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  1. OK Thanks. I'm still alive Emm.. Is TFT monitor suitable for games? And I need to recycle this CRT then...
  2. Helo dirtwarrior, there isn't any bent pins. And I kindda 'adjusted' it somehow. It did not do the trick. ... how..?
  3. LLXX, do you think I can repair the guns if it's minor problem like soldering or something..? Is it safe to open? Is it worth to send it for repair? Mine is a Samsung 753DFX CRT monitor. Or is it better to get a new monitor? Which type of monitor is suitable for gaming? Thanks.
  4. I cleaned with alcohol swabs and reseated my card. My screen is still blue... how..?
  5. Hmm. mine is slot into the mobo. Will try to remove, clean and see the results. BRB. Thanks.
  6. Hello all, I hope you guys are willing to help me, recently my monitor had turned blue hue on off a couple of times. Sometimes it stays blue for a very long time. I don't think it's any settings fault. Either the monitor or my Vidcard. I recently installed Americas Army 2.7 game and played it. Could that game been to harsh to my monitor/vidcard since that game is a heavy program..? any advice? TQ.
  7. Thanks Andromeda for your reply! can I use any soap? hand soap too? I don't have a 'bottle' of isopropyl alcohol, I only have them in swabs. Do I need to rinse the RAM stick in it?
  8. I'll try the cleaning 1st, do u think wiping the contact points with alchohol swabs will work?
  9. Nitro, Nop they are not overclocked. Infact I think it's running at 100 MHz(original value is 133MHz, it's a DDR btw). Underclocked. LLXX, how much increment should I give the RAM module? Can I overvolt only one module(faulty one)(I have 2)?
  10. Hello, Is there possibility to repair RAM modules maybe by using a software? one of my RAM stick is sometimes faulty, sometimes it works. Any idea? Thanks.
  11. Here: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) The driver that is showing that msg is the "Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator" My one and only soundcard is an 'onboard' one. I did not touch my BIOS recently..
  12. Thanks vinod again. I did what u suggested but the exclamation mark is still there once it detected the hardware and reinstall. hmmm
  13. Thanks guys for the reply. I disabled the quick boot like vinodh suggested. The test repeated itself for like 3 times and then it proceded. Is that normal? Those problems like my DVD ROM and sound card still persist. I also took out my ram modules and wipe the dust of them and cleaned the contact points.. What should I do now?>
  14. Hello guys, Here's the prob. When I boot the computer, at the boot screen, it sometimes doesn't show it's 'checking' for the memory(usually it goes from 0 to whatever amount memory I have, 512MB). it skips that step at certain boot ups. When windows is loaded, my DVD drive does not appear(it appears to have problems in device manager), but it did appear to be in the IDE at the boot screen. My soundcard seem to have problem like the DVD drive too. I 'chkdsk' and found some errors, but after correcting, the problem still persists. I did a 'SFC /Scannow' but it failed because my DVD drive can't read my in XP CD. The SMART hard drive info/attributes is all fine. I can't seem to edit the registry although the remote registry is started. Certain programs I installed seemed to not run smoothly. Like my anti-virus prog, it doesn't run it's auto shield. Help me guys, which part of my computer is causing the problem? Thank you.
  15. Hello guys, My computer has this problem that whenever I press the "on" button it wont boot but instead it keeps restarting to try to boot. My computer monitor still stays blank. After some time of 'restarting', I switch it off on the main socket switch and then turn it back on again. It boots after that. Why does my computer needs to get 'warmed up' like what I have mentioned above? Thanks..

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