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  1. Getting quite bored with the default type of styles, was wondering if anyone has their favourite Windows 7 theme? I need an update but I've googled a few times and found average looking ones at best.
  2. Never heard of this at all as I really haven't used Hamachi for quite sometime either but I had issues with it quite a bit. I'll give it a go later on
  3. Hi again! Seems I've been naughty and not come back for sometime! Hopefully I might have some spare time to hang around here again Hope people who knew me are still living here
  4. Well back again, no luck on that either. I really don't get it. I've got a new laptop and while it can connect to my router for the internet, it still won't let me access my network at all. Theres no password and still get a denied message. Last resort I guess is formating the problem computer but I really don't want to do that as theres too much stuff I'd have to reinstall. Any other ideas?
  5. Nah I already tried that, only has my Messenger credentials. I seemingly cannot find a way of clearing it or atleast bringing up the prompt, frustrating me
  6. It doesn't apply to vista i'm afraid, so no progress Anything else?
  7. Hi guys, simple problem I hope When I connected to my other computer on my network, it prompted me for a password. There wasn't one set as I put it up and I stupidly after attempt a password, clicked on the saving the password so I don't have to retype it or be prompted again, bad mistake. Is there a way to clear that password away?? Now it instantly denies me access as it has a password set and a wrong one at that. Any help would be greatful.
  8. Well it seemed to be any site I use with it but yeah it seems to only happen with this particular website. Waiting for their reply, thanks for the help
  9. Packet sniffing then? Well I just made a transaction via https/ssl but when I've tried to login or pay for a product that happening to be using ASPX I just can't get it to get through. What am I looking to dump?
  10. Anyone? Its now affecting my main computer and isp has no issues as my friend across the street can use sites eg asite.com/login.aspx. It just seems to timeout or do nothing.
  11. I've had this issue today. Any site using aspx pages and require login it wont login and timeout. Im on a network as my main computer has no issues viewing and logging in. I tried both Chrome and IE so its not a program problem.
  12. it changed a few times. at times belkin seems to be lower then the others. usually(I used another modem with it before) I still had access to the Belkins router config but i just cant seem to get in. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks for the fast reply. I have a Belkin F5D7230-4. InSSIDer picked up 4 signals in my area, two of them mine. RSSI for my DLink goes from 80-86, my Belkin was sitting at 90-100. One of the signals that isnt mine is using the same channel as my Belkin, I'd change the channel but I'm unable to access the router config page. I'm really lost at why I cannot since the IP assigned to it allows pinging. Both router and router/modem have APs but they are different channels.
  14. I've dealt mainly with ASUS and Gigabyte. Both I liked for different reasons but I have had a few niggles with more recent ASUS Boards so for me Gigabyte.

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