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  1. Good to know. I think you are the first and only one to get 12.18 running on 98SE/ME. You must have dll's and Kext entries I don't have. I can run Opera up 12.5 build 1538.
  2. Apparently "&nohtml5=1" doesn't work anymore. I tried to run the FlashPlayer on youtube in Opera 10.63, 11.64, 12.02, Firefox 3.6.28, 9.0.1. But Flash still runs, if I take the gsstreamer folder out of the Opera program folder, what Commodore found out.
  3. Youtube/ HTML5 runs very well on the machines one, two, three, of course with 360p only, until I e.g. call a new tab or start a program. This leads to interruptions. My used Nvidia drivers 82.16 and 82.69 support OpenGL 2.0.1, but not OpenGL ES, 2.1 or newer.
  4. Why you do not remain in "No youtube for Win9x/ME users without KernelEX anymore now?"? I guess you will have no success with your abovementioned hardware and HTML5 playback. I already said: "Yes, but probably hardware dependent. Usually the playback works smoothly on my G31, G41 and i915 machines. It is very poor (jerky video), on my older and weaker VIA P4M266A, Pentium4 Northwood, NV5900XT (AGP), 1GB RAM system." My Hardware: First machine: Intel G31/ CPU Wolfsdale Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (SSE4.1) (of course only one core)/ 2GB RAM DDR2 800 Dual Channel/ graphics - Nvidia 7900GS 2. Intel G41/ CPU Intel Celeron 440 (SSSE3)/ 2GB RAM DDR2 800 Dual Channel/ graphics - Nvidia 7800GT 3. Intel i915/ CPU Intel Prescott 630 3GHz (SSE3)/ 1GB RAM DDR 400 Dual Channel/ graphics - Nvidia 7800GT jerky video: VIA P4M266A/ Pentium4 Northwood 2,4GHz (SSE2)/ 1GB RAM DDR 266/ NV5900XT (AGP - the chipset supports only 4x) On youtube help they say Internet connection must be 500+ kbps.
  5. You are not sure? The correct driver for the SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter is sl119.zip. http://w3.sis.com/download/download_step1.php?id=153181 Ethernet cables: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ethernet_cables
  6. Which adapter is it and which driver you have installed? Maybe you have a problem with your driver or your ethernet adapter is faulty or you use a slow and bad LAN cabel. Did you test your down speed? Maybe your router can give you information about the real speed.
  7. This error doesn't occur on ME, neither with 4.5.2 nor with 4.5.2016.16. Currently I've no 98SE on a HDD to test.
  8. &nohtml5=1: Basically Youtube works with Opera 10.1 and Firefox with KernelEX disabled for the exe files and NPSWF32.dll. The test version is Flash Player 9.0.280, even if the buttons are not visible. Then I tried an entry "&nohtml5=1" in the cfg file of Flash. But this doesn't work as I expected.
  9. First I tried it successfully with Opera 11.64 and KernelEX. It switches to the Flash Player. Does your router gives any information about DSL, Speed, data rate, performance (Leitungskapazität)? The max speed can be different in every street.
  10. 4.5.2016.16: So far I have no trouble or errors. Currently I have no working printer.
  11. Opera 12.10 runs in the backround only without the GUI on 98SE/ME if using Kext or iphlpapi4 on 98SE . I never read that somebody was able to run 12.10+ Presto. The snapshot 12.5 1538 is the latest that works without plugins.
  12. A detailed description comes with the Dependency Walker (DEPENDS.CHM). The symbols are explained in "Understanding the Module Session". Be aware, that the Dependency Walker doesn't show any API functions supported by KernelEX. The subject is very complex. I hope I'll have more time to learn in the future.
  13. I think to remember no, but I can check it tomorrow again. Supplement: The driver NV 82.16 doesn't work with the 7900GS. I get a colourful conglomerate on the display. I guess it works up to G70 only.
  14. 3DMark03 stops at the same position, after I had reduced RAM to 1GB in the system.ini (MaxPhysPage). The nosysteminfo switch doesn't change that either. Rloew's RAM Patch is installed, too. Maybe the program has a compatibility problem with the newer graphics adapter or hardware.
  15. Yes, but probably hardware dependent. Usually the playback works smoothly on my G31, G41 and i915 machines. It is very poor (jerky video), on my older and weaker VIA P4M266A, Pentium4 Northwood, NV5900XT (AGP), 1GB RAM system.
  16. Seem that only the HTML5-Videoplayer is supported and not the Flash Player plugin in the future. I found 1 year-old announcements in the net. Opera 10.63 comes with a HTML5-Videoplayer, but it doesn't play anything without KernelEX. Opera 11.64, 12.02 and Firefox 9.01 support furthermore the WebM format. The player works inside these versions. There is no full screen mode.
  17. Usually I don't play games, but maybe interesting to compare: I just ran 3DMark 03 on a G41/ ICH7/ Celeron 440/ NV7800GT(G70)/ driver NV82.16/ 2GB RAM/ WinME. The result was: 15415 3DMarks. And I ran 3DMark2001SE on a G31/ICH7/Core2 DUO E8400/NV7900GS(G71)/ driver NV82.69/ 2GB RAM/ WinME: The result was 39454. 3DMark03 stops during the loading of first test on the second machine (message "Out of memory"). These are no laptops.
  18. Jumper, do I understand correct, that you mean the dll files newly hosted by drugwash and not the compiled installers and code he hosted nearly two years ago? Drugwash removed the whole KernelEX folder.
  19. I didn't say this behaviour occurred with version 14, not 15. Yes, adding these entries solves it! Opera 10 runs up to mode Win2KSP4 again.
  20. Opera 10 (10.01, 10.1, 10.63) doesn't start anymore with "Use default compatibility options (KernelEx is enabled)". Failed to load Opera.dll: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed. It runs, if I disable KernelEx for Opera.dll. The last lines of ApiHook log: 1 ffc55877 [OPERA.DLL]0134e75a:<Kernel32.DLL>FlsAlloc(bfa4a2aa) 1 ffc55877 [OPERA.DLL]0134e75a:<Kernel32.DLL>FlsAlloc ffffffff 1 ffc55877 [OPERA.DLL]00404cbe:<Kernel32.DLL>ExitProcess(bfa4cc8c) 0 ffc55877 End of ApiLog for C:...
  21. I've no message on start. There is a path information in Menu - Plugins - Plugin Manager - show - Settings. Maybe a reinstalling will correct your path.
  22. Hello jumper, I test Release 14 on three computers (ME). So far I can't recognise serious problems. On one machine I've the MaxaCookie Manager, it opens, but doesn't work anymore. Error: A dll of the app is not registered or available. After I went back to version 13, reinstalled MaxaCM and I restored the Registry, the error remains. So I guess it has nothing to do with KeX and Release 14. I could reinstall whole KernelEx, too. It's strange that it happened after the update. Whats the aim of R14? Are there special programs to test? Is there a ProcWin documentation out there? @MIKL: "Copy and Paste broken" Is your entire system affected or only NotePad++? Please tell which NotePad++ you use.
  23. Can you read the label of the lan chip? Maybe you need a magnifier. It can be very small. Also you should verify the chip with a tool like Everest or Aida ... .
  24. You can try following utilities for 9x, too: DiskSpeed32 and Roadkil's Disk Speed. Usually HDTach (2.70) runs proper on my ME computers and gives the highest results of the tools.
  25. Usually I use Opera 11.64. 12.02 makes no difference on msfn.org. I have a question to the appearance. I see lines or boxes instead of the pins and symbols, but on one computer this Site looks rather well, similar to XP. So it should be possible to have a well-arranged appearance on Win ME (and probably on 98, too). Up to now for me it isn't clear why. I ruled out Preferences/Style options and Kext. It might have to do with one or more dll files in the system folder or an update. Maybe someone of you knows it.
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