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  1. wow dude I think I am the guy back then in bf2. Do you still talk to fthrjack? I've tried to get in touch with him years ago but never could. no lost touch years ago google his name and you can probably find him somewhere, he was on facebook at one time but i think he deleted his account edit i found his twitter acount ill pm you he doesnt seem active on it though did sedative disapear of the internet aswell? the guy who had the "ileet" website
  2. just posting to see what number i am ! nooo im #30 ! i expected to be lower seeing as i was good friends with fthrjack and aaron even back when msfn was just an irc channel for discussing the leaked windows xp builds ^_^ i believe you used to play bf2 alot with fthrjack? were you the guy whos a** i used to destroy in the jets wow im not even a patron i was a mod at one time! or supermod whatever it was i remember the secret section !
  3. wow ive been a member for nearl 9 years :D

  4. lol on the subject of viruses ,im buying my 13 year old son a laptop for christmas and i will be getting a wireless router so he can share my internet ,god only knows how many viruses he is going to manage to get even with a router and virus scanner installed. im actually dreading it
  5. they dont exist yet they only bend into a half circle shape at the moment ,not fully rolled up into a tube like shape
  6. Downstream 8914 Kbps (1,114.3 KB/sec) 9627 Kbps (inc. overheads) Upstream 358 Kbps (44.8 KB/sec) 386 Kbps (inc. overhead http://www.adslguide.org.uk/tools/speedtest.asp
  7. lol im not barely manage to get over 350kb/s on most sites ,i tried download sp2 full fom microsoft and it started out at 450kb/s and quickly droped down to 230 managed to get 250-300kb/s on 4 different files at the same time though so problem aint my end
  8. http://www.metrocentre-gateshead.co.uk/ 2 other shoping centres in newcastle aswell
  9. lol its worth it though normal online games just get to boring to quick for me i like something i can enjoy for around a year
  10. anyone else on these forums play world of warcraft? i assume some of you must seeing as its the most popular mmorpg. if you do post what server you play on etc. Arkanor 60 mage EU-Hellscream (might aswell delete him dont play him much anymore) Malowned 60 rogue EU-Haumarush BTW, WOW > EQ2
  11. if i remember right there used to be an irc channel for msfn along long time ago but it never got active enough and the few people that did idle there slowly stoped
  12. jack dee and peter kay (i swear hes really fthrjack)
  13. doesnt seem that great to me but i only played it for around 30mins and died very quickly each time i spawned lol. graphics are pretty nice but i dont think i could ever get used to the recoil on the guns

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