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  1. I tried CHAMP-Ms-Pac-em 1996 and I get an error in SBEMUL.SYS, it appears that it is not compatible with WinME sound when setup with its automated configuration setup. It is a remake of Ms. Pacman 1982. Someone has rebuild the original to a 32 bit program in 2007 available here https://www.classic-retro-games.com/games/maze/ms-pacman-415 . In what looks like an inbuilt window called Free Download there is at the bottom, Download now: Ms Pacman, click on that.
  2. The last RealTek driver for Win95 was A3.55. Win98 Gold was Win98 First Edition. RLoew had a driver system in which files greater than 4GiB can be used in a ##64 folder where the file is split but is continuous when in use. It was called FILE64.
  3. See if Roland MPU has a properties tab when selected in the picture you have shown above and temporarily select do not use this device and do not map through this device for a try with Settlers 2.
  4. Thanks Loblo, I did not have TLS 2 nor TLS 1.1 enabled for that matter. All my posts referring to this have been corrected. After copying Opera 12.02 folder across from one drive to one that has 12.18 files, the settings are reset to TLS 1.0 only within 12.02. The Opera 12.18 files do not use the Application Data folder where as 12.02 does.
  5. Going back DXdiag, the MIDI sound check should work. There will be only output ports shown as your motherboard sound device has no game port. >> DirectSound worked. DirectMusic also (except the Roland MPU-401 because it says it needs an external synthesizer) An external synthesizer will be connected to the game port of which you have none at the moment but is an input port so it does not matter and should not be showing up in the test port option as they should be all outputs. The output MIDI Mapper and Microsoft GS Wavetable port should work. Tillewolle you said that you tried installing the 4.04 and 4.06 driver, unless you remove the files created in the system or have a new system build then the 3.54 driver will not work as you have shown. Note my default port is Microsoft Synthesizer. WinME has ASD.exe Automatic Skip Driver, make sure there are no devices disabled if you have ASD.exe in windows folder.
  6. This info was wrong. There has been some concern about whether the 12.18 files make a difference with Opera 12.02. Well I have found Wikipedia and this https://xem.github.io/minix86/manual/intel-x86-and-64-manual-vol1/o_7281d5ea06a5b67a-197.html will be viewable with the 12.18 file update where they will not if just 12.02 is used.
  7. ADIXctlLevel=1; I am not sure about this setting and its understanding. I got this setting from Win2K. Application Data Interface transfer control logic level. Programs invoked by XCTL commands run one at a time as part of a single task but is multi tasking. When a user selects a menu item the program should issue an XCTL command to transfer control directly to that program. The first program which receives the control directly is at highest logical level which is Level 1. More investigation is required with multi tasking and different tasking methods. This setting may not make any noticeable difference. ConservativeSwapFileUsage=0 If conservative swap file usage is employed then the maximum RAM memory usage is used before switching to the HDD swap file. This caused problems with certain programing and so I did not set it to 1 anymore. [MathCoprocessor] FPUFlags=1 This setting came with Borland C. This was originally set to 0 but I thought that 1 made a performance improvement. Most of the following has been quoted from https://xem.github.io/minix86/manual/intel-x86-and-64-manual-vol1/o_7281d5ea06a5b67a-197.html x87 FPU Floating-Point Exception Mask Bits The exception-flag mask bits (bits 0 through 5 of the x87 FPU control word) mask the 6 floating-point exception flags in the x87 FPU status word. When one of these mask bits is set, its corresponding x87 FPU floating-point exception is blocked from being generated. Zero is Invalid Operation, 1 is Denormal Operand. These are the only settings that can be used as a BSOD I think will occur with higher settings, see the above link for what other settings are. It is the Floating point value rounding and how it is achieved that is what is at stake here. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denormal_number The following is a quote from this link. "Some systems handle denormal values in hardware, in the same way as normal values. Others leave the handling of denormal values to system software, only handling normal values and zero in hardware. Handling denormal values in software always leads to a significant decrease in performance. When denormal values are entirely computed in hardware, implementation techniques exist to allow their processing at speeds comparable to normal numbers;[3] however, the speed of computation is significantly reduced on many modern processors; in extreme cases, instructions involving denormal operands may run as much as 100 times slower.[4][5]"
  8. In control panel select Sound and Multimedia. In the audio tab here will be a selection for Midi music playback preferred device, select Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth and then select apply or OK at bottom. The About tab is under the Preferred device section. In SetSound select "Roland MT-32 Midi with MPU-401 Midi interface".
  9. Your on the right track with DXdiag just press Test DirectSound and then once done that go to music and test DirectMusic using the various ports that are shown. Your motherboard and mine are similar and use the same audio chip. MSI are good for supplying drivers and if you download audio driver for win2000 it will be A3.99 which should work if you have not installed a later RealTek driver. ALC***.sys refers to ALCWDM.sys where as yours is CMUDA.sys because you are using a CMedia driver. CMI; I should have showed CM1 on the sound chip and means CMedia chip but yours is ALC655 the same as mine. Choose Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth. SW is short for soft ware check the about tab and it will say Roland. I have downloaded the Settlers 2 demo and the audio is easy to configure. There is no need for any SB audio cards as most later audio is sound blaster compatible. Open Drivers folder in the game directory and click on SetSound.exe. It will ask to select and configure MIDI music driver, click on this in the blue section and select Roland MT-32 Midi with MPU-401 Midi interface because you have selected Microsoft WaveTable GS Synthesizer. Then select and configure digital audio driver in the blue section. Choose Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro or 100% compatible, as your sound driver should be. Then select done at bottom. There should be now two new files in the Driver folder MDI.ini and DIG.ini. The game sounds should now work. Many Dos games of this age will configure similar, 1997.
  10. As a side note I am using 406 driver with 404 sys file, (I recommend using a 3 vs for Tellewolle to start with or leave the CMI installl), I experimented with sound at the moment as with old DVDs sometimes the sound is not that good. I placed all graphic equaliser settings to minus 12dB in RealTek system tray & In KMP I use direct sound rendering and Clarity plugin which is a noise reduction system. This made some thumping sound when switching devices :- switching devices is an assumption by me.
  11. On mobile at the moment so can not check my system. In directx diag check all your sound checks. Sometimes later files did not work ie 31 versions & 30 version files are the ones I had to use at that time. In sound control panel check midi device perhaps CMI midi does not work and select Microsoft for a try. If CMI sound works then OK but RealTek is your sound chip manufacturer unless CMI prefix. I think you almost had it correct with A3.54 driver install but had to remove the later driver files and replace with the A3.54 ones. The alc***.sys is the main one.
  12. Tillewolle: from what I can determine is you have not got the Sound Blaster cards yet. The VDM sound solution needs a working sound card. Did you try and remove the AC97 files and install Realtek A3.99 AC97 driver for a test first?
  13. MSFN forum search defaults to search everywhere and to content titles and body, perhaps it is not that much of a concern that topics do not always contain content that is not in the title. Topic titles can be edited at anytime by the host, (OP), no need to edit first post. Certainly HD + AC97 audio & beyond the 137GB/128GiB barrier could enhance the thread/topic.
  14. My NAS formats the drive on placement but yours may be different. Even if possible the partition would have to be at the front of the drive. It is the 28 bit usage within FAT32 & thus inbuilt into the file management system of Win98 that gives us the address limitations. I do not think it will make any difference using different protocols but depends on if it uses a browser to download files but I do not know. Most of the time I install programs straight from the network drive. As time moved on increasing hard drive sizes were able to be detected in motherboards BIOS. A motherboard BIOS update sometimes upped the size limit. Seagate explained very precisely about 137GB limitation with solutions for different operating systems. Search for 137GB.pdf, it explains how the SATA adapter coincides with ATA-6 as all SATA interfaces at the time of introduction 2003 and so is compatible with 48 bit.
  15. When using the NAS as a network drive with Win98, the total NAS disk size would have to be less than 2.2TB. You could use 2 non-raided 2TB drives and then map 2 separate network drives. Mapping sections of a larger drive could involve sectors/blocks that could be outside the range of the 98 driver as the drive fills up. The 2TB drive size limitation & 4.29GB file limitations will still be applicable & is what I encountered with my WinME system.
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