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  1. Please read this: https://msfn.org/board/topic/157173-kext-diy-kernelex-extensions/page/25/#comments MSVCR70.DLL or MSVCR71.DLL should be used instead of MSVCRT.DLL too. Rename/ copy when still in MS-DOS (real mode) or use KnownDLLs in Registry (reboot needed).
  2. Already tried this fix? https://web.archive.org/web/20060314222520/https://www.tweaktown.com/guides/68/agp4x_via_chipsets_fix/index.html
  3. Are you using Dblbuf.sys in win31? I once had to use it with a GF 650ti before I could enter protected mode. Try: 1) DEVICE=DBLBUFF.SYS /D (is equivalent to DEVICE=SMARTDRV.EXE /Double_Buffer (loads DBLBUFF.SYS too, '.EXE' is needed in Device-statements). 2) DEVICE=DBLBUFF.SYS /D+ (or: DEVICE=SMARTDRV.EXE /Double_Buffer+). 3) DEVICE=ANSI.SYS DEVICE=DBLBUFF.SYS /D (or /D+) DEVICE=ANSI.SYS (so ANSI.SYS loaded directly before AND after DBLBUFF.SYS)
  4. Is win31 Enhanced mode working with XGA (640x480 16 colors)? XGA uses the older 3.0 vga-driver.
  5. Did you try Tihiy's SVGA patch in safe mode?
  6. Did you try the 77.72 drivers? By the way, in my experience its better to reboot first after driver installation in safe mode and remove ALL Nvidia entries in MSconfig/ Startup.
  7. SESP2.03NL changes SYSTEM.INI (SPUPDATE.INF). MaxFileCache is set to 393216 (384MB). This can be a high setting with 512MB memory. Try lower values, like MaxFileCache=131072. Use MSConfig or (better) SysEdit.
  8. No. About a year ago I tried emulator VDMSound (9x, alpha) playing Prince of Persia 1 in a DosBox inside Windows, with hda2.dll as wave-device. Sound worked, but the game crashed as soon Midi had to be played. I didn't find a solution yet to use DirectMusic (Hda2.dll is not a WDM-driver!).
  9. Do you mean this little fellow? I never use it, but it´s there on my old Windows SE installation (with original KernelEx).
  10. I have made some log-files you can use if you like. The Filemon-log lists the files opened by MOC.EXE, the Regmon-log lists the registry-keys and the Dependency Walker-log lists API's and all files with version numbers. Filemon FileFormatConverter SaveAs DOC.LOGRegmon FileFormatConverter SaveAs DOC.LOGDW MOC -f [Path]Test2.docx.dwi.dwi
  11. I just tried myself. I have two versions of the 12.6500.5000 FileformatConverter.exe. The one with version nummer in properties won't install, only the MSI works. The other version, without details in properties, installs directly. Otherwise reinstall the MSI.
  12. I asked just to be sure. Did you allready reinstalled the Compatibility Pack with "Windows 2000 SP4" mode set on Fileformatconverter?
  13. @Dave-H Are you sure you have a real DOCX-file? If you open the file with 7-zip you should see something like the first picture. This a DOC-file after converting to DOCX with FileFormatConverter (this time from my Windows 10 64-bit installation where I am using Office XP for now). All dates/ times of the files inside the folders are the same: 1980-01-01 00:00 Second picture is the original DOC-file.
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