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  1. @Miki see here and here. Use Dependency Walker to check for missing export functions & edit string within the DLL that is described using a HEX editor or similar, one is described on page 41 last post, oddly this post does not show in my profile. I would like to know what requirements are necessary for VLC 2.28 to run? The auxiliary Msvcrt what version was it and how did you have it implemented?
  2. Xteq-dotec X-Setup Pro 6.6 has a setting to change this but it might be a bit tricky to get back to original, so a back up of original file & registry be important before changing. This is under StartUp | Windows 9x/ME | Boot Picture. "This plug-in can be used to change the picture that is displayed when starting Windows. Note: The picture should be 320x400 pixels with 256 colors. If the image is not in this format, then *no* image will be displayed on startup! If you have changed the picture using X-Setup and want the default picture back, leave the field blank but remember that this will DELETE your current logon picture." Quoted from program. I think that the picture is within IO.sys in the root directory from memory? X-Setup Pro download page http://www.aplusfreeware.com/categories/LFWV/X-Setup.html . Icons can be set to display in full color which can make a difference. 3D icons can be employed providing anti-aliasing on the icons. Some settings are system breakers so a working backup recommended. Some ready made logos from https://msfn.org/board/topic/30795-two-different-boot-logo-for-windows-98-users/
  3. Does Sims 2 & 3DMark03 work with the newer drivers? If the game works with newer drivers then it might be nothing too concerning. I know that the AGPx2 supply voltage is 3.3V & AGPx4 is 1.5V but this should not have changed with the updated driver as it would be a BIOS setting. The AGPx2 cards had a better chance of working in an AGP Universal slot than did the AGP cards slotted to fit AGPx4 port/slot only. It would be the maximum transfer clock divided by 2, 4 or 8 for different AGP modes. See if BIOS is set up for AGPx4 because the 56.64 driver says AGPx2 bus. It might be set for auto or a driver reporting error. Although it will not be a concern, I have used AGPx1 or x2 setting in BIOS & chose a small video memory window when card is not working properly. Your card is good most likely. Check 3Dmark03 and see if it gives a reasonable result. When updating driver install a standard graphics driver first, reboot then install other driver, this is important.
  4. Has it worked for SP2 or the game without SP2?
  5. I disabled as suggested but It does not prevent the exiting error. At one stage I deleted DbgHelp in the program Alias and in the system and it stopped the error, but this does not happen with my current video card. So nothing conclusive here. DDhelp has got a CPU priority high & at one stage I had a DDhelp problem several years ago (probably card trouble) so I tried an earlier version which had CPU priority normal. It seemed to make a slight difference but did not stop the problem & up until now used but I have looked into it again & decided to use vs 5.0.1995.1. VLC3 libsmb_plugin.dll will load if netapi32.dll is directed to radmin32.dll. liblibbluray_plugin.dll will load if the _s is removed from the strtok_s string with 31113 as msvcrt, shame 40607 does not work along with about 50% of other executables. I am using 40607 as system msvcrt at the moment and using a mapped folder with original msvcrt to accommodate the Exes that do not work & placing 31113 in VLC folder. I am wondering why WS2_32.dll is so sensitive to KEX settings only Min and Bases settings work. I have mentioned some extras before that I use but I can give a more precise account of active modules & KEX settings? I found now Explorer set to Basesn gives best results & Oleaut32 vs 2.40.4532.3 needs Bases; Basesn; NT40; or similar setting but stops some JScripting if Basen is chosen. I run Ctelesvr.exe continuous for clear type. NVopenGL may benefit slightly with Basen over Basesn; won't work with Bases. MSVCR80 will be blamed for errors it may not be responsible for, proof, remove or rename onmi.jar in Mozilla. HD Video Converter Factory: most things work with 40607 as msvcrt in VCF folder but a couple of errors need fixing. Miro video converter works great with 31113 and a proper python27.dll but is not an editor, so VideoConverterFactory would be a good addition. Older VCF vs are better as they convert WTV but may be a bit hard to get now. VCF has a YouTube downloader and can convert using H265. This post could be significant because of latest FFmpeg works; avcodec-58.dll etcetera. ApiLog of vs 13. Divx player works up to KEX14. The program is set disabled in KEX otherwise Exe switches to Advapi32 CrypyAcquireContextW instead of CryptAcquireContextA. This error only happened since KEX14. It could be significant. The ApiLog is of Divx set disabled. CryptAcquireContextW is a function of Advapi32. HDVideoCoonverterFactory.zip Divx7.2.zip
  6. Try starting the game up with Dependency Walker with the profile tab. If it works with SP2 then like you said there is something missing or needs updating. Try updating certain files that Dependency Walker profile is showing like msvcrt.dll from SP2. Does SP2 alter system.ini settings it would be worth checking. The settings changes in the service pack could be to blame for instability. Try profiling with SP2 and see what is different and update files. Alt + tab key to get back to DW once game starts. What are the lead-in video formats. See if you can play them in external player. It could be that you need a WMP update. Could be installation from some infs causing instability of SP2. Does your 29160N log on to your drive at half the set speed. I have not bought a good 2nd hand one of these. If half speed I would remove it as it can be stopping the PCI bus from working fully. If half speed I found that I could only operate up to 40MB/s setting in the cards bios. If I tried to drive the disk at 26MB/s then system errors started to happen, if not showing at 26MB/s then they certainly show at 32MB/s.
  7. When I set up auto payment last year it was directly to my debit card. I could not change my payment details on MSFN forum. I knew I had to because of my card was renewed/expired. I am glad that MSFN has gone to PayPal as the card details and bank details are kept up to date.
  8. I am far from sure but even after running certain programing CometBird 9 can be short of available memory. I need to reboot to reinstate resources. I think CometBird 9 must just work.
  9. Yes but it is still not fully compatible with 98, CPU-Z is, which I updated my old version. It is a button based shortcut system to system utilities.
  10. You did good to have it play until now. Even latest FireFox has issues it would not play a few days ago. It is working now & may have needed a reboot after install. I cannot comment about VLC and YouTube mobile as I was unable to get it to work.
  11. Yes I should have said message but there must have been an error for the message to post. It was my fault as I have said (ROS file needed to be set disabled) so I am happy with DgbPrint message in KEX22. I have fixed OpenGL; I had both Opengl32 & NVopenGL disabled. This was OK for MS but not nVidia. I have OpenGL 2.0 now working by having Base(Kexbases,Kexbasen) on NVopenGl.dll. It can make error on exiting like Schwups said but I am happy it is working now and the program terminates. MakeHuman 1.1.1 works if pythoncom27.dll is taken from vs 1.0.0. Error on exiting occurs in MakeHuman except vs 1.0.2 & not in VLC with OpenGL on auto. Various games have nVidia error on exit. DDHELP caused an invalid page fault in module NVDD32.DLL. This was a fault that happened with 4.5.2 as well. Programs terminate OK but a reboot is required to re-instate DDHELP. OpenGL frame rate is improving. FaultLog.txt
  12. I have fixed all DbgPrint errors. I had NT6 settings on Wtsapi32.dll removing this setting to KEX disabled fixed the DbgPrint errors.
  13. @ Siria >am I the only one who has (now had) major trouble seeing those embedded crosslink iframes to other msfn-postings, with older Mozilla browsers?? Finally got them visible now with a little css-tweak. Wyzo 3.6.16 works I have updated to 3.6.28. What Mozilla browsers are you talking about; Retrozilla does not work. What was the css-tweak?
  14. Intermediate build has registering some files problem as well as new build Old flash ocx 11.6.602.180 and Wiashext.dll. This build had a working 4.5.2 system and Flash 11.6.602.180 was working. Maxthon stopped opening with KEX22. This was because flash was being loaded with 4.5.2 but not with KEX22. Flash.zip
  15. If using latest FFdshow.ax with KEX22 then it does not support all ASF formats any more. There is a solution, WMP11 files can be registered with KEX22 ie wmadmod.dll; wmpasf.dll as I am not using LAV audio.
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