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  1. Msvcrt19 was supposed to be Mozcrt19 from FireFox 8 or lesser version. I thought that Msvcrt10 was a WinMe library but it must have been after installing Crystal Reports which is available in Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Resource Kit (3.51.1057.1) and Msvcrt10 is in Crystal\Disk1. Microsoft Windows NT 3.51 Resource Kit (3.51.1057.1) is available from winworldpc.com. After expansion the size should be 210,944 bytes link time stamp 24/07/1993 DD/MM/YYYY. Msvcrt10 although better is not as good as a stub for the _getdrives like this one https://msfn.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachm
  2. I did make a mistake Msvcrt19 Mozcrt19 did not have the functions listed. I have corrected my posts above by deletion.
  3. The PSU wattage is the maximum rated power and is an intermittent power rating. What we need is the continuous power rating from the manufactures and if water cooling is required so that the components fit in the PSU standard size case and also to satisfy peoples noise tolerance then this is what I recommend. One PSU model did have water cooling that I know of and it was 600W from memory of such. If the Corsair CX500M does not need resetting when it tries to boot the ASRock AB350M Pro4 then the pin 15 or green cable is loosing its grounding. This means that a certain criteria was not met like
  4. Sorry my mistake, InitializeConditionVariable is not used in KernelEx.
  5. Some motherboards have a lot of capacitance to charge up around the CPU and if the PSU cannot handle this amount on startup it will shut down and only way to reset it is to unplug the mains plug I think. I bought the cheapest 1000W power supply just recently. It was very light weight and has not got enough line filtering and not enough holdup capacitance on the line. Line is the mains side and watching TV is impossible at the moment with the WinME machine running because of the RF emitted into the mains. Line filtering hardware can be added close the the PSU later and it will be essential. My
  6. Editing posted like this is not good in my opinion. It has happened to me on two occasions so far on two different machines running Win10 browser EDGE on both.
  7. InitializeConditionVariable= InitializaSListHead= VerSetConditionMask= These function are already in KernelEx so they should not be used in KexStubs as well. You can use Ktree to look for functions used by KernelEx. The two API set values are good except LCIDToLocaleName will have to be redirected in KexStubs to NLS.dll if it is used and GetSystemDefaultLocalName will be a problem as well unless GetSystemDefaultLanguageID works as a replacement function.
  8. Using HxD hex editor if you search for msvcrt in 8.40607.52 you will find the text string msvcrt that is after _set_error_mode. If this is left msvcrt then the 40607 module will not work when loaded from many executables where 40607 is an implicit. True: - _getdrives is the one and only import from Msvcrt showing as a implicit but I have proved step by step in getting another build to work by changing or_mode.msvcrt.d as shown in 16 character per line view to another library reference works. I found this out after going back to a previous build where I had this text changed (I had _set_error_m
  9. Why did prior posting happen when I just edited previous post. With modern OSs if the CPU is flat-out the PS2 ports can play up creating all types of different keying errors/functioning but none were visible when I edited. EDIT it is Chrome browser doing this previous stuck through sentence not Microsoft. High light a few lines of text then hold shift key then type as you would a new sentence. It is not the new UI either it was happening prior. Using FireFox now.
  10. >>but it just power cycles every 25-30 sec By this does do you mean that it shuts down then power up itself automatically itself or does it just shut down? If it auto restarts the BIOS can be trying defaults then rebooting. If no beep code then I would try different CPU and is the Corsair CX500M new?
  11. Yes probably but mine has 6 heat pipes and the top of the heat stack is cool and the surface of the CPU can be hot. The heat exchanger/grid section is 9cm cubed. I my heatsink is not big enough theoretically and I have two high speed fans. A heat gun is good to check temperatures, I have a cheap one which works good. When all is OK the CPU will throttle back on yours and it is when CPU load is flat-out is when you need to check temperature. Never the less 40 degrees is indicating that the heatsink is in full contact with the CPU and things are OK. When there is a motherboard fault CMOS transis
  12. That is why I have suggested to try my method. CPU can heat up very fast and 25 seconds to shut down due to thermal sounds about right. The air cooling heatsink will not prevent overheating heating due to outputs that are not toggling. The other power supply could be weaker or its output may rise slower. My old Opteron usually sits at 55 degrees but when I had instability after turning on high efficiency ACPI in BIOS I got gobbledygook printed on the screen with a CPU temp of 95 degrees. So I needed to work on the board. I added some caps on the CPU output buss and around the RAM and lowered t
  13. I have got Msvcr80 40607 working better. The library has these strings within which are referenced to Msvcrt. __get_app_type.. __set_app_type.. ?unexpected@@YAXXZ.. ?terminate@@YAXXZ... ?set_unexpected@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ@Z... ?set_terminate@@YAP6AXXZP6AXXZ@Z.... _set_error_mode.msvcrt.dll.. __GLOBAL_HEAP_SELECTED.. __MSVCRT_HEAP_SELECT Because I wanted to use this library as Msvcrt then the reference cannot be Msvcrt and leaving it untouched meant there were a lot of executable load errors. The previous comments I have made of using Crtdll in the child module for _getdrives
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