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  1. Best to be alive and talk about it then rather than die silent about it even if it be a PM. 10yrs to go until you are eligible for the pension. Crazy not being a politically correct word, has that something to do with your contempt of the world of human inhabitance. Perhaps you have done time in a mental facility:- a mental inhospitality center. With about 50% of Romanian population connected to a sewerage system and about 10% of rural population connected to water there is a good chance some people may be used to your situation. The fleas disappearing in winter is strange though as they should still be there. If the fleas are not biting or rarely have a go they may be getting blood from outside from the neighbour's pets? Bird lice infestation is worse than fleas where a tree gets too close to a house in the shade but will depend on if the fleas are biting and you get a disease from them. Keep your phones charged they may be OK for emergency calls or photos. If the battery gets warm/hot on a charge then discharge. If it gets warm/hot on a discharge then charge. https://www.notforsalecampaign.org/romania/ https://www.relieffundforromania.co.uk/partners_romania.html https://m.facebook.com/SOSSateleCopiilor https://www.humedica.org https://www.thesmilesfoundation.org
  2. The fleas coming in summer could mean that wildlife roost either under your house or in the roofing area in winter and leave in summer and they would leave fleas behind if they had them. Squirrels or rodents etcetera and if that be the case you need to mesh out all entry points to under the house. Even when the source of the fleas is removed it will still take a year or 2 for them to all go. You must be near water fresh water to have mosquitos around. With dragonflies, amphibians and other species going extinct due to polluted water the mosquitos could be flourishing. Like you I am baffled what to do except accept help from the the bank account and PayPal idea before your power is cut. Write to these charities straight away www.humedica.org www.thesmilesfoundation.org and any other ones you can find in Romania. Is there anyone you can think of that might help apart for your EX. Your house will not be uncleanable you know. Cat litter is not the worst kind of litter to clean.
  3. It is not the plug and play monitor though. Go to update monitor from System Properties and update driver then Specify the location of driver then Select a list of all the drivers then Show all hardware and under Standard monitor types there is Default Monitor and it should be the top one. It was odd for me going back to a CRT and it hurt like you said but a dot going faster from left to right does not mean that it is easier on your eye system. It should be OK as we used them before but Beta particles (β) are high energy, high speed electrons and hitting the steel grid would create X-rays I think. You would have to be within 200mm of the screen though to be effected by it. My skin on my thighs went numb for a long time like months or it may have been a year or 2, it was a long time, after working for several hours bending over the front of a color TV CRT. The CRTs can not be recycled because the residual radiation in the glass.
  4. The game may be choosing optimum or default monitor settings which could be 85Hz or it knows your video card and determines that 85Hz is the highest it can run at. Also the video driver may have different refresh rates for 3D which could be a maximum of 85Hz. You could try updating the monitor driver to a default monitor where there is no restriction in refresh rates and resolutions. It will obey the video driver available settings and those that the monitor can handle. You may just need time for your eyes to adjust to a CRT screen again. Perhaps use 85Hz on the desktop as well. Flicker is best seen when not looking directly at the screen.
  5. If I lived in Romania I would jump in my car and head to your place to help you out as soon as I knew your address. Did your EX help? The fleas:- How far away is the nearest neighbour? Cats if they are healthy can usually get rid of fleas. I think it their brain power and the way they clean themselves. They will not be able to if inundated with them though. Fleas are a pest and like being in your socks and jump on you. It happen to me once the neighbours moved. It turned out it was the neighbours dog kennel about 6 meters away that had the fleas. You need to get anything that is around your house that could harbour fleas lifting it up and exposing it. As you say it seems nothing can shift them probably because they are coming in from outside. If there was a dog near by I would get rid of the kennel. They will eventually go with no sources of blood around. They can not live on you. The house can be cleaned. Cleaning the house is not that hard, I have a vacuum cleaner that has a shampoo attachment. It would do a good job and once a week then after will get it cleaner and cleaner. You have tank water then a shower will take less water than a bath. I know it is tough to bathe in a frost but a bucket with small holes punched through from bucket being upwards through the base will last a fairly long time. Seek out Smiles the charity they might be proficient who knows, it is worth a try. For a boarder you could say free board for one, only need to provide food for one more, help with house work, and pay for bills.
  6. DrugWash. have you tried bringing in a house guest. There might be some young people starting work who looking for a residence. I might be reading into your last post too much but in case I am not:- There is a scientist's idea of a parallel universe but I bet they are not all in agreeance. If everything was truly backwards - it would be just like forwards and would be a mirror to what we have. If one dies in one universe it is mirrored in the other. Partial backwards as you are implying would not be the same as the the scientific idea I believe. For example walking backwards when your eyes are at the front. The doctor would not have been able to revive you if you were really dead. It depends if you were left disabled and by how much is how grievous you might be, but I can not remember before 3 yrs and you are not mentally impaired nor physically as far as I know. The backwards idea does not compute real well unless you are referring to a twin brought forward from the parallel universe idea. Doppel 2020. I would not think that way, simply put, you did not die. Things may have changed but you have developed very well and have good skills. I like to get answers but sensible ones are not obtainable without enough information or the wrong information. Thinking too much hurts our brains and we need time to repair after.
  7. It is a big deal DrugWash; of all the people dying in this world it does not have to be you at this time in your life if you get some food into you as soon as possible. You are talented with your writings and present your self nobly without error and are are favorite MSFN member of mine. You have achieved much in the world of computing look at your programing the crystal update and the case switch. How far away is the nearest bank? Please seek out a bank on-line that requires a non deposit to set up a bank account. If none, a money order to the nearest post office how does that sound to get you started. You have not created the worlds dystopia so do not hold yourself in low esteem. The world has made it harder for people to get a job or welfare but it would have been a better place if trickle down politics were not in place. I do not want to accept charity either and but I would if I needed it. Cheer up DrugWash do not lose the will to live.
  8. If are under 65 years of age and have no friend or relative to help you then you did the right thing talking here. Do not die starving, accept help if you can get it. You may not be allowed to ask for charity but you can accept gifts. A bank account only need a lew to set up then PayPal can send money to it. It will not cost you any money except to open a bank account.
  9. No everything is OK with 3 controllers I defragged a 20GB drive from the Creative controller. The old secondhand drives especially with DOS OSs do not get the end of the drive written to that much and possibly never. That destroys the drive eventually. The AB-PX5 is not that strong. The 2.5GB was working on the Syncomp it could have stopped spinning but I think it was spinning. Sometimes they stop spinning if not spun enough after storage. Its just one of those things but I believe I can access it on another machine. Often dual processor boards have a strong IDE port. I will send you over a sound card and drive if you want. 95 OS may have been a problem and a little more difficult to correct an installation that has caused a kernel fault. 95 has Creative Sound Blaster 16 AWE driver supplied with the OS. I am sure 98 and know ME is OK. I will check and report back in a few days. Your machine has a strange BIOS for ISA that can have non plug a play devices. I hope your money situation gets better.
  10. I can not find an ESS6869 with IDE but have found ESS6868F https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164957316021?epid=4030735549&hash=item266838e3b5:g:jv0AAOSwekdg7XMr There are also a few Creative Sound blaster 16 with IDE selling. The price of ISA parts has shot up but I don't think most are that rare. I have a Syncomp V466D that has 3 VESA slots only. I can theoretically use up to 30Gb on the single IDE port. It has not much driving power though and most of my drives that I have create IO errors for the machine. I have a 250MB (original); a 2GB; 4 x 4.3GB and a 10GB drive that work on the Syncomp machine connected straight to the IDE port. It has an IDE detection BIOS function which sets up the HDD to work if it is OK. Otherwise I can go to User and Normal mode for the drive and type in the CHS settings manually then switch to LBA and the settings will still be OK for the drive to boot if LBA is correct for the drive. The size reported in BIOS will not be correct over about 3GB I think but will not matter to functionality. The HDD's have to have sectors that are not hard to write too as the IDE interface has not much power as mentioned. The maximum number of cylinders is 65535; 255 heads and 255 sectors per cluster. I have tested my Creative SB16 on Syncomp and it works though slower than the main board IDE so best to use the sound card IDE port for a CD ROM probably. I used WinME for the test but the onboard TRIO64 graphics reported error 23 which says, 'correct main display and then it will work' but there was no other display hardware. The SB16 creates its own Creative IDE port. It is a bit stronger than the IDE port on the Syncomp main board but not much so some more drives can work on the Creative port. l also have tested SB16 on AB-PX5 which has 2 x IDE main board ports and the Creative port is installed separate and there then are 3 controllers but the SB16 is only a single channel. If the hard drive attached to the SB16 is undetectable because of IO faults then the C: drive is mirrored to the SB drive letter. I had a 2.5GB attached and was E: drive and I copied to E: some data which went to C: as the 2.5GB was not detected properly and was mirroring C:. Placing the 2.5GB on main board IDE on the AB-PX5 machine had an undetectable result. The access speed from the Creative port is much the same as it was on Syncomp and is very slow compared to the AB-PX5 main board IDE. I have manually set PIO mode to 0. UDMA cannot be changed from auto for main board IDE and has the same BIOS interface as the Syncomp for setting up HDDs. Have to say, very week PCI bus for this board.
  11. You mean internet explorer I think. The problem can be created from a number module function failures. Sometimes a third party application will update Oleaut32 to an early WinXP version and this will mean that the script processing will not work. The pie graph script processing is not included into the newer versions. If Msvcrt has not got the old functions in it then this will cause the problem as well. Msvcrt usually has all the old functions in it, it is when we substitute some different modules for Msvcrt is when we may encounter some missing functions. Look for modified system files whether by accident or installed ones.
  12. I have to emphasize that the devices would not have been installed by the BIOS just yet when I plugged in the cards as it was straight after powering on. I had to think a bit more on what I did way back then and then correct my post. I have some ISA sound cards with IDE. From memory it was either the sound card IDE or the main board IDE but I am not 100% about that. I think I could not get both to work at the same time? Another idea is to use an IDE to SATA plug in card. It implements vs 6 in firmware so that large drives can be used on the old machines. There are 2 designs; one plugs into the main board IDE socket and the other design plugs into the SATA drive. I have talked about it here https://msfn.org/board/topic/180571-hd-ac97-audio-beyond-the-137gb128gib-barrier/?do=findComment&comment=1175057 That is a brilliant idea if it worked and you had no PROM burner.
  13. I am sorry to hear that card blew up on you. We tend to remember the bad things better than the good I think. I have plugged in several PCI cards straight after power-up ( though I do not recommend it ) out of desperation to try and get get them working. It worked once but no luck after that; no damaging consequences. The pins would have to line up perfect so none made shorts or are in the wrong position. I know of one person who said that they got a motherboard going by placing in the BIOS chip after power-up.
  14. I do not know any explorer show as a web page. There is right click on desktop area then Web tab then 'show web content on my active desk top' where you can add web pages or photos. It might be a third party app if it is a right click on Start button context menu.
  15. After changing fonts or sizing fonts then the small icon size is reset to default. Here is the reg settings to change back to a preferred icon size. This example has animations enabled and 32bit icons. REGEDIT4 [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics] "IconTitleWrap"="1" "Shell Icon Size"="48" "MinAnimate"="1" "No32BitIcons"="0" "Small Icon Size"="32" "Shell Small Icon Size"="48"

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