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  1. I am happy with the choices I still have with WinME but if necessary I do have to go to Win10.
  2. Quartz of later versions is OK but needs BASE to register/work. My mistake. I had Quartz KEX disabled. I have tested Quartz from LH 5048 and OK DelayLoadFailureHook=>SetLastError. See also https://msfn.org/board/topic/153566-windows-98-as-high-quality-video-player/?do=findComment&comment=1179890
  3. >>I have no opinion using MSVCR80.DLL as a MSVCRT-substitute. Do not overlook this version 8.0.31113.25 distributed in Framework v2.0.31113 available in LongHorn 4047. Members should look into my findings and report back for other members or they are not serious about 98/ME. Using KnownDlls is the same as renaming the file, the registry is loaded very early.
  4. Accessing XP remotely though does not count as working with 98/ME operating system although I understand now that you access Win98 from within the VM. It also says something about VMs compared to a real machine.
  5. Intel core duo can bench higher with PhotoWorxx - much higher. Also Opera 12.02 seems to be faster. AMD dual core does not bench with PhotpWorxx any higher than single core AMD. 1994 - 2004 is a wide range of gaming and I recommend having too separate machines for this because an ATI Rage graphics card is best for old games while a Geforce > 7300 is best for newer games and besides CPU slow down software may not be desirable. I just tried to get some used motherboards from eBay and all failed with some hardware faults. So obtaining good hardware is the challenge and the motherboards have to work 100%.
  6. KMP using EVR uses EVR.dll & Dxva2.dll when selecting Enhanced Video Render +3D Texture + Bicubic and does transform to different aspect ratios. I said I can use more KEX modes with KMP but not entirely true, only 2K minimum, the options preferences crash with lower settings in my case. Quartz from LH5231 is linked to Dxva2,D3d9 as well as Ddraw so if ideas of above post are employed and DelayLoadFailureHook import is directed to SetLastError then it will work must not be set KEX disabled but use BASE, do not forget to register. This version might be the better one to choose for 98/ME as later versions did not include Dxva2 or D3d9.
  7. Even VLC web site warned against using Msvcr71 as a system file. If KEX setting of Win98 is to be used then you should do as Jumper described in the Core.ini. "Add experimental mode to Core.ini that inherits from NT or XP and specifies anything you want from the other."
  8. >>Quartz is not a renderer, my understanding is that it just loads the file and pass it to an appropriate splitter. Quartz.dll 6.3 versions work but are an earlier release than, I did my tests a while ago and later XP versions did not do everything they were supposed to do. Look into advanced filter info. Mine is 6.5.1 but not as recent as 914. Where can be obtained, is still downloadable and specifically for 98/ME. The Video Mixing Renderer7 (Windowed) is the rendering output I have chosen in KMP for this post.
  9. >>no registry setting is going to change that. I was referring to CometBird 9 or FireFox 9. There is a narrow blue line above your post Loblo viewed in IPS -theme. No gone now. If you go straight to the web address it is easier on the browser than going through Google. cc333, MSFN forum is an easy site to load what other sites work, have you had any stalling? The proper install of the Service Pack seems to be the way to go, but with ME changing to a different machine; it would not happen.
  10. It requires KEX setting of XP like I said here https://msfn.org/board/topic/153566-windows-98-as-high-quality-video-player/?do=findComment&comment=1179316 and my next post. The heart of a player is its codecs and 70.2-16 from LAV is the latest one to work, the rendering is also important Quartz of 6.5 does not work with 98/ME it does not render. Do not use Msvcr70 as Msvcrt as it has missing functions and stopped Divx player and other programs. Some members are resistant to try Msvcr80 version 8.0.31113.25 as Msvcrt. No programs fail you won't be regretful.
  11. Its not KernelEx that has a problem. It would be registry settings IMO and I do not think that having original installation of 98 as a test is going to work as you have trouble. In about 2012 I grabbed an old drive having ME installed and KEX 4.5.1 or I installed 4.5.1. I started with Opera and installed Wyzo - Mozilla 3.6.4. Opera speed up after installing Mozilla. I was using a Duron 1800 VIA Mercury board. Then I steadily upped the versions of FireFox in the interim I must have installed KEX4.5.2. If stalling exit and then reboot but best to exit when browsing full page download success and then reboot to lock in setting changes in registry and the browser profile. I found CometBird and switched to that. Originally 9 would stall but if exiting before stall happened as per previous sentence that got it to work. ThunderBird 11 looked as though it was going to work but if too many downloads at once or under certain page rendering it would stall. I used ThunderBird 9 until TLS 1.0 could not talk to some servers. I then used Opera 12.02 for an email client.
  12. I found when trying to edit post with CometBird 9 here MSFN, uploaded images appear but the text does not show - IPS Theme.
  13. Are these functions catered for in KEX GetLocaleInfoEx > Kernel32 GetSystemDefaultLocaleName > Kernel32 IsValidLocaleName > Kernel32 LCIDToLocaleName > Kernel32 GetFontFileInfo > Gdi32 This one is asking for the font name GetFontRealizationInfo > Gdi32 This one is asking for the font ID and is a ROS function call Is there any chance of these functions set to work or stubbed. Does this make sense @@ -8180,7 +8245,7 @@ static BOOL freetype_GetFontRealizationInfo( PHYSDEV dev, void *ptr ) info->flags |= 2; info->cache_num = physdev->font->cache_num; - info->instance_id = -1; + info->instance_id = physdev->font->instance_id; if (info->size == sizeof(*info)) { info->unk = 0;
  14. I think that link does not work but I found this https://hobbes.nmsu.edu/?search=pcidevs is that the same?
  15. I have turned off the numeric file naming for DOS several years ago so I am not as familiar with short file naming as I should be. To get numeric tails on a search, Explorer must just be looking at the first 7 characters of the file. KexBasen & KexBases having only 8 characters complies with short file naming 8 dot 3. To register a library with RegSvr32.exe the DLL must have function DllRegisterServer & to unregister DllUnregisterServer. The MSVC series of files do not have these functions. When registering a library it can call other modules not directly connected to it and if there is a problem with one of these indirectly connected modules then it may not register. For instance registration may not occur in a folder with spaces in the name and if the other modules it requires are not in the same folder or in a mapped folder. See AutoExec.bat for instance, for folder mappings, Set Path=. KernelEx folder is not a mapped folder unless you make it such. So if a library requires a file that you have placed in KernelEx folder then it will not register if it can not find the file. Check this by using Dependency Walker and see if Depends can find the files. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem] "Win31FileSystem"=hex:00 "NameNumericTail"=hex:00
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