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  1. USB 2.0 for ME - I use this driver as long I've Win ME. It must be installed manually. It usually works well, but I should remove the stick before I boot to ME again. Depending on the system, it can make a patition muddle for the session. The sys files must be in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS after installation. Driver on MDGX
  2. Yes, it was and is baffling me, too. VLC doesn't need Msvcrt90. My experiments with Msvcrt90 always led to errors. But if I remember correctly, I never have checked BWC's Msvcrt.
  3. It's for 38 ESR based browsers, but very likely many of the prefs are also suitable for FF31 or 35.
  4. Firefox 31.8esr 1. PlainOld Favorites 2. no Tab artifacts 3. "browser.newtabpage.enabled" set to false for more stability 4. Startpage.com instead of Google => working Adressbar
  5. Notepad++ is a problematic page. FF freezes. I tried the site with 31.8 on XP and it freezes, too. Yes, if I disable JS, it loads immediately.
  6. Surprised I've found I can start roytam's KM76 on Goanna 3.4.5. It remains offline and the submenus are mainly unreadable - Questionmarks and boxes. I guess a missing font. Goanna 3 based on Gecko 38esr platform code.............. K_Meleon 75.1 goes online, but has already the submenu font issue. 75.0 hasn't the font glitch and is also 31esr based. It runs but seem to have similar quirks as KM74.
  7. I have 2 and 3.5 GB Ram here (real machines), but I guess 1GB is sufficient for FF and SM of that era. Mozilla specifies 512MB. My systems: 1. Win ME, G41, Core2Duo, 3,5GB Ram, NV7800GT; 2. ME, i915, Pentium 630, 2 GB Ram, NV7800GT; 3. Win ME, G31, Core2Duo, 3,5GB Ram, NV7900GS I let FF manage the cache.
  8. Or it should be enough to delete only the search.json file before you start seamonkey.
  9. I don't need to reset my profile. Did you try that - FF28+ (Seamonkey 2.25): With the first run remove Google from the search engine Manager list, maybe more engines you don't want and set the search.json file quickly to read only. Then add your favorite engines. It's a little bit tricky. This may not work on the first try.
  10. I think you misunderstood me a little. Now I'm running FF 31.8 fast, almost always stable, the pages are loading as fast as on XP. JS generally works, of course you find JS errors in the console. Errors also occur in Opera 12.02. I'm pretty happy with that. The problem I mentioned before is that the "Speed Dial" - Opera calls it Speed Dial - can cause the crash. But, if I set "browser.newtabpage.enabled" to false, the "Speed Dial" isn't available. I also don't use this function in Opera. Yes, I already tried Seamonkey (...2.32, 2.33), but I don't see any advantage in comparison with FF here.
  11. FF often crashes when I open a new tab. The exact reason is still unclear to me - what settings lead to it? It has to do with the new tab page. Setting "browser.newtabpage.enabled" to false solves it. Then the page remains blank. This is basically not a problem, because the content of the page is without function anyway on ME. The other possibilities to continue the work on the new tab are on hand.
  12. I don't have payed much attention to it today. But many thanks. That's a hell of a lot! You have to know exactly what you're looking for. Is there something like a category search?
  13. Good finding! Yesterday I also installed the ClassicThemeRestorer, but I haven't looked for preferences. I saw the same tab artifacts like on FF27 and 28. I believe SquareTabsClassicV2 works as good as Australized V2. CTR1.5.3 is available on GitHub, too. CTR 1.5.3
  14. Are there any Firefox extensions/ themes archives from that time (2014 - 2015)? The "ca-archive-2.0.1.xpi", min. version set to 24 in the rdf file, gives a unusable, blank add-on page on FF35. A reboot to XP and running it on FF52.9 is very inconvenient.
  15. ...but previous Firefox versions had the ability to let you use the tabs below the address bar, not on top. Apparently, around v3x.x they stopped it? That could fix the problem with the rendering of these tabs. Toggle "browser.tabs.onTop" to false doesn't solve the glitch on FF27. Version 31.7 doesn't have that boolean anymore. Creating that boolean and set it to false does nothing.
  16. History: In general, restore previous session, recently closed tabs and recently closed window can work on FF24 - 27, 31.7 and 35.0.1. The rest not. I haven't checked the other versions. Bookmarks aren't saved. I haven't connected a printer the last years and the cartridges are not usable anymore.
  17. My approach for the "search engine list" failure on FF28+: With the first run remove Google from the search engine Manager list, maybe more engines you don't want and set the search.json file quickly to read only. Then add your favorite engines. FF creates a new file search.json.tmp. The new engines are listed in Data\profiles\searchplugins as xml files, the preinstalled in the Firefox program folder - Firefox\browser\searchplugins.
  18. I will try this, but at the moment I fiddle with the engine list / Adressbar failure. It is principle only one error. I think I have it working. Deleting search.json in the Data folder restores the list. With the first run remove Google, maybe more you don't want, add your favorite engines and set the search.json file to read only. But I haven't yet confirmed the exact order. FF35.0.1:
  19. I have freezing on GoogleSearch(Mozilla Startpage) - Firefox 24 up to 26. Yandex still works, but I really don't like it. My preferred search engines don't open anymore on FF24. Secure Connection Failed - An error occurred during a connection to metager.de. Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). (Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)
  20. Yes, my partion backup - from scratch - to check out what's needed included directX9c and IE6SP1. I just wanted to say, that it's only minimally updated, not that DX is a requirement.
  21. I would like to apologize for false statements and results and maybe that I've caused confusion. Somehow my computers had played a prank on me. Now, I started from scratch with only DirectX9c and IE6SP1 installed. Then I added only KernelEX24 +Auxiliary DLL Updates . FF35 portable has started without all the updates. That should be impossible.
  22. I just installed v35 (Count 4) on my main computer without any errors. The profils folder was partially overwritten or updated. So far no problems. Untill then I ran the portable 35 on this machine. Yes I removed the link to FF35. Look into the first post for changes. As I said before, I ran usually Firefox portables (9.0.1) with own profils the last years.
  23. OK, I like to believe you. The ImportPatcher did nothing. I will take away this file. But I think it was not for nothing so far to find out for this community what is needed. I don't know why I got the same result again and again???
  24. I don't have changed the js prefs! I only have used the ImportPatcher for the replacement. Yes, I had the XPCXOM error before. After the replacement the error was gone. I had repeated this several times on two computers always with the same result to be sure. Now I started a third machine.
  25. No, I can only have one MSVCR70.DLL in the system folder. Sorry it is twice there.
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