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  1. I think turning off "turn off network discovery" and "turn off file and printer sharing" must auto set the Local LAN to public as you have discovered. There is no other differences mentioned at https://www.techbout.com/difference-between-public-and-private-network-windows-10-46951/ the disadvantage might be if you wanted a Public network and you forgot about the registry changes and I do not think that there would be any pros. Another link shows firewall adjustment https://www.howtogeek.com/245982/WHATS-THE-DIFFERENCE-BETWEEN-PRIVATE-AND-PUBLIC-NETWORKS-IN-WINDOWS/
  2. Talking about YouTube source filter and on player MPC-HC : - it works with KernelEx9 complete. It stops working with any later version of Kexbases. I have tested KernelEx14 with all 14 modules except Kexbases and used Kexbases of 9 and working OK. WMP 6.4 works with KEX24 but on my more complex build it does not work unless I profile it with Dependency Walker - then it works. Dependency Walker KEX mode matching WMP 6.4 of default setting. Default will be inherited from Explorer which is set BASESN. Everything freezes when testing so there is no Apilog to show when operating MPC-HC & YT source. Apilog does not update anything further when a YT URL is opened. The faultlog :- MPC-HC caused an invalid page fault in module SOURCE_FILTER.AX at 01b7:05dbfa10. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=01b7 EIP=05dbfa10 EFLGS=00210202 EBX=06b5dc80 SS=01bf ESP=06b5dbc8 EBP=06b5dc0c ECX=00000008 DS=01bf ESI=06b5dbc8 FS=a7df EDX=05dbfa10 ES=01bf EDI=06b5dcbc GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 2e 00 65 00 78 00 65 00 00 00 00 00 2e 00 63 00 Stack dump: 00020000 06b5dbe4 05c417fc 06b5dbe4 05dbfa10 f002b93e 00000010 bff60000 82613a34 010405a6 010405a6 00000000 00000007 f002b93e 06b5dc54 05d8ddd8
  3. Once the video cards start to get better they may need their BIOS re-flashed. Several cards of mine I think need re-flashing the BIOS and the 6800 Ultra may be one of them. Ruthan did brilliantly here.
  4. Yes I realized this after I posted and read Karol's post again. Open Control Panel then select category > large icons then Devices and Printers. Right click select the USB printer to share then select Printer properties. The share tab should be there. Once you have it shared go to the other PC to which you want to use the printer. Then in Devices and Printers select Add a printer and then select network printer ( Win7 ). It should be there in the list. Win10 searches first. I have another idea for Karol to try if they have security ownership experience and the above is not working. If no experience just ask if you need help. The idea is create a short-cut to the printer then on security tab select advanced then click share then select everyone full access. If everyone is not listed which it may not be if you have not included 'everyone' as a user before. I had made the 'everyone' user for access to my shares and is necessary and also to delete old operating system stuff. Windows will offer to delete old OS if drive is approaching full but it is handy to know what to do yourself. Go next to effective access and select a user then select advanced then select 'find now' then select 'everyone' then select OK. Then go to original page and add user 'everyone', then grant them the control you want. This will allow every PC on the local LAN to have potential to access and with full control selected the potential to delete files. If you want full access and the need to delete files then other users will have to be edited out and it is a little more complex but I have done it several times before. I thought I would suggest this for the printer perhaps but you will need the drivers on the remote PC for the printer as well probably. ( Very old OS's are still locked out but some people have them connected to shares. )
  5. @monkeylove I have no problem with the shares tab, both Server and Security Accounts Manager services are running. My problem is I cannot see any other shares except Win7 ones. The printer problems are current and Microsoft has several reports on record about it.
  6. Fraps stops many games from starting with a resource conflict BSOD on my test machine here but what I can tell you is that Settlers5 @ 1360x768 everything on high the 6800 will have a minimum frame-rate above 20. My quick check was 27. Flatout2 @1920x1080 all setting max seems to be constantly at half the sync frequency which was 31 FPS 6800 and 60 FPS locked at sync with the 7900GS. To test a nVidia out try ExtremeG2. ATI usually works best on this and other older games. ABCDEFG sums up the nVidia top cards quite well here https://msfn.org/board/topic/181314-nvidia-quadro-fx-5500-and-others-your-experience/?do=findComment&comment=1185954 I know my inner CPU was not working as it was not getting hot and it should have. It was cutting in and out while playing games on a new motherboard (FSP halving ) . No this was with 2 x 6600 in SLI ( muddle up on my part but there were black areas, card and/or machine failing, frame-rate also dropped ) I have yet to apply water blocks and try again on strong board/CPU combo. But when on one GPU WinME 7900GT accelerated a fair bit over the 7900GS. The MT/s can be calculated mathematically and I think Wiki has a good reference about the cards. It is the MT/s that is making a difference I think in general browsing and Windows activity and gaming. The 7900GT benched over 17000 3Dmark03. If you download Tardis3D screen saver direct here https://www.screensaversplanet.com/screensavers/doctor-who-tardis-3d-680/download then it will test any video card's output speed. There has to be a problem with my 6800 Ultra I think as it is locked to 30 FPS. It could be co-incidental but I have application controlled vertical sync set. I have seen this screen saver fly without Fraps so I will report back the 7900GS FPS when I put the card back. No the screen saver application is locked at 30 FPS in the preview window and on the desktop. It did not behave this way before and was unlocked it even works in safe mode I think and will try. It works in safemode at about 2 FPS 7900GS.
  7. I was wrong about individual version numbers being employed for 81.98 but for previous versions were they a unique number or am I totally wrong? It looks like XP has the advantage of using the dual cores and APIs can make a difference as I benched my 7900GS with a very early build of ME and got 13700 3Dmark03 points. It was not straight out of the box either though as to speak as it had several games installed plus IAA23 plus Dotnet 50727 - working. The thing to note about the 98 vs XP comparison is the fill Rate which is the most reliable reading IMO. In 3Dmark05 with KernelEx24 I can only bench fill rate and triangles because they are not using the system drivers. The CPU score is not really a CPU score as it is highly reliant on the video cards performance and in fact after upgrading my CPU and benching RAM and CPU gaining higher bench results from other 3rd party bench 3Dmark03 gave lower CPU score which tends to reinforce the reliance on the video card itself. Here s my bench for XFX GeForce 6800 Ultra AGP 128MB. My motherboard has AGP as well. The second picture is when MotherNature froze output half way up the water stream which proves AGP has got plenty of thoughput and the bottle neck is within the video card. The 3rd picture is fill rate of 3Dmark05 and the last picture proves the internal drivers that they are using.
  8. I used to be able to access my NAS drive but I think the last update has stopped it and it says that the NAS is inaccessible and you may need administrative privileges to access but how can an Android based share drive do that. You can access the NAS drive via the media connection and when WMP opens then select open file location. So what I am saying it is probably due to the latest update mine says Windows 10 @ 2020. Keep plugging Microsoft for a correction because I have errors that go back to at least Win7 and then it is harder for them to listen.
  9. I do not think that uninstalling with an uninstaller would be that necessary. Once you have installed the driver place the extracted files in a different directory to trick the operating system. Then when you want to change drivers install a standard graphics driver first then reboot then update driver to what driver you want by selecting 'specify the location of the driver advanced' like you will need to do to install the standard driver then select 'display a list of all drivers' then select the driver you want. Because the OS does not know where the installation files are you have to specify and you should be prompted to overwrite the file versions or not in which case you do. It can be a fair few clicks to install but at least you know that it is installed correctly. Perhaps the shifting of the directory is unnecessary either but have the inf in that directory as well as the INF directory as the inf file will be asked for first after it is found in the INF folder and it has to be the right one. Have you tied unofficial drivers 82.69 as an all-rounder I have had no issues with it and have used Ti 4200.
  10. Just pressing the PrintScreen button places a desktop screen shot in ClipBoard in RAM. There is no need for any other buttons pressed in most keyboards. You then open an image editor like PhotoFiltre and right clock paste as new image or sometimes it is in the drop down menu > Import > Screen Capture. The clipboard can be viewed in WinME by running ClipBrd.exe in the WinDir. LICEcap 1.28 - (2017) is a desktop recorder and can be moved around when recording from https://www.cockos.com/licecap/ free. it does not need KEX and older versions are available. There are other screen capture software but I have been using ACE WINscreen available https://ace-winscreen.soft32.com/free-download/?nc&dm=2 needs a KernelEx basic setting for an active X load? I am not sure if it needed it originally though (2007) it might be I have to set the active X module to a KernelEx setting (It should be set as I have registered all OCX files) but at the moment KEX24 overrides child modules when disabled and I might be using a different OCX version to that back in the day. Caltrox says it is 98 compatible. WINscreen selects a portion of the screen with mouse drag selection. The system tray menu controls do not work for me but it has a GUI which does work. Caltroxsoft.com web site does not seem to be behaving as it should so it is probably best to get it through soft32 as it is correct.
  11. I do not know why the printers do not show but perhaps in Device Manager uninstall them if they are there then reinstall them or at least unplug them and plug them back in after a reboot. If that does not work make sure there are no USB problems. I say this because my USB TV card was getting too hot and actually caused USB problems where the mouse would not move smoothly. I removed the TV card's shell and placed copper heat-sinks on the chips then placed a larger heat-sink across the 2 copper ones. The larger heat-sink was necessary because the TV card was still failing and now is reliable. I use TV for hours continuously. Perhaps unplug all USB devices except mouse and keyboard and update the USB controller device in device Manager then restart machine. Cable Mouse/keyboard devices can short out due to wire failure after prolonged use. Make sure the local network is private. If it is then the firewall may need adjusting. In saying this if your install was logged in to a Microsoft account at first then there are big sharing problems. I say this because I cannot connect to any other machines shares except Win7's. The other Win10 machine I have running was not logged into a Microsoft account when installing will not connect to the NAS drive even though it sees it. You have to be scrupulous and turn on sharing in All Networks and Guest or Public sections of advanced sharing settings. I do not have printers directly connected to Win10 or 7 but use a Network USB server which has 4 USB ports, it works good but only one machine can be connected to the printer at one time so you have to disconnect from one machine so that another machine can connect. Drivers are not available for WinME for which I have a dedicated printer.
  12. No need to do any more work on reporting IMO, XP and 98 drivers are too different and have non shared version numbers. Try Unofficial SP for Win98 the registration settings of and different APIs make a difference. Make sure there are no cross linking of resources. The first picture shows a poor installation and is what a restricted PCI bus can do causing Motherboard Resources as a device being reported. The SCSI card I am fairly sure is stopping full buss width access. (an input line is not toggling) but the poor install is also due to previous Motherboard installation settings being still there. This latter situation would not be applicable in your case but the motherboard resources issue could be. The second is a better install of the same hardware note that the first shows many undetermined resource allocations where the better install has very few undetermined. If the undetermined resources are associated with the AGP port then this could affect benchmark outcomes.
  13. Some testers test a small area of the drive and all they can end up doing is testing the drive's cache speed. Sustained speed is the test. DriveSpeed32 seems to read consecutive cylinders so it seems to be a continuous sustained speed test. Those figures are good AFAIK. There is no INF or VXDs that I can see installed by iaa23. It is applicable for Intel chips 440BX to G31. Intel accelerator 2.2 was known to stop a nVidia card from working. If you take HDD off VIA and install on Intel then iaa23 will install and then swap back to VIA. This is PDF for 2.2 http://tetraedre.ch/public_download/opencv/opencv_tutorial.pdf. 2.3 made my system speed up but might have just been the hard drive accessing. This is for vs 6 https://jp.xlsoft.com/documents/intel/ipp/lin61/ippnotes.pdf . Is this a new phenomenon? If so then installing the old drivers through the device manager will not over-write the new files if they have the same name but if there is a prompt and you are writing over the later file versions then OK. The reason for not being able to install older versions is because of the registry settings.
  14. Browsers should keep up to date but see here and next few posts. https://msfn.org/board/topic/181784-streaming-downloading-youtube-videos-in-2020/?do=findComment&comment=1187998.
  15. Yes sounds like VIA GART driver is not installed. It is in the 4 in 1 drivers. I think I have found where to download the Intel accelerator driver here https://download.cnet.com/Intel-Application-Accelerator/3000-2086_4-10163577.html It was still supplied in a G31 motherboard install disc in 2008. Executable name starts with iaa23. I found VIA drivers on VIA web site. 4 in 1 should be here directly https://d34vhvz8ul1ifj.cloudfront.net/Driver/VIA_HyperionPro_V524A.zip
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