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  1. Its all configured correctly but nothing can be heard from speakers connected to green port. Ive checked all the obvious things. Also, when I put the audio connector into the green socket the software auto-detects the speaker but no sound at all!
  2. Yes there is and its configured correctly (no different to before when it worked)
  3. I changed my PC case yesterday and now I am having problems with sound. I had the setting on 4 speaker output, two speakers connected to blue socket and two to green socket. The problem is now there is no sound output at all from the green socket (front audio). I have tried everything (installed latest drivers, checked all settings, removed cases front audio jumpers, disabled/enabled bios settings) but no sound comes out at all. If I swap the speakers then the ones on blue connector always work so its not a speaker problem. I can get all speakers to work if I set speakers to 5.1 and plug into pink socket but then two of them do not sound correct as one is a sub and one is a centre. I desperately need help on this as I cant think of any other ideas...
  4. The nvidia settings are always on application controlled. I run it on 1024x768 with most effects on and settings up 3/4 of max. All other games run perfectly but this struggles. Got latest drivers and card is not overclocked.
  5. I dont know how you guys managed that! Ive got a good rig, P4 3.2ghz & 6800GT and the framerates are still pants 3/4 of max details
  6. Ahh great, that worked a treat. Thanks!!!
  7. The "Play On My" bit when I right-click a video file. Its very annoying since I installed nvidia drivers. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  8. Nope nothing in the BIOS to do with video settings, I have even flashed to the latest version.
  9. On my laptop I have the Intel extreme 2 graphics chip, it says max mem 64mb but is only using 8mb. Where can I change the amount? Ive checked the drivers and system BIOS but there are no settings for this. Thanks
  10. I managed to get it working by fiddling with some switches and leaving the battery out. Thanks for the help.
  11. did you ever manage to fix this as i have the same problem..
  12. I recently bought a laptop which worked fine, installed windows etc. However there has always been a password on the BIOS so I havent been able to get in. The previous owner doesnt remember the password so I decided to take the internal battery out for a while. After I put it back in and booted up it always asks for a password now! Im stuck with an unusable laptop, is there any way I can clear the BIOS? Help much appreciated. (phoenix bios 4 release 6)
  13. Just tried it, works good. But why is there 2 googles in the menu now?
  14. These extensions dont work very well, is there not a way to manually edit the search so the target is a new window/tab?
  15. Ok installed that but it doesnt seem to have options (or at least doesnt let me go in)
  16. How can I make the search results open in a new tab (instead of current tab) when using the google search box in Firefox? Im using 1.0.3 and remember an extension that did this back in 0.7 days but cant find anything for this.
  17. Not to worry, system restore has done the job even though ive lost a few installations. When is Firefox 1.0.3 likely to be released?
  18. Recently my IE has stopped working properly. Everytime I use 'open link in new window' command, it freezes for a while then just goes back to the webpage. Also opening links in emails etc do not open and also freeze. I tried searching the net and found some dll's I should register, did that to no avail. I cant seem to be able to do a full reinstall of IE6 as it is the SP2 version which I cant find standalone. Any help regarding this matter much appreciated.
  19. Tried that, everthing seems to be okay. If only I could take out the modem, but I cant because opening the PC case would mean a whole lot of furniture hassle which I cant deal with. Can a component just go wrong by itself and cause boot issues or is the problem elsewhere?
  20. Theres no option for POST in Bios, I think its default on anyway, I get the one beep but it just takes forever. @Soulin: that link seems to be broken and theres no minidump as there hasnt been any crashes/reboots. Also SP2 was slipstreamed when I formatted & reinstalled a few months back but the modem was recognised as it should. Im not sure how to check for conflicts, but I still dont know why this problem has appeared from nowhere. Like I said, nothing has been installed/uninstalled for at least a month.
  21. I have been having some problems with my boot up. I was using the PC as normal, didnt install/uninstall anything at all for weeks but all of a sudden it said new hardware found "PCI simple communications" which I think is my 56k PCI modem. This device worked fine before with default XP drivers but now XP cannot find the drivers (not that I need it). I cancelled the setup which comes on everytime I boot into windows. However my computer no longer boots correctly, 70% of the time it will freeze after the memory test screen. I then disabled the device in device manager, which has stopped it from coming up everytime windows loads but am still having the boot up problem. I decided to reflash my BIOS which had no effect. I changed to fail-safe defaults and now the computer boots 100% however it takes ages. Even before the memory test screen, the computer is blank for about 1 minute when power is switch on. Then again it goes blank before the "loading Windows XP" screen. So now it takes about 4-5minutes to boot into windows and my BIOS settings are all minimised. It sounds like a device conflict or something, but I dont know what caused it or how to remedy it.
  22. Any tips to simplify WMP10 interface and maybe anything thatll hog less resources? Also how do you change default blue colour like in WMP9?
  23. I get the exact same score on my Radeon 9800 Pro But with P4 3.06ghz 533FSB 1GB PC2700 RAM.

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