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  1. Did you try to change the font size?: Display Properties - Appearance - Font Size FF 10 seems to be not as stable as 9.0.1.
  2. To run Palemoon 9.1: Replace after installation (comp. mode XP) the MS Visual C++ 2010 files (MSVCR100 and MSVCP100) in the palemoon prgram folder. little hex hacks to complement KernelEx link Palemoon KernelEX Wiki
  3. HyperBK has bookmarks and history functionality.
  4. What had happened during running the setup.exe (disaster)? You only can run the setup with comp. mode Win2000SP4. I don't have any kind of problem with the setup if KernelEX 4.5.1 or 4.5.2 is installed.
  5. The PDF XChangeViewer latest build works again. Tested: exe installer and portable version. The builds 198, 199 and 200 don't open pdf files on Win 98/ME. Wiki System: Win ME, KernelEX 4.5.2, RP 9.72
  6. Is it possible to make the patch for Win ME, too? Till now I've hidden phantom drives.
  7. I installed a beta version in May with comp. mode XP. link
  8. I installed three Firefox versions 8.0.1, 7.0.1 and 6.0.2 to different folders. The attempt to install PlainOldFavorites with version 7 or 8 failed. After the successful installation of the addon with Firefox 6.0.2 PlainOldFavorites also works with versions 7 and 8. I haven't testet the workaround of Steven W to install PlainOldFavorites Experimental Firefox 7 topic.
  9. Firefox 8.0.1 doesn't crash on exit for me. Extensions: DownloadHelper 4.9.7 Plugins: DivX WebPlayer ; GoogleEarth Plugin ; Microsoft DRM ; Shockwave Flash ; Shockwave for Director 11.5.0596 ; Windows Media Player Plugin Dynamic link library Win ME KernelEX 4.5.2 CPU Celeron 440
  10. Recently visited addresses, history and bookmarks don't work. Those issues aren't solved for Firefox 4+. KernelEX Wiki / KernelEX Home I don't know why Firefox 8.0.1 crashes when closing. I've tested only FF 8.0 and it doesn't crash for me.
  11. Hallo foxitt, try to restore kernel32.dll in the system folder manually from the install media (setup disk). Read following posts in this topic: Kernel32.dll If you use Avast antivirus try to disable it for the KernelEX installation and for the restart. I also had this problem on one machine with KernelEX 4.5.2.
  12. Yes I'm unable to drag the url to the desktop with Opera 11.52/51, too. I can drag the url up to version 11.11. (Version 11.50 not tested) Win ME I'm able to drag the url with Opera 11.52 on XP.
  13. I would like to know for what you need latest Flash in that terrible, over ten years old browser? Adobe has dropped the support for Internet Explorer 6 SP1. Version is the last for IE 6 SP1. New requirement: IE 7 System requirements for Adobe Flash Player 11 KernelEX Wiki
  14. Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMWindowInternal.opener]" nsresult: "0x80570009 (NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS)" location: "JS frame :: http://www.mdgx.com/focus.js :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 1" data: no] Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Could not convert JavaScript argument arg 0 [nsIDOMWindowInternal.opener]" nsresult: "0x80570009 (NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_CONVERT_JS)" location: "JS frame :: http://www.mdgx.com/0.php :: <TOP_LEVEL> :: line 31" data: no]
  15. In comparison to Opera 10.63 scrolling is a little bit jumpy, but also fast. I checked "Use smooth scrolling" in Aurora (FF) 7 "Options Advanced". OS: Win ME
  16. To make things clear, if you set 'notepad.exe' to W2000SP4-compatibility-mode for KernelEx, is it able to print? Your use of the expression "of course" implies you have KernelEx installed, but haven't done any trickery with 'notepad.exe', because if you really do have a compatibility issue between KernelEx and your printer driver, then 'notepad.exe' won't be able to print in W2000SP4-compatibility mode. Joe. I don't think I have a compatibility issue between KernelEx and the printer driver. It is the original Lexmark P6200series 98SE/ME driver. I 'm able to print with KernelEX comp. mode disabled, enabled and Win2000. Are you able to print from PDF XChangeViewer?
  17. Hey just a thought here but have you tried shutting off other apps, including tray apps like the message suggests? Also have you tried updating direct x or using a different video card or different drivers? Shutting down apps doesn't change anything. Version 2.5.197 works. Versions 2.5.198 and 2.5.199 don't open the pdf files.
  18. No, I can open pdf files with previous version 2.5.197.
  19. I can not open pdf files in the latest version 2.5.198 of the PDF XChangeViewer. Following error message appears:
  20. What about KernelEx-enabled 'notepad'? Does that now print? If so, then you've got your printer driver working with KernelEx and now need to figure out what is happening with PDF XChange Viewer specifically. Try the 'wintop' trick with that, and see if there's anything else being invoked that you may want to try KernelEx-disabling. Joe. 1. Of course, I can print from notepad with KernelEX enabled. That never was a problem for me. 2. PDF XChange Viewer: Wintop doesn't help. There isn't anything else invoked after I click print. Error message:
  21. Hallo jds, now I've tried it. But I still can't print from PDF XChange Viewer. Three programs shows up in wintop or ProcessExplorer during printing from notepad (comp.mode Win2000): LXBUPSWX.EXE, LXBUJSWX.EXE, LXBUCOMS.EXE (I had set KernelEX comp.mode of them to disabled) The printer is a Lexmark P6250.
  22. I successfully tested on two machines the Windows Media Player plugin with different versions of Opera (10.1/10.63/11.1/11.50 and 11.51)here: http://www.vdat.com/techsupport/windowstest.asp But on the right a part of the loudness controller is missing. Where did you check? And on one machine all the tests fail. On this one the WMP is upgraded with mdgx unofficial 98MP10. OS: Win ME
  23. Yes, I can confirm that too. I just downloaded PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.197 portable and it works (opens PDFs) in KEx 4.5.1 Default Compatibility mode. Have either of you tried printing a doc? I seem to remember that was an issue in previous versions of PDF and KEx, and I don't have a printer to test with. I can't print. I' ve tested it on two machines.
  24. I added a help page to the Wiki. "Create a new page". KernelEX Help page

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