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  1. Mame 32?

    You must get the Hiscore.dat file and put it in the same directory as the mame executable file. It won't save the scores if it can't find where to place it.
  2. Funny car related websites

    Ever wonder what a Ferrari/Lamborghini looks like wrecked? Check this out: Wrecked Exotics It's also got other expensive luxury and sports cars. Also check out the Funny crashes section Another good one is Beaterz Go to the one-liners section. Check out the chromed out Navigator. Hope yall enjoy it!
  3. Animated Desktop Wallpapers from EleFun

    Sounds cool...but this might hurt performance a bit
  4. Which OS do you think is/will be the best?

    Windows Server 2003!
  5. Mr Specs, Whats ur PC specs?

    Look below
  6. What u playing at the moment?

    Need For Speed: Underground... Currently the best street racing game yet. Beats Midnight Club 2, Street Legal and Midnight Outlaw
  7. Halo

    I just d/l and play the Halo demo, and I think it's not as great as the Xbox version. I'm not sure why, but I think this game doesn't have the same "magic" as the Xbox version. Overall, it's pretty good but two things that bugs me: the graphics and multiplayer. On my Sony, I had to turn everything down/off in order to keep 15-20 fps (slow but playable). Unfortunately it will slow down to a crawl if they're are other players/monsters/explosions on the screen. My last gripe is the servers are SLOW. I was able to get in some good games, but for the most part it is too laggy. Don't go for the hype and download the demo first if you're interested. My 2 cents
  8. Will Longhorn run on this?

    When will MS integrate the Aero GUI into LH? That's the part that worries me the most when it comes to system requirements. Right now, LH is just like WinXP and it's really nothing...LH runs on my Compaq like WinXP Pro. Although when the Aero GUI comes in I'm sure it'll kill off the older, slower PCs.
  9. Will Longhorn run on this?

    Ok...or maybe I'll just wait for Beta 1
  10. I got an old NES!

    Sorry, I bought it for $10 and I don't think it can be done again...I got such a good deal out of it.
  11. Will Longhorn run on this?

    Thanks for the comments...it's currently running Windows Server 2003 right now and I'll give LH a shot.
  12. CPU problem?

    Two power connectors? Explain please...
  13. I got an old NES!

    LOL I love old consoles...I have the following: Sega Master System Game Gear Genesis Playstation Playstatin 2 XBOX N64 Game Cube 3DO Gameboy Advance By the way, does anyone have 3DO games for sale
  14. CPU problem?

    CPU looks fine, computer does get power and cooling fan works. All components are connected correctly...this is starting to look bad.