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  1. Goodmaneuver

    Windows ME VIA AC'97 not working

    @MrMateczko, @bz07, a406 installs but the latest AC97 driver that I could get working was a399. On a similar VIA800 machine the later AC97 drivers installed through windows update on Vista stopped one channel from working after 2 months, so I went back to the driver I mentioned in my above post and all was good again. a406 might be a bit tricky to remove?
  2. Goodmaneuver

    Windows ME VIA AC'97 not working

    @bz07, Did you try clicking on the resources tab of the motherboard resources that has the resources conflict and find out what it is conflicting with, then remove the device that is conflicting. Then reboot. Would it not be VT8237R southbridge? If it is then it has an external sound chip something like CMI9761A. I found this chip difficult to get installed, I know that 2001 AC97 driver works on my desktop machine. Later drivers may have trouble? www.driversguru.com/go.php?id=643592 make sure the newer files are no longer in use. I am fairly sure it does not like the driver you have installed nor the C-Media one? The BIOS setting of disabled should come good after install.
  3. @Nomen: Explorer set to win95 settings might fix the right click on drive problem and it is good to see you have fixed the refresh problem. It is not easy to get fully functioning hardware as well. Faulty hardware not toggling all pins if that is the right terminology, effects other hardware driven from the same motherboard chip. The amount of memory available for DMA can be too small in my experience, have to read my other posts. If members have a go with all my suggestions then if the video buffer has to be refreshed it will happen so fast you won't notice it. Have a complete working drive backup before attempting changes. 40607 will make a lot of difference but it breaks a some programs. I have given them a copy of 31113, the actual libraries at fault can be tricky to find. I am running with the idea for the reason Nomen has suggested here and for Opera12.18 and for gaming: - much better. If booting up and errors occur do not push through too much because errors can be passed on to the next loaded program and eventually a system restore may be necessary. Take note of the error and deal with it from a different boot drive. Some device drivers will look at the resources and install, they look OK in device manager but do not work necessarily. I have not tried the sata fix found in MSFN just yet. Game test done on "Glory of the Roman Empire" judging frame rate by eye using a single core Pentium 2.8 and a Quadro FX3000 (FX5900 Ultra). With 31113 about 1 fps with 40607 about 5fps. Note main slow response due to processor. Most nVidia cards do not make shadows work on this game using win9x. My Quadro FX3000 works, very difficult to get a good card. ATI cards did not have this issue from what I can remember? Opera works better with dual core processor or better, System Monitor and Process Explorer give differing CPU usage. CometBird (Mozilla) only shows 50% CPU with PE while Opera shows 100% with a dual core processor.
  4. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @Deomsh: XP setting works up to LAV 0.67 and if LAV requires Vista then it does not work. My run loader error was only a fleeting incidence and never happened again. @Jumper, A game refused to accept that virtual memory was enabled until I manually changed GlobalMemoryStatusEx to GlobalMemoryStatus which may indicate K.18 is not working here. I think it was never implemented. I do not understand the Reg settings supplied with K.18. Redirecting dnsapi to lzdll stopped the Netgear EAPWake.exe loading. Did you mean to add .dll on the end of the knowndlls file name because this makes the registry look for examplefile.dll.dll. Java JDK when compressing to jar file displays warning now that "Attempt to allocate stack guard pages failed", is this due to stubs of the vector handler functions? It had never happened before and not a critical error, I will investigate further. Does not make any difference with jar.exe KEX disabled. KEX still loads even when all modules are KEX disabled that are displayed in Process Explorer?
  5. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    Yes I had removed the quotation marks. I rebooted several times after attempting changes via the config menus. The changes never happened so I did a re-install to adding more formats using LAV then WMplayer did not want to play anything nor did KMplayer4. I unticked every box from the LAV config menus. I then did a registry restore but could have reinstalled LAV without install boxes ticked. I still can not use directory names that have spaces between letters in regsvr32, rundll32 or autoexec. Drugwash did KEX-version 03 but his "humble contribution to the world" eludes my attempts of obtaining it so far.
  6. Its got a lot to do with DMABufferSize and PageBuffers also you can up the size of the icon cache in the registry but I am not sure where now but X-Setup Pro can do this.
  7. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    When modules have KernelEx default settings then they take on the KernelEx setting of the module that loaded them. Individual settings if other than default will dominate over the load modules' settings. I tried the LAV filters, they register during installation but would not update registry settings from the config menu. I fluked a reasonable outcome at first install as I did not want LAV audio as it does not work my sound card that well (hisses) on KMplayer. The LAV session had prevented scanreg /restore from working from inside Windows, I had to just run scanreg first then scanreg /restore worked. I had some unicows errors so I gave KenelEx a copy of unicows in its directory as well as the system and had it registered as KernelEx KnownDll. This worked better for sure but the knowdlls for KerenelEx really only work as a version conflict manager. Having different versions of files in the system and KernelEx directory registered as KernelEx KnownDll does not work. Rest assured when experimenting with differing msvcrt versions meant chaos and these experiments were done with 4.5.2. I shifted the KernelEx to the system by updating the registry and then re-installing 4.5.2. How do we get 11.7 running KernelEx does not load from these kex libraries found in shortcut below. https://msfn.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=40016
  8. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @Jumper, About the setupapi list, I will put the functions to use I think, I am trying to upgrade my systems capabilities. It does not make a lot of sense to have connect machine without disconnect machine. I think a limited pick would be too restrictive. Your right I am experimenting learning a bit along the way. WMI.dll is standard with 98/SE (FE cab 40) (SE cab 44) vs 5.0.1755.1 and is standard with WinME vs 4.90.2452.0. Why is it important that only the original libraries be used? VLC2 when going through the K.18 modes from top of list everything works OK till XPSP2 and higher is selected then the menu font width is thinner, the top tab menus do not drop down/work and the app tends to want to terminate (crash-out). Alias for base enhancements works.
  9. @cov3rt,The tick in DM will still be ticked. If you re-tick the DM driver settings 64k box it writes over your system.ini DMABufferSize=2048 to DMABufferSize=64. You can run with 64k size buffers if you want, make PageBuffers=700 and the total DMA size will be similar to the setting I suggested. When viewing video at high monitor resolutions the up sizing of the DMA buffer is necessary to improve frame-rate on browsers, they may not have GPU memory employed for the resizing of the output. Tests can still be done with flash on veoh.com etcetera, but frame-rate may have to be estimated. Yes diminishing gains thats all, remember it is only 50MB so no trouble allocating memory. PageBuffer is RAM memory working space and PageFile is HDD memory working space both controlled by the virtual memory manager. DMA buffer size affects all I/O, storage devices included. You can choose Double Buffering (double the size) for storage devices in MSDOS.sys DoubleBuffer=1, which I run as I have SCSI for more speed. Yes 256 is 256kB, X-Setup Pro says a range up to 64kB so discrepancy. Trial and error are my settings. The memory allocations that are affected are controlled by vmm32.vxd I think and vmm32.vxd will be different between OSs but 16 bit should be able to allocate up to 2GB of total memory. The answer is for the bottom short cut given is for a general non startup problem where there is a full buffer. The Win95 in question is different to my WinME if it using ios.vxd and vcache.vxd as I am not using them. What the member is asking is how to remove the program, all VXDs auto start that are in the system IOSUBSYS folder I think (check bootlog.txt), so removing the offending VXD would help and VXDs are not always compatible between the OSs. You can change the ThreadingModel from Apartment to Both right throughout the registry, appears to have no ill effects and can speed up performance especially when there are many modules on single thread. Edit from top to bottom with 9x systems. Make sure a "match whole word only" approach is taken when using a text editor and just edit Classes let the system up date the Local Machine settings otherwise a registry corruption may occur. My system.ini settings that may have a performance influence excluding vCache. Conservative swap file usage is a disadvantage in my experience (creates problems). [386Enh] ADIXctlLevel=1 ConservativeSwapFileUsage=0 Paging=on PageBuffers=24 DMABufferSize=2048 LocalLoadHigh=0 [MathCoprocessor] FPUFlags=1
  10. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @Jumper, can function redirection use wild cards in KlEx eg CM_*=CFGMGR32.dll if not then these functions I would like to add to the setupapi list CM_Connect_MachineW CM_Disconnect_Machine CM_Free_Log_Conf_Handle CM_Free_Res_Des_Handle CM_Get_Device_ID_Size CM_Get_Device_ID_Size_Ex CM_Get_Device_ID_List_Size_ExW CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_PropertyA CM_Get_First_Log_Conf_Ex CM_Get_Next_Res_Des_Ex CM_Get_Res_Des_Data_Ex CM_Get_Res_Des_Data_Size_Ex CM_Locate_DevNode_ExW CM_Open_DevNode_Key CM_Reenumerate_DevNode_Ex Can we redirect wmi* functions when called for in advapi.dll be redirected to wmi.dll? Can _except_handler4_common calls to msvcrt be redirected to msvcr80? Leawo I was just using as an example. Maxthon 3 and Net.framework do not have any import issues.
  11. DMA buffer affects all I/O operations which includes the video buffer. The settings are just a guide and are what I am using to give improved performance. System.ini will over-write the device manager reserve DMA buffer setting and visa versa so do not re-tick the 64k box. There was a diminishing improvement return on the video when going above about 50MB. You can use 44000 max file cache if you want but I have no trouble with 512000, 16384 will be too small other members have suggested a maximum of 132MB. On winME installation of ram has to be<2GB, that means 128k less will work. I have 1.5GB installed on this machine. X-Setup Pro will show the buffer size which the system is using and what they say is not fully correct as I have explained. If members are interested in X-Setup Pro some settings are deadly so back-up beforehand. (CPU boost works)
  12. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @ Jumper, I have only seen one program that just called CM entries namely Leawo Blu-ray player. I tried renaming cfgmgr32 but some of the system libraries need the real setupapi. Anyway I would like to see the net.framework working again. I think it would be possible to get up to 3.5 working. Also it would be good to see Maxthon 3 working as I have written in Backporting newer browsers to Win9X with KernelEx. The K.19 CM additions will be good, I need to check for others soon. I have only been testing above 4.5.2 for a few months and I would like to help more but I need help on what I need to do.
  13. There is said that 64k is the largest DMABufferSize setting but this can be upsized with system.ini to a size combination of at least 20MB (DMABufferSize and PageBuffer nunbers combination) but not over say 60MB. This played YouTube without frame loss on CometBird9 until September at viewing 1680x1050 screen resolution (1920 - struggled to keep up when source was 640 x 480). Was good with CometBird video play back right click context fullscreen. Eg system.ini settings written like [386Enh] DMABufferSize=2048 PageBuffers=20 [vCache] MaxFileCache=512000 This last setting is on the high side, means 500MB and network cache will use the vCache amount when surfing ("system monitor" Microsoft Network Server: Buffers) EDIT: although this statement was correct, on one of my ME drives this shows 0MB at all times now. There may be another solution to YouTube play back. Maxthon 3 using retro mode uses MXtrident and works with YouTube. Maxthon 3 is nearly compatible and might work with a help from a KernelEx guru. 3.20.4000 tested and is easier to bring up interface than latest version. Starts up with KnlEx 4.5.2 2K or above settings. Earlier versions may not be suited with YouTube. Maxthon 2.5.18 I have working with (Disable Custom Heap) and mxmute.dll (Vista). It does not terminate after flash is loaded.
  14. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @Deomsh. Win2K or similar vs of regsvr32 with 2K settings is required for registration of some files. The files I am talking about do not have import errors as shown by Depends. @Jumper, can we link setupapi.dll to cfgmgr32.dll so that the CM_..... functions be used in calls to setupapi.dll?
  15. Goodmaneuver

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    @~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ Might be folder.htt corruption, located in the root dir, windows dir, system dir, program files dir. I am using the original vs of webvw.dll 5.50.4134.100 for winME as I liked to keep the ME HTT and color scheme. Before registering webvw.dll I would take a copy of the %windir%\WEB folder and registry. I am using wscript.exe from win7. I use explorer.exe with 95 settings as if not, drive properties does not work. (my build only probably). I recommend MDIE6CU.EXE as a base start for IE6SP1 it takes it up to Q982381. If you can get a good copy of folder.htt from the root dir of another build and copy into this build keep original just in case? Could also be a desktop.ini file at fault and I have rundll32.exe in both the system and windows directories. Needs a minimum KernelEx setting to load some DLLs can not use disabled.