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  1. After I gave them (NTSTATUS)STATUS_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, I'm able to swap to Avrt.dll of Win 7. The Profiling of 11th still hangs at "DllMain(0x75400000, DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH, 0x00000000) in "AVRT.DLL" called by thread 0xFFCB6B63.".
  2. Yes Avrt.dll - probably the best track for now. I haven't made any progress by renaming and omit avrt so far (The result is "couldn't load xpcom"). Avrt.dll 6.0.5112.0 depentent modul NTDLL.DLL I've following suspicious API's in my Kstub825 and I'll check these: [NTDLL.Dll] LdrDisableThreadCalloutsForDll= RtlDecodePointer= RtlEncodePointer= Avrt.dll Win 7: I had following API's disabled, because I haven't found suitable return values (documented?). [NTDLL.DLL] AlpcGetMessageAttribute= AlpcInitializeMessageAttribute= NtAlpcConnectPort= NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort= Kexstub logs 10th Feb and 11th Feb: 11th [Kstub825] = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e 10th (normal start, no DW profiling, without crash or exit) shortened by ... [Kstub825] = ntdll.dll:RtlStringFromGUID=n2 = ntdll.dll:RtlStringFromGUID=n2 = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCIDToLocaleName=z4e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCIDToLocaleName=z4e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCMapStringEx=z9e = KERNEL32.DLL:GetLocaleInfoEx=z4e . . . = KERNEL32.DLL:GetLocaleInfoEx=z4e = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCIDToLocaleName=z4e = KERNEL32.DLL:LCIDToLocaleName=z4e = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e . . . = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = . . . = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = . . . = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = = KERNEL32.DLL:LocaleNameToLCID=z2e = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo = . . . = KERNEL32.DLL:K32GetProcessMemoryInfo=>Psapi:GetProcessMemoryInfo =
  3. DW log files 54a1 of 24 Jan, 10 Feb and 11 Feb Note: Firefox of 24th and 10th don't start by DW profiling. Differences I saw with WinMerge: 11th New - AVRT.dll loaded DWMAPI.dll loaded earlier (after uxtheme) used file versions: avrt 6.0.5112.0 and dwmapi 6.0.5270.9 These files (6.1) of Win 7 don't load yet. Probably I've to add some new API's to Kext.
  4. The current (Firefox Quantum) state is, that I can run Firefox 54 - 59, even Thunderbird 68 or Mypal68 in the background with no errors unfortunately still without (G)UI. The initialisation of the GUI is somehow skipped/bypassed. I can assume, that the InitOnce functions, ConditionVariables functions, SRWLock functions play a role here, but that isn't knowledge and I can be completely wrong. I'm not a programmer/coder. Formerly we've seen such "no UI" behaviour with Opera Presto 12.10+, too. In the case of Mypal68, one thought was maybe Win ME/98/KernelEx can't handle the XP compatible "unused chromish code" Feodor2 uses for multiprocess handling https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/issues/71 . Upon request Feodor2 advised me to search for changes between 54a1 nightly builds of 11 February and 10 February 2017. This "no UI" problem occurs for the first time with the build of 11 February. However, this is difficult for me, when I basically have no real approach. There are a lot of displacements and changes. Currently I'm stuck and can't get any further.
  5. I seem to remember early KernelEx versions like 4.5.2 need Kext (Kstub822) with entry [Kernel32.dll] InterlockedPopEntrySList=f1. It's probably supported since v4.5.2015.3.
  6. Really interlockedpopentrylist or InterlockedPopEntrySList? InterlockedPopEntrySList should be supported by kexbases. Did you set javaw.exe and java.exe to win2000SP4?
  7. Did you try driver winXP 5.836 9MB. The inf file still has 98/ME sections and there is 8105E listed. Check, if there is the matching DevID. Also, you could try deleting all the unnecessary sections or devicesfrom the inf file to shorten it. Install manual. https://www.realtek.com/en/component/zoo/category/network-interface-controllers-10-100m-fast-ethernet-pci-express-software I also found on my PC an earlier version 5.806 from 2012. The inf file should be trimmed below 60KB. Unfortunately we have such a limit. My ME limit is about 53KB.
  8. Surely, the "CPU one core use" significantly reduces the performance. With Intel Core 2 Duo Wolfsdale 8xxxx I lose one core, but the used one has the complete L2 cache of 6MB available and I see NV Geforce 6 or 7 (256MB) with driver support significantly increases the performance compared to the vbemp solution. Memory: 512MB is clearly too little. The known entry in the system.ini enables to use 1GB on 98 and up to 2GB on ME. RLoew's Memory Patch allows more than 3GB. Therewith browsers like Firefox 52 work with quite good speed. YT video resolution/quality 720p is no problem and 1080pHD usually works as well. This depends mainly on the internet speed.
  9. You can give Notepad++ extension Compare a try, too. https://sourceforge.net/projects/npp-compare/files/ Last Notepad++ for XP is 7.9.2. Yes, I also like and use WinMerge.
  10. Which vbemp version did you use - 32,64 or 128MB?
  11. See my topic Windows 9x Member Projects "Firefox 24 - 52 for ME and 98".
  12. Danielx, you are able to run K-Meleon74, so you have KernelEx with core update 18 or higher installed. This opens up further possibilities. Then you also can run Firefox 31.8. It usually renders the pages better, e.g. msfn/board much better than KM74 Goanna. On the other hand, KM74 G has newer nss files. Probably Firefox 31+ isn't tested with the Vbemp driver here until now. I'm not sure. To play youtube videos, you need at least Firefox 43. That is what my last tests showed. Of course, this may have already changed again. But yesterday, I also tested Firefox, here 52, out of curiosity with the Vbemp driver (Feb 2014 32MB). System: Real machine, Win98SE, CPU Intel P4 Northwood, 1 GB RAM, chip Via P4M800, Board MS7104. Basically I was able to play Youtube videos with Firefox 52. However, an extreme amount of patience is required until the youtube page is loaded. It's a horror. The resolution is low and it's a bit choppy. In terms of sound, I had done something wrong. 98 didn't recognise the card correctly or the card is somehow blocked. I haven't investigated this further. YT loads slowly anyway and especially with this old hardware. Test it on your system and see, if it works and tell us what you found out. Note for sound: Perhaps one Problem more Firefox 15 and higher requires a WDM Sound driver. HD Audio (Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware? [Testing thread]) not tested with Firefox yet. Vxd drivers are possible up to version 10 (14) only. - K-Meleon74: instead of www.reddit.com use old.reddit.com
  13. New test: Thunderbird on WinSSLWrap / OpenSSL 1.1.1t - instead of 1.0.2t or last u (end of official support) https://msfn.org/board/topic/174247-windows-9x-ssl-protocol-winsslwrap-117-rev-08/ OpenSSL 1.1.1 supports TLS 1.3 -> Message Source -> Received: ... (TLS1.3:ECDHE_SECP256R1__RSA_PSS_RSAE_SHA256__AES_256_GCM:256) OK, almost a little off-topic, but this will also work with Thunderbird 24+. My found/suspected requirements for OpenSSL 1.1.1: KernelEx (here core update 25) and reg file-APISets Stub dll's, additional dependent modules - Ucrtbase.dll (here 10.0.14393.795), VCRuntime140.dll (here 14.0.24210.0) Possibly Msvcrt.dll (here 7.0.9981.0 Msvcr70) - I didn't test Msvcrt.dll v6.1 yet.
  14. Info on first page: Keygen.bat generates ".pem" files. https://msfn.org/board/topic/174247-windows-9x-ssl-protocol-winsslwrap-117-rev-08/?do=findComment&comment=1106071 "Most folks don't need to worry about it."
  15. You can install manually and see, if it works. SSE2 CPU: - create a program folder SSL Protocol - extracted SSL2.cab files into the "SSL Protocol" folder - extracted Sys2.cab files into System folder - create a shortcut to Wrap.exe on the Quick Launch / Taskbar ("C:\Program Files\SSL Protocol\WRAP.EXE") or Desktop SSE CPU: - create a program folder SSL Protocol - extracted SSL.cab files into the "SSL Protocol" folder - extracted Sys.cab files into System folder - create a shortcut to Wrap.exe on the Quick Launch / Taskbar ("C:\Program Files\SSL Protocol\WRAP.EXE") or Desktop
  16. Hallo, basically can not say much about this, it's been a long time or have never used it. 1. Did you already read the help (chm file) of MovieMaker. See Troubleshooting "Importing problems" and "Importing files". 2. Windows ME welcome: I believe it needs macromedia shockwave. Path: C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\INTRO 3. First make sure, that you have enabled sound or music in Pinball options. And I see sixty sound wav files and two mid files in the pinball folder (C:\Program Files\PLUS!\PINBALL).
  17. Yes, something goes wrong on XP. After close of the first run K-Meleon 74 still runs in the background. Close this process k-meleon.exe with the Task Manager and on next start it should work as intended.
  18. I think you must substitute sunmscapi.dll by the one of 8u131, too.
  19. https://msfn.org/board/topic/171337-running-java-apps-with-java-7-and-java-8/ A registry entry is required: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile\shell\Run with Java 8] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile\shell\Run with Java 8\command]@ = "\"C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre8\\bin\\javaw.exe\" -jar \"%1\" %*" or try: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile] @="Executable Jar File" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile\shell] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile\shell\open] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jarfile\shell\open\command] @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre8\\bin\\javaw.exe\" -jar \"%1\" %*" You need KernelEx and psapi.dll https://msfn.org/board/topic/173302-kernelex-auxiliary-dll-updates/
  20. Firefox 3.6.xx doesn't even support cryptographic protocol TLS1.2 and has expired certificates. You need at least TLS 1.2 support. Solutions provided by Roytam: http://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/ - Retrozilla (rzbrowser-tls12-20221208.7z) - K-Meleon 1.5.4 TLS1.2 (K-Meleon1.5.4en-US.tls12.20200131.7z) With old KernelEX 4.5.2: - Firefox 3.6.28 (fx36vc71-20171108_newnss.20200426.7z) - new nss files for Firefox 8-10 (Firefox8-new-nss.20200301.7z and Firefox10-new-nss.20200229.7z =>simply replace the original nss files by the new ..... or try Opera 12.02 - TLS1.2 have to be enabled. Note that such old browsers only display today's websites in a very limited way or can crash/freeze with Javascript enabled and the pages are often not (fully) functional. - seems rather visionary
  21. Do you have an old Nero installation on your 98SE (an update or a fresh install)?
  22. I realised that this Java folder - C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\ - can also cause problems. Rename or delete this folder. And look for msi, jusched and java log files in the Windows temp folder.
  23. Odd path - not standard - Local Settings is a XP folder I think it should be on ME/98: C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Sun\Java
  24. I know from my own experience that Java installer errors can drive you to despair. I had a variety of Java errors, but I can't remember this one. - 1.5.0_06-b05.xml? Did you install version 1.5.0_06 before? Maybe a leftover or something is pending of that installation. - WindowsInstaller 2 (2.0.2600.2) required. - Yes, Java 6 requires KernelEx. https://kernelex.sourceforge.net/wiki/Sun_Java_Runtime_Environment This helps in some cases, but probably it doesn't include a solution for your case: https://web.archive.org/web/20111229065524/http://www.javafixer.org https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase/jdk-v5-microsoft-windows.html
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