnt support HT processors. Ive checked the BIOS and it is enabled and under hardware devices in windows it lists two cpu's so I'm not sure why I get this warning, can anyone help? Also Ive always thought my PC isnt as fast as it should be with the hardware, could this be the problem? Thanks. P4 3.06ghz HT 1gb DDR RAM 120gb Samsung HD GeForce4 Ti4600
  3. Yea its definately the BIOS splash screen. Gigabyte havent yet made an update to the bios so I guess im stuck with it. Getting used to it now anyway. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Isn't MSN6 Beta bugged at all? Id rather wait for it to be released then Patchou to make an addon for it before I install it. I remember when MSN5 was released, very annoying version.
  5. My System specs Processor P4 3.06ghz 533mhz FSB Memory 1024mb DDR 2700 Hard Disk Samsung 120gb ATA100 (16x DVD, 52x CDRW) Video Card GeForce4 Ti4600 128MB Motherboard Gigabyte GMPT4 USB2, IEEE Monitor 18.1" LG TFT LCD Case Mini-Tower Sound system AC97, Composite Hi-Fi Connection Windows XP Pro SP1a
  6. When I start up my PC, right at the beginning before XP starts loading and when memory test is being done and processor is shown, I get an Advent splash screen which I would like to remove so I can see the first screen when I boot up. Ive looked around the net but cant find any ways of removing this screen, anyone else have this problem??
  7. My Liteon burns great at all speeds, maybe not a big brand like plextor but it does the job with lots of features and regular firmware updates at a cheaper price than a plextor drive.
  8. 13098 On a P4 3ghz, ti4600. Had 6502 initially but had to turn off the high quality features in the driver software.

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