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  1. I know this has come up before but I only just installed SP2 and am having some issues. Firstly, the boot-up times have dramatically increased to about double the time. Secondly, my P2P programs do not connect to all the servers. Also if there is any other common issues with SP2 that should be sorted out, please let me know. I installed SP2 over my old SP1 install (will do a clean slipstreamed install once I have the time) and have defragged both drives. Thanks
  2. Its not able to flash to XT. Which overclocking utility is best? I used NVHardPage mostly for my GF4Ti (only had the Radeon a week or so - picked it up cheap second hand but was looking for something newer). At the moment ive got the Omega drivers installed but all the clocks are stock.
  3. Currently I have a 9800Pro which I want to sell and replace. I can get just over £100 for it. Bearing in mind im a poor student, I can afford to spend about £190. Im unsure of what card to buy, the 6800 non-ultra, the 6600GT or X700Pro/XT whenever its released. Seeing as this is the common budget for consumers itll be interesting to see the opinions of others wanting a card in this range. 6800 non ultra - about £190 6600GT - about £140 not in AGP yet X700 - similar to 6600GT again not in AGP Is it best to wait for a month or two and see what develops or just sell my 9800Pro and buy a standard 6800? Apparantly the new Rivatuner can unlock the 4 pipes (providing theyre not defective) in the 6800 but it still has slower DDR1 memory... The last couple of generations of cards it was simple to choose, this time its a lot harder.
  4. Son: "Dad? Where do I come from?" Dad: "Well, son, I think this is the right moment to tell you a little story: Mum and dad have met each other in a Cybercafe. In the toilets dad made a connection with your mum. Mum then made a few downloads from dad's memorystick. When dad was finished uploading, we found out we hadn't used a firewall. It was to late to cancel or delete, so 9 months later we had a virus."
  5. CopyLock has done the trick perfectly! Thanks
  6. unfortunately it didnt work
  7. I downloaded a couple of files, one .exe and one .avi however they cause my PC to slow down and cannot be deleted. The error message is either program is in use or file cannot be deleted. Ive booted into safe mode and tried to delete them, but that didnt work either. Back in the days I wouldve booted into DOS and deleted them but what do I do now?
  8. I agree, if your looking for top-end, go for 6800 Ultra / GT or ATI X800XT.
  9. Im going to wait until the burning speeds have peaked at 16x and DL technology is more mature.
  10. These kind of games are ideal in a dark room with the volume up! I remember playing resident evil 2 on ps1 with a friend, totally engrossed and when that spider thing fell from the roof...
  11. Actually its only a reconfigured rockwell triangulator with unilateral encabulator, basically a simple system of hydrocoptic marsel veins with semi-grammeters. Its hardly rocket science.
  12. ahh cool, ill give that a shot. Any thoughts on my lighting issue (hardware prob??) don't know if it's a hardware problem but you can try to search for DoomConfig.cfg and then look for a setting change it to 1.2 or 1.4 for me it's enought.It ended up being my overclocked ti4600, I had to return the clock speeds to default. Can only run it in medium quality at 800x600 now
  13. ahh cool, ill give that a shot. Any thoughts on my lighting issue (hardware prob??)
  14. have anyone tried this? I was about to do it when all the lights went blank in the game, could walk around seeing the bright things but otherwise just went black. Lowered the settings and it seems to be okay but looks naff... whats going on??? Oh and I tried the ~ but nothing comes up
  15. Birmingham?? its never gonna happen, but youll get amazing odds on that bet. Itll be a good season, lots of changes have been made at the big clubs and itll be interesting to see who is dominant
  16. Its release candidate 2, not final. Nothing new.
  17. Try running Farcry on a MX440, we should be trying to enjoy the game, not only make it run.. barely There will be low settings for those with old cards like myself but your hardly going to experience the atmospheric graphics. This generation of graphics just released is ideal to spend your money on IMO, they are refined dx9.
  18. This game is gonna cause many people to upgrade their graphics card. I dont think my GF4ti4600 is powerful enough. The similarly graphical 3dmark03 shootemup demo runs at about 7fps, even dx9 cards will suffer unless its at least Geforce FX 5700XT or equivalent. Save up for a 6800GT or X800XT methinks...
  19. I know Gamecube is probably not an option, but it deserves a mention, I have one and love the Nintendo games on it: Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc. Its not all about quantity, a fine quality selection from only a few games is better imo. Its not mainstream anymore and hasn't got much life left, but if you can pick one up cheap, then im sure youll love the Nintendo games. But San Andreas wont be on it! back to my ps2 for that!
  20. works great, just deleted wuweb.dll, back to normal without a fuss
  21. I installed it, its giving me problems and want to remove and go back to normal v4. How?! cheers
  22. What is the best P2P software available? Many to choose from (iMesh, Xolox, Limewire etc) but dont want to install them because of adware etc.
  23. "Observe that all work is conducted using anti-static gloves" marvellous

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