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  1. This is my card: http://hw-museum.cz/vga/193/medion-geforce-6700-xl I added to NVAML.INF: [Mfg] %NVIDIA&DEV_0147.DeviceDesc% = NV30, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0147 [Strings] NVIDIA&DEV_0147.DeviceDesc="NVIDIA GeForce 6700 XL" In 8269/NVAGP.INF is more information about which NV to choose, but lines should be like the one's in NVAML.INF.
  2. I am happy with my 128MB PCI-E 6700 XL and the 7772 drivers after adding the device to the inf-file. The RUN/RUNSERVICES lines better delete in the inf-file, always problems, and they are not needed. Do not touch the line with RUNSERVICESONCE !
  3. @Goodmaneuver Is there a special reason why you use Media Player Classic - Home Cinema vs 1.4.2499.0?
  4. Thanks a lot. Indeed, the second dialog wasn't typo-proof. I made corrections to the batch-files above.
  5. Today I tested my rd2hdf16.g4b without the --unsafe-boot switch. Doesn't make any difference, rdbase still has to be set to a minimum of 37MB, or DISKEDIT will find somewhere in (hd0) the content of the batchfile, together with the command-line of the batchfile. *Somehow* Grub4Dos needs more than 32MB for safe operation with my g4b batch-file.
  6. In that case your custom.inf doesn't seem to work. I tested Jaclaz suggestion to edit MSDISP.INF, worked for me, but tested on Win98se only. If you like you can try following. Remove the lines to your custom.inf from MSBATCH.INF, but maintain [System]. Take a copy of MSDISP.INF and edit in the way I will show you. Copy the edited MSDISP.INF together with VBEMP.DRV and VBE.VXD to the folder where your CAB's are (maybe you must make a new ISO?) Install Windows again. Editing MSDISP.INF -------------------------------------------------- ;ADD TO ; Manufacturers ; --------------------------------------------------------- [Manufacturer] %AnaPa% =Mfg.VBEMP ;COMMENT OUT AND ADD TO ; Driver Sections ; --------------------------------------------------------- [Mfg.std] ;;%*PNP0900.DeviceDesc%=VGA,*PNP0900 ; Standard Graphics Adapter (VGA) ;;%*PNP0917.DeviceDesc%=VGA,*PNP0917 ; VGA ;;%SuperVGA.DriverDesc%=SVGA ; Super VGA ;;%PCI\CC_0300.DeviceDesc%=VGA,,PCI\CC_0300 ; Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) ;;%PCI\CC_0301.DeviceDesc%=XGA,,PCI\CC_0301 ; Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (XGA) ;;%PCI\CC_0380.DeviceDesc%=PCIVID,,PCI\CC_0380 ; Standard PCI Graphics Adapter [Mfg.VBEMP] %AnaPa%=VBE %*PNP0900.DeviceDesc%=VBE,*PNP0900 ; Standard Graphics Adapter (VGA) %*PNP0917.DeviceDesc%=VBE,*PNP0917 ; VGA %SuperVGA.DriverDesc%=VBE ; Super VGA %PCI\CC_0300.DeviceDesc%=VBE,,PCI\CC_0300 ; Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) %PCI\CC_0301.DeviceDesc%=VBE,,PCI\CC_0301 ; Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (XGA) %PCI\CC_0380.DeviceDesc%=VBE,,PCI\CC_0380 ; Standard PCI Graphics Adapter ; ADD TO: ; Install Sections ; --------------------------------------------------------- ; -------------- VBEMP [VBE] CopyFiles=VBE.Copy ; Uses VBEMP driver DelReg=Prev.DelReg AddReg=VBE.AddReg LogConfig=VBE.LogConfig [VBE.LogConfig] ConfigPriority=HARDWIRED IOConfig=3B0-3BB IOConfig=3C0-3DF MemConfig=A0000-AFFFF MemConfig=B8000-BFFFF MemConfig=C0000-C7FFF,D0000-D7FFF,E0000-E5FFF,E0000-E7FFF [VBE.Copy] vbemp.drv,,,12 vbe.vxd,,,12 [Prev.DelReg] HKR,,Ver HKR,,DevLoader HKR,DEFAULT HKR,MODES HKR,CURRENT [VBE.AddReg] HKR,,Ver,,4.0 HKR,,DevLoader,,*vdd HKR,DEFAULT,Mode,,"8,640,480" HKR,DEFAULT,drv,,vbemp.drv HKR,DEFAULT,vdd,,"*vdd,*vflatd" HKR,DEFAULT,minivdd,,vbe.vxd HKR,DEFAULT,RefreshRate,,-1 HKR,DEFAULT,DDC,,1 HKR,DEFAULT,ExtModeSwitch,,0 ;disables full screen extended modes in a window? HKR,"MODES\1\640,480",drv,,framebuf.drv HKR,"MODES\1\640,480",vdd,,*vdd HKR,"MODES\4\640,480",drv,,vga.drv HKR,"MODES\4\640,480",vdd,,*vdd HKR,"MODES\4\800,600",drv,,supervga.drv HKR,"MODES\4\800,600",vdd,,*vdd HKR,"MODES\8\320,200" HKR,"MODES\8\320,240" HKR,"MODES\8\320,400" HKR,"MODES\8\400,300" HKR,"MODES\8\512,384" HKR,"MODES\8\640,350" HKR,"MODES\8\640,400" HKR,"MODES\8\640,480" HKR,"MODES\8\720,400" HKR,"MODES\8\720,480" HKR,"MODES\8\720,576" HKR,"MODES\8\800,480" HKR,"MODES\8\800,600" HKR,"MODES\8\1024,600" HKR,"MODES\8\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\8\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,800" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\8\1400,1050" HKR,"MODES\8\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\8\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\8\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\8\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\8\832,624" HKR,"MODES\8\1366,768" HKR,"MODES\8\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\8\1600,900" HKR,"MODES\8\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\8\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\8\2048,1536" HKR,"MODES\8\2560,1440" HKR,"MODES\8\2560,1600" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,600" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,720" HKR,"MODES\8\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\8\1360,768" HKR,"MODES\8\1680,1050" HKR,"MODES\15\320,200" HKR,"MODES\15\320,240" HKR,"MODES\15\320,400" HKR,"MODES\15\400,300" HKR,"MODES\15\512,384" HKR,"MODES\15\640,350" HKR,"MODES\15\640,400" HKR,"MODES\15\640,480" HKR,"MODES\15\720,400" HKR,"MODES\15\720,480" HKR,"MODES\15\720,576" HKR,"MODES\15\800,480" HKR,"MODES\15\800,600" HKR,"MODES\15\1024,600" HKR,"MODES\15\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\15\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\15\1280,800" HKR,"MODES\15\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\15\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\15\1400,1050" HKR,"MODES\15\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\15\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\15\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\15\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\15\832,624" HKR,"MODES\15\1366,768" HKR,"MODES\15\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\15\1600,900" HKR,"MODES\15\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\15\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\15\2048,1536" HKR,"MODES\15\2560,1440" HKR,"MODES\15\2560,1600" HKR,"MODES\15\1280,600" HKR,"MODES\15\1280,720" HKR,"MODES\15\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\15\1360,768" HKR,"MODES\15\1680,1050" HKR,"MODES\16\320,200" HKR,"MODES\16\320,240" HKR,"MODES\16\320,400" HKR,"MODES\16\400,300" HKR,"MODES\16\512,384" HKR,"MODES\16\640,350" HKR,"MODES\16\640,400" HKR,"MODES\16\640,480" HKR,"MODES\16\720,400" HKR,"MODES\16\720,480" HKR,"MODES\16\720,576" HKR,"MODES\16\800,480" HKR,"MODES\16\800,600" HKR,"MODES\16\1024,600" HKR,"MODES\16\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\16\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,800" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\16\1400,1050" HKR,"MODES\16\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\16\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\16\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\16\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\16\832,624" HKR,"MODES\16\1366,768" HKR,"MODES\16\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\16\1600,900" HKR,"MODES\16\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\16\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\16\2048,1536" HKR,"MODES\16\2560,1440" HKR,"MODES\16\2560,1600" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,600" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,720" HKR,"MODES\16\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\16\1360,768" HKR,"MODES\16\1680,1050" HKR,"MODES\24\320,200" HKR,"MODES\24\320,240" HKR,"MODES\24\320,400" HKR,"MODES\24\400,300" HKR,"MODES\24\512,384" HKR,"MODES\24\640,350" HKR,"MODES\24\640,400" HKR,"MODES\24\640,480" HKR,"MODES\24\720,400" HKR,"MODES\24\720,480" HKR,"MODES\24\720,576" HKR,"MODES\24\800,480" HKR,"MODES\24\800,600" HKR,"MODES\24\1024,600" HKR,"MODES\24\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\24\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\24\1280,800" HKR,"MODES\24\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\24\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\24\1400,1050" HKR,"MODES\24\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\24\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\24\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\24\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\24\832,624" HKR,"MODES\24\1366,768" HKR,"MODES\24\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\24\1600,900" HKR,"MODES\24\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\24\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\24\2048,1536" HKR,"MODES\24\2560,1440" HKR,"MODES\24\2560,1600" HKR,"MODES\24\1280,600" HKR,"MODES\24\1280,720" HKR,"MODES\24\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\24\1360,768" HKR,"MODES\24\1680,1050" HKR,"MODES\32\320,200" HKR,"MODES\32\320,240" HKR,"MODES\32\320,400" HKR,"MODES\32\400,300" HKR,"MODES\32\512,384" HKR,"MODES\32\640,350" HKR,"MODES\32\640,400" HKR,"MODES\32\640,480" HKR,"MODES\32\720,400" HKR,"MODES\32\720,480" HKR,"MODES\32\720,576" HKR,"MODES\32\800,480" HKR,"MODES\32\800,600" HKR,"MODES\32\1024,600" HKR,"MODES\32\1024,768" HKR,"MODES\32\1152,864" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,800" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,960" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,1024" HKR,"MODES\32\1400,1050" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,1200" HKR,"MODES\32\1792,1344" HKR,"MODES\32\1856,1392" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1440" HKR,"MODES\32\832,624" HKR,"MODES\32\1366,768" HKR,"MODES\32\1440,900" HKR,"MODES\32\1600,900" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1080" HKR,"MODES\32\1920,1200" HKR,"MODES\32\2048,1536" HKR,"MODES\32\2560,1440" HKR,"MODES\32\2560,1600" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,600" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,720" HKR,"MODES\32\1280,768" HKR,"MODES\32\1360,768" HKR,"MODES\32\1680,1050" ; ADD TO: ; User visible strings ; --------------------------------------------------------- [Strings] AnaPa = "VBE Miniport - Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)" Have fun!
  7. Your Display line is wrong. Try: Display=AnaPa
  8. I have finished my batchfile for FAT32 (to make a Grub4Dos Ramdrive, map it to a harddrive and format with FAT32). In comparison with my FAT16 batchfile: skipped mapping of first attached real hdd to last hd (if needed set elsewhere). Further: Asked inputs time limited. rdbase set higher to avoid problems during execution of the g4b-batchfile. Sectors per FAT no longer a constant, but depend on disksize. Set to the same amount as FORMAT.EXE would set them. Writing backup of Bootsectors. Choice to write valid Volume Label to first Directory entry (compatible with MS-DOS7.1, Win98se AND with Grub4Dos vol --write). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rd2hdf32.g4b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !BAT # Make FAT32 hdd-image: active first partition; range 33-3417 MB debug off set /a SIZE=%1 if %SIZE%=="" && goto :validate if %SIZE%>=3418 && goto :validate if %SIZE%<=32 && goto :validate goto :makeimg :asksize echo Disk size in range 33-3417, integer numbers only echo Actual image size will be adjusted to cylinder boundaries! set /a SIZE= set /p:60 /a SIZE=Enter disk size and press ENTER in 60 seconds: if %SIZE%=="" && goto :validate if %SIZE%>=3418 && goto :validate if %SIZE%<=32 && goto :validate goto :makeimg :validate echo Input is not a valid number, try again set /p:60 CONTINUE=Try again? choose Y or N and press ENTER: if /I "%CONTINUE%"=="Y" && goto :asksize goto :eof :makeimg if %SIZE%<=3417 && set /a heads=128 if %SIZE%<=2016 && set /a heads=64 if %SIZE%<=1008 && set /a heads=32 if %SIZE%<=504 && set /a heads=16 set /a sectmax=%SIZE% * 2048 set /a sectrack=63 set /a secthidd=63 set /a cylinder=%sectmax% / %heads% / %sectrack% set /a sectbal=%cylinder% * %heads% * %sectrack% set /a sectpart=%sectbal% - %secthidd% set /a rdsize=%sectbal% * 512 # Set rdbase >=37MB. Be aware: Grub4Dos can write the whole batchfile to (rd) set rdbase=38797312 set /A partid=0x0B map --rd-base=%rdbase% map --rd-size=%rdsize% map --unsafe-boot --heads=%heads% --sectors-per-track=%sectrack% (rd)+1 (hd0) map --hook partnew --active (hd0,0) %partid% %secthidd% %sectpart% # Create FAT32 on (hd0,0) rootnoverify (hd0,0) set jump=xEB\x58\x90 set oemname=GRUB4DOS set bytpersec=x00\x02 # Set sectors/cluster according to Microsoft Standards set /a ptstart=*0x82A8 set /a ptlength=*0x82B0 set /a disksize=%ptlength% if %disksize%>=66601 && set secpclus=x01 if %disksize%>=532841 && set secpclus=x08 set mediabyt=xF8 set sectrack= set sectrack=x3F\x00 set /A headslow=%heads% set numheads=%headslow:~1,3%\x00 # Math for sectors per FAT, FAT32 double! set /a secclus=0%secpclus% set /a dsksize=%ptlength% set /a tmpval1=%dsksize% - 32 set /a tmpval2=256 * %secclus% + 2 set /a tmpval2=%tmpval2% / 2 set /a sectpfat=%tmpval1% + %tmpval2% - 1 / %tmpval2% set /A sectpfat=%sectpfat% if "%sectpfat:~5,1%">="0" && set fatsz32=x%sectpfat:~4,2%\x%sectpfat:~2,2%\x00\x00 && goto :mirroring if "%sectpfat:~4,1%">="0" && set fatsz32=x%sectpfat:~3,2%\x0%sectpfat:~2,1%\x00\x00 :mirroring # enable mirroring all: 0x0000, disable: 0x0080 set extflags=x00\x00 set volumeid=x78\x56\x34\x12 set magicbyte=x55\xAA # Set FAT32: FAT start chains set writefat=%mediabyt%\xFF\xFF\x0F\xFF\xFF\xFF\x0F\xFF\xFF\xFF\x0F # Write FAT32 sector 0 # Write Bootcode Jump (3 bytes) write ()+1 \%jump% # Write FAT32 Bios Parameter Block # Write oemname(8) bytpersec(2) secpclus(1) rsvdsect(2) write --offset=0x03 ()+1 %oemname%\%bytpersec%\%secpclus%\x20\x00 # Write numfats(1) rootentr(2) totsect(2) mediabyt(1) fatsz16(2) sectrack(2) numheads(2) write --offset=0x10 ()+1 \x02\x00\x00\x00\x00\%mediabyt%\x00\x00\%sectrack%\%numheads% # Write hiddsec(4) from MBR dd if=(hd0)+1 of=()+1 bs=1 count=4 skip=0x1C6 seek=0x01C # Write totsec32(4) from MBR. FAT32 > 65536 sectors ! dd if=(hd0)+1 of=()+1 bs=1 count=4 skip=0x1CA seek=0x020 # Write FAT32 Extended Boot Record, first part Write fatsz32(4) extflags(2) fsver(2) rootclus(4) fsinfo(2) bkbootsc(2) reserved(12) write --offset=0x24 ()+1 \%fatsz32%\%extflags%\x00\x00\x02\x00\x00\x00\x01\x00\x06\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00 # Write FAT32 Extended Boot Record, second part # Write drvnum(1) rsrv(1) extbtsign(1) volumeid(4) vollabel(11) filsystype(8) write --offset=0x40 ()+1 \x80\x00\x29\%volumeid%NO\x20\NAME\x20\x20\x20\x20FAT32\x20\x20\x20 # Write Magic Bytes(2) sector 0 write --offset=0x1FE ()+1 \%magicbyte% # Write FAT32 sector 1 write ()1+1 RRaA write --offset=0x1E4 ()1+1 rrAa\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00 # Write Magic Bytes(4) sector 1 write --offset=0x1FC ()1+1 \x00\x00\%magicbyte% # Write Magic Bytes(2) sector 2 write --offset=0x1FE ()2+1 \%magicbyte% # Write backup FAT32 (normally to sectors 6-8) dd if=()+1 of=()6+1 bs=1 count=512 skip=0x000 seek=0x000 dd if=()1+1 of=()7+1 bs=1 count=512 skip=0x000 seek=0x000 dd if=()2+1 of=()8+1 bs=1 count=512 skip=0x000 seek=0x000 # Write FAT's set /a offsetf1=32 write ()%offsetf1%+1 \%writefat% set /a offsetf2=%sectpfat% + %offsetf1% write ()%offsetf2%+1 \%writefat% # Write Volume Label to first Directory entry clear echo Volume Label maximum 11 signs set /p:60 /u VOLLABEL=Write Volume Label and press Enter in 60 seconds: set /a startdir=%offsetf2% + %sectpfat% write ()%startdir%+1 \xE5\x20\x20\x20\x20\x20\x20\x20\x20\x20\x20\x08\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x21 if /i "%VOLLABEL%"=="" && goto :novollab set /u VOLLABEL=%VOLLABEL:~0,11% write ()%startdir%+1 %VOLLABEL% :novollab clear echo FAT sub-type: FAT32 echo Number of FAT's: 2 set /a secpclus=0%secpclus% echo Sectors per cluster: %secpclus% set /a sectpfat= %sectpfat% echo Sectors per FAT: %sectpfat% set /a clusters=%ptlength% - %sectpfat% - %sectpfat% - 32 / %secpclus% echo Total clusters: %clusters% echo FAT start sector: 32 set /a drvspace=%clusters% * %secpclus% / 2 set /a mbspace=%drvspace% / 1024 echo %drvspace% KB total disk space (%mbspace% MB rounded down). debug 1 echo uuid () vol () pause --wait=60 To continue anyway: press a key.... debug 0 :eof ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sadly I have not much possibilities to attach files, only 20KB left......... Update: I found a small bug if less than 11 characters where given in the Volume Label part. Windows SCANDSKW.EXE didn't like this and wrote as correction a "-" for an empty place. I cured this to pre-write ten "20"'s instead of zero's to the first directory entry ("E5" is not changed, is needed for compatibility with Grub4Dos vol --write. Otherwise "error 15: File not found" if the first directory entry is empty). I added a disk size command-line argument. Use: rd2hdf32.g4b SIZE (in MB). Example: rd2hdf32.g4b 400 will make (hd0,0) 400MB in memory, FAT32 formatted. Size is rounded down to cylinder boundaries.
  9. Has to do with the so called "System Arena" in win9x memory architecture. Since vcache is using it too, sometimes smalller is better. See https://www.pc-experience.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=1903 In *some* win95 KB (cannot find it anymore) MaxFileCache=8192 is mentioned as value to solve stability problems. If MinFileCache is not set, MaxFileCache should > 1/24 of memory (RLoew's Rule of Thumb - he didn't mention MinFileCache needed). According to my experimental findings lower values are possible, but always MinFileCache <= MaxFileCache. In my "Smartdrive Revisited"-investigations I found a vcache of value 1024 (=1MB) as "best" (not related to win98 Setup, but to some problems using a win3.1 HD audio driver). In my USB-project the extreme low vcache value has especially the purpose to minimize System Arena footprint if Win98se is running on a Memdrive. My standard Win98se Setup values, set in SYSTEM.INI after copying files: [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=20000 ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 DMABufferSize=64 [vcache] MinFileCache=1024 MaxFileCache=1024
  10. Hm, the Bios Setup of your GA board doesn't look very promising. I assume you run the SATA ssd in IDE mode. And what about the extreme low vcache settings I mentioned in my USB project? If *something* is mapped in memory you can try Jack Ellis XMGR.SYS instead of HIMEMX.EXE (who gave you already an extra reboot).
  11. Sometimes Opera's kiosk mode is helpfull in case of msfn. Looks same as in my Android smartphone.
  12. I agree that memory problem can be unsolvable. Once I tried (from USB drive) MS-DOS7.1 on a Gigabyte board, if I remember well a Z170 species. Didn't work! I am a happy user of my 2010 Asrock 960GM-GS3 AM3+ board (with FX 6100/DDR3 1600), compatible with everything except Win98se ACPI.
  13. I should have written "install W9x without PCI-bus first, if succesfull try your luck with wizard New Hardware." After installing the PCI bus and reboot once you will have full control which Device to install and which not. Do not reboot after installing PCI devices, first check Device Manager (view Connection) for double entrances. Especially the non-PCI VGA device should be deleted manually before reboot. But you have already red my "Exploring SETUP /P I;S=detectbus......"-Members project. The /P S= switch is very badly documented. All entrances in MSDET.INF can be used to skip during installation (seperated with , ).
  14. You should try SETUP /P I;S=detectbus to install W9x without PCI-bus.
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