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  1. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    In reference to 2016.17 and running tests with 31113. DivX 7.2 works with Kernelex 2015.14. DivX supplies old apps on their web. Have to copy files from other OS to test VLC3 gets the runtime error at 2015.13. My 2nd post has more details, (has been edited will shift off topic soon). DivX does not work with 2016.16. I am using uxtheme from one-core-x86.rar and using uxtheme from ReactOS (2010) as uxthemebase. I use PDH 5.0.2195.1600, needs more installations to run , Kernelex vs did not run either.
  2. Goodmaneuver

    Is ME really that bad?

    System restore I selected disable in file system trouble shooting. PC health (help etcetera) was very good info on hardware configurations for example but I have continued on using a system that this fail to start up on. PCHeath folder has only got helpCtr\temp folder no files on mine, some registry settings were removed. The version conflict manager (VCM) had a numbering system problem I think, I removed it. I have installed MSInfo from a MSI install disc, (no hardware configuration). I liked DOS 8 because of the speed improvement. ReactOS files do not complain about DOS 8. SETVER.exe can be used to help correct for MS-DOS version conflicts with programs. My WinME OS system is over 10 years old. I have a VMM32.vxd that is modified date 2005, I do not know where it came from, most likely windows update but may have been after a third party install? If I change back to the original, the system is messaging 4 bit color (BSOD). I do not know if it is better or worse but only creates 1 virtual machine according to system monitor. I have kept the OS alive via 1:1 sector drive copies. I have run "Ram Defrag" to free up as much ram as possible on winXP and on Vista and got the same result, 57MB.
  3. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @jumper: radmin32 is also from the dsclient.exe within the UWMESP3.exe package. Dsclient.exe and UWMESP3.exe are self extracting. Redistribution approval, has anything changed to that was in the past? dnsapi.dll (NT6 Kernelex) 5.1.2296 is essential for my Netgear wireless adapter if I do not use the upgrade my new modem (router) crashes the WG111v3.exe. (separate copy of 31113 for this) Also Win2K SP4 does the same thing, the first 2005 rollup KB891861-v2 stops the crash but it jams up IP navigation. It took forever just to navigate my NAS drive. I was worried about the hardware so I went back to ME system. 5.1.2296 was just before DelayLoadFailureHook seemed to be used. crypt32 cryptnet cryptui cryptdlg cryptext docprop2 nddeapi msvidctl wintrust(2K) can be swapped from 5.1.2296 safemode friendly. I disable Kernelex extensions for a lot of the main files including all kernelex files themselves. Kernel32 (extensions disabled). I shifted kernelex to the system folder because I was getting unicows errors mainly along the way, regular. I think when there is a full buffer the system trying to navigate to another directory may have been the trouble? Anyway much better very few times that I can recall happening since making the change 2 months ago. Imagehlp 6.0.5365 (imgutil dbghelp XPSP3) there are many upgrades.
  4. Goodmaneuver

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    Sorry for not reading properly. It looks like the INI file in the windows inf folder has to be updated as well. In my case %WinDir%\INF\Other\ATI Tech - EnhancedC7_30314.ini for the X850. Once the INI and INF files are ready I would not allow installation from the compressed catalyst install directory. I would tell windows to find files in the inf\other system and system32\drivers folders. Or you can uncompressed files, expand them yourself. eg expand C:\ATI\ati2evxx.dl_ C:\ATI\ati2evxx.dll .I still run ATIPTA and ATIPOLL (starting up) always when using nVidia cards as I have trouble otherwise. (Windows should still be able to update the registry and find files if it they were originally only in a one directory deep folder from the root directory. Files should be able to be shifted in an installed directory by putting them in the root directory then shifting them one directory deeper at at time). About nVidia drivers, the 81.98 did not work on standard PCI cards but 77.72 did work these cards. 82.69 from "Win9xForever" does work these PCI cards I think but I do not run NVSVC from this driver. I must be clear, my browser sent a popup, I ignored it as I was still typing.
  5. Goodmaneuver

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    @XPocalypse Survivor; @ABCDEFG; I was talking nVidia, my error. Yes the ATI card drivers do not have this resolution, you can temporary manually up date the registry but when you install a new card then it will be overwritten. I fluked the manual registry update and I drive backuped ever since, I could not emulate it. I like ABCDEFGs' idea of updating the inf, did you try it? I tried a similar thing myself but failed. There are probably several infs that 6.2 has that this adapter can use, and when installing make sure that it is choosing the one you have altered. Also be sure to update both infs. the one/s in the %WinDir%\inf and the one where the catalyst install directory is. Some manufacturers put some of their driver files into the windows install directory (options install), ATI All in Wonder did this and it caused installation problems afterwards, so I put the install cabs in a different directory. I have to tell windows were the install cabs are when it requires them but that is OK by me. AIW: ATI really put their best chips in these. I am running on my memory at the moment, my X850 is a tough one to drive, I don't think the AMD Opteron180 would have keyboard errored though if I was using the X850. X850; it would not sync to the HDTV. Edit: I just found your post, my browser screen does not refresh, well done.
  6. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @jumper; Can we utilize radmin32 ansi library for all the ntdll and advapi32 functions that it has, it would enable the use of a wide range of new libraries. Can we redirect DelayLoadFalureHook to shlwapi IE6 SP1. The KnownDll list, not all are fully compatible but may be of use. msvcr80 vs 8.031113.25 is a fully functional replacement for msvcr70 and only has _ctype missing from the 6.1.9848 msvcrt I think. msvcr80 vs 8.0.40607.52 framework supplied in Longhorn 5112 is better but _getdrives has to be directed to crtdll or a specialized library something similar to di_rodir for instance. The advantage is, 40607 has 1367 functions and gives a better frame rate to the video card. It does not get shifted in memory and one copy in ram may give a slight speed boost? (Kernelex can shift it though) Disadvantages are it does not contain these important functions; (?name@type_info@@QBEPBDXZ); (__CxxFrameHandler3); .The OS system files mainly have no problem, so safe mode friendly, but these libraries do not like 40607; wbemcomn; mfc40; mfc40u; dunzip32; dzip32; smtpcons; Divx player for example likes 31113 but not 40607 and a separate copy of msvcrt was required if msvcr70 msvcrt substitute was used in the system. Not that Divx is a necessity, (I think they first to introduce the VC idea), I would like to point out it that Divx Player 7.2 calls for an ansi function when viewed in depends but when run using kernelex2016.17 calls a unicode function in advapi32 and does not run. KNOWNDLLS.txt
  7. Goodmaneuver

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    @XPocalypse Survivor: You could try the monitor drivers from WinMEs' precopy1.cab I have no trouble with selecting 1440x900. HKR; Handle Key Relative to what's specified in the inf. If you open regedit then all registry sections start with HKEY which is Handle Key. Curious your signature; did you motherboard get better or gradually worse? Mine just started it AMD, when using nVidia AGP. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/install/inf-addreg-directive
  8. Goodmaneuver

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    I use "media info" Win9x version of the exe is of 7/2009 but you can run with a later Mediainfo.dll, I use 0.7.78 (2015). The frame rate is important of course and HD could be down near 20 hertz. Photoworxx bench on my ME system, core2duo 3.3Ghz E8600 was over 9000 which is real good. At the moment one of my boards just had problems and I have gone back to P4 2.8Ghz single core which has got CPU Queen bench of 2700. I know I can play HD on the core2duo and AMD 2.4Ghz dual core but not sure about your frame size whether they would, nearly have scores double the 2.8 single core. I will have to rig up again. CPU limiting on VLC audio will be in sync but if CPU limited on KMplayer the video will lag behind the audio. Some hardware will run / boot faster with 32bit and depends on OS compared to 64bit.
  9. Goodmaneuver

    Running Windows 98 in 2017...

    I know there is an IE5 SP4 available, a security rollup for 2K 2015 I think. It was next to an update that had a mpeg2 decoder filter update for multiple OSs. The Google server stopped IE6 not long after the "poodle" attack on eBay Sept 2014. I had to manually turn off SSL when trying to brows eBay after the "poodle" attack for a while. Google has not stopped IE5 as one other member has proclaimed. I wonder if 5.5 SP2 works? (I would make an external 1:1 drive copy before experimenting though as it may be difficult to get these settings back?) The 2016 update for Opera 12.02 to 12.18-1872 gets Github etcetera working again. Manually copy all files across from your temp folder except for opera.dll as other members have said.
  10. Goodmaneuver

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    @Nomen; I slightly misread your question (tired). Sounds like the file is damaged have you lost it on your camera? The question is, is 5MB correct for a 25s clip? If it is, it does not mean that the file is all there. A partial downloaded file will play if it is streamable. I must have partially copied, years ago, an 8GB video from one drive to another that only played first 10%, the copied file size was 8GB. I wonder if this happened because NTFS preallocated the file size?
  11. Goodmaneuver

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    Before I change a video card I update to a Standard Graphics Adapter first. This is to avoid hardware configuration differences between cards. If you can not update to a Standard Graphics Adapter then after the driver is installed do not reboot, progress into windows and then in device manager update driver to the Standard Graphics. Then reboot and update to the driver you want from device manager once working as the Standard Adapter. If you have installed driver prior with problems the configuration errors as I was talking about then safe mode uninstall the offending graphics card or you could use scanreg /restore (starting from within the "Command" directory), to go back in time depending if the device was just installed. "Universal Vesa Drivers" are helpful does not have 3D acceleration but has mini port drivers for any card. It has not let me down yet, works good. You could test your monitors compatibility at different resolutions?
  12. Goodmaneuver

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    I found that my monitor would do as you proclaim 1280 x 768 was fine though and 1920 x 1080 was working but in between had sync problems. My big screen TV will not sync at all, it momentarily goes blank then says no signal, so it is close to working but doesn't. Plugging in another monitor and it is fine on 1920 x 1080. You might be able to try 1920 x 1080 on your monitor? If your monitor is not syncing at higher resolutions with a nVidia card, then go into nVidia display panel menu to the nView Display Settings; Device Settings; Device Adjustments; and select "Display adapter scaling", before adjusting up the resolution. If it is already selected then try selecting "Monitor scaling", but I have to select "Display adapter scaling" every time I install a nVidia card. If anyone has got a new AGP AMD video card, any later than X850, needed the reverse side AGP interface "ralo" (not sure of its name now) chip heatsinked. This is necessary to prevent motherboard damage and of course the "ralo" chip from destroying itself. I have glued a strip of 3 x 25 mm copper on mine, onto some plastic packers to keep the correct parallelity, full length of board, painted black.
  13. Goodmaneuver

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    KernelEX 4.5.2 is what I mean. I thought that kernelEX 4.5.1 was 11 and 4.5.2 was 12. I will edit my post. I have swapped some system files and added some. I had planned to post about it. For instance Crypt32.dll from whistler 5.1.2296.1 is helpful last 7 N/A functions are linkers to advapi32 and can not be used but has all original functions plus some more, main upgrade is the msvcrt though. "Hint"; VLC3; do not change skins, only use native style. Some custom skins have trouble, not only with win9x, when they were supposed to be compatible. I have found the links to the newer KernelEX versions.
  14. Goodmaneuver

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    VLC3 should play H265 perhaps convert a file for a trial to a smaller resolution. VLC3 will play on winME, use msvcr80.dll from framework 2.0.31113 as msvcrt.dll substitute supplied with LongHorn 5048. It has not got _ctype import but neither did msvcr70 . Need kernelex12 (4.5.2) and CheckRemoteDebuggerPresent function in the GUI libqt_plugin needs to import IsDebuggerPresent. Not all plugins are working though, unlike VLC2.05. Icecast does not work and manual file open of DVD ifo required but H265 plays. Using Kernelex2016 then the Lav filters can work. The KMplayer works need winXP setting. There will be other programs, I am still to find out. Kernelex2016 prevents VLC3 from operating on my build. msvcr80.dll ver 8.0.31113.25 will get some programs running eg Miro video converter (10/2012) with 2k kernelex settings. There is said that 64k is the largest DMABufferSize setting but this can be upsized with system.ini to a size combination of at least 20000KB (DMABufferSize and PageBuffer nunbers combination) but not over say 50000KB. This played YouTube without frame loss on FireFox9 until September at viewing 1680x1050 screen resolution or (1920 - struggled to keep up when source was 640 x 480). Was good with CometBird video play back right click context fullscreen. Eg system.ini settings written like [386Enh] DMABufferSize=2048 PageBuffers=10 [vCache] MaxFileCache=512000 This last setting is on the high side, means 500MB and network cache will use the vCache amount when surfing ("system monitor" Microsoft Network Server: Buffers)
  15. Goodmaneuver


    Latest Opera browser works well on oldapps.com, downloads good, but latest FireFox does not download from OldApps.com nor does IE11. oldversion.com uptodown.com afterdawn.com there are many that offer previous versions