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  1. You need to use native style only, - no skins, so make sure there is no skin selected in VLC2, (a blank menu entry in tools > preferences > all > interface >main interfaces > skins). Then try re-installing VLC3 see https://msfn.org/board/topic/178000-h265-playback-on-win-98-with-vlc-or-mplayerc/?do=findComment&comment=1157235
  2. You could "restart" instead of "shut down" and then press power button momentarily after the machine has restarted as an alternative shutdown.
  3. You need to replace the file off-line from another system or use a startup floppy disc to Del then Copy across or Ren then Copy across or you can just put the renamed Msvcr70 as Msvcrt into the Vlc3 folder where the Vlc.exe is located. Server 2K3_SP2 Msvcrt.dll can be used as a system Msvcrt.dll if a Ntclose is directed to GDI32 DeleteObject. This is the most up to date module that does not impose any problems. To use Server 2k3 Msvcrt you need Dependency Walker too check after using a Hex editor for the redirection of the NtClose.
  4. Have you got the CD or are you using <warez site> download? The original game uses DX7 which comes with the OS; DDraw.dll. The patch uses Glide2x.dll and will ask for the CD when launching. Make sure you have Glide2x.dll in your system. I tried the original and nVidia 7600GS tried to launch but not following on and exiting. The best cards for old games are ATI. To show this you can try ExtremeG2.
  5. There is a VWin32.vxd downloadable but what is the program you are running for VMin32 Memory Status is it downloadable? I removed my Rudy Lowe patching comment once I realized it was kB not MB of Commit Charge, and mine is maxed out, and this is a problem I think, and I would like to set this maximum value higher if possible.
  6. FF35 needs 500MB of file cache otherwise I get the restrictions that are placed on your computer error. This error occurs if I go to 390MB - MaxFileCache=400000. I need to set maximum file cache to about 390MB for DXVA2 antialiasing to work on PotPlayer I will explain further about this in "Windows 98 as high quality video player" topic, If file cache is allowed to grow too far beyond 500MB than it encroaches on the GDI resources. A good check here is to start up CodeBlocks 10. There should be about 13% left. If using CodeBlocks 13 then there will be less then 6% and too little left to use it
  7. You would not believe it but the renaming of CC3260MT to 3260MT was a mistake. There where no registry unusual differences between file types and I discovered that when profiling with DW that 3260MT module loaded with a memory location starting with 3260 at times so I tried function call __getdrives in CC3260MT renamed BD60MT instead of previously 3260MT and it is an improvement. In saying this though each filter type will have different registry filter sizes and my system.dat is over 9200kB and the registry settings encroach on resources. I do not know enough to be more specific about it and
  8. You can use Tweak UI to delay the shutdown of the system to allow more time for the registry contents to be written back to the hard drive. Also turning off the registry optimizer with X-setup Pro is worth a try . A download manager like Download Express 1.6 can use a proxy and many threads so that download speeds can be multiplied by the number of threads / connections.
  9. What brand is it? The software is in the box can you give more info?
  10. If it is when maximized did you try another screen resolution and or refresh rate?
  11. NIC stands for network interface controller : - the network card. I do not think it be a BIOS problem but it could be high level RAM conflict that's why removing the network card and trying re-installing after the SDD could fix it. I am not shore now but if SDD uses OpenGL32 then the original OpenGL32 will be replaced. If you go back to another driver the original OpenGL32 will need re-instating found in the system folder.
  12. There could be a resource conflict. The display driver is installed first before the network card so did you try removing the NIC while SDD is working then install it again? With SDD I think that the original OS OpenGl.dll has to be removed/renamed.
  13. Do you mean the SciTech Display Driver and after installing it your network no longer was accessible? Can you be more specific about it with more detail?
  14. Make sure that you always use the stack size increase mod. You will get the Ddhelp problem even though it is not Ddhelp at fault if the original CoD2 executable is used unmodified.
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