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  1. Up to now I wasn 't able to run K Meleon 74+. Sure it is possible. It is at least necessary to add msvcr100.dll (MS VC10) and to use Kexstubs with with some additional API entries. Indeed, I have not worked intensely on it.
  2. 1.6.0 beta2: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/download.phpor https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmeleon/files/k-meleon-dev/1.6.0Beta/ and https://sourceforge.net/projects/kmeleon/files/k-meleon-dev/1.7.0a2/K-Meleon1.7a2.7z/download
  3. K Meleon 1.6.0 beta2 or 1.7 alpha run with KernelEX (comp. mode Win2000). Newer versions don't. Maybe someone has found a workaround for newer versions. Opera 12.02 runs with KernelEX. Newer versions don't. I've spent a lot of time to find a workaround to run newer versions of Opera without success! I'm able to run Opera 12.5 build 1538, but without working plugins.
  4. boot disk: I get only "10000: 0300 0295:10de"
  5. I get the correct message, if I run NVCheck in safe mode. "10000: 0295:10de" "Resource Under Allocated Driver Patch or BIOS Flash Needed" Running NvCheck in (real) DOS (8.0) mode from Boot Disk gives only "10000: 0295:10de".
  6. My icons are ok. Just testet. Sumatra 3.1.1 Kexbases: v11 Kexbasen: v12 KernelEx: v12 no Kext
  7. Sorry, I forgot to give "GT". It is a 7950GT (512MB). 7950GX2 0293 10de 7950GX2 v2 0294 10de 7950GT 0295 10de I'll plug the card on another board to see if NVCheck displays the information.
  8. There are no other lines. I asked because according to description the information is missing.
  9. Your NVCheck reports for a NV7950 with 512MB "10000: 0295:10de". What does that mean?
  10. I tested successfully the msi of the FP on my ME machines with KernelEX 4.5.2 and 4.5.2015.11/12. @Mikl Were you able to install
  11. No problems so far anymore and I'm happy to see Opera with Win2000 mode runs again. Did you work on my problem with Opera? In any case from me also big thanks!
  12. PaleMoon version was a beta release and as far as I know it was the the first and only of version 2.x. I found the release notes of version 3 here: http://cyberside.net.ee/palemoon/releasenotes.shtml is still available in Pale_Moon_Archive.
  13. OK, thanks it works: And how do I make the next step to QT_Thunk and FT_ Thunk? BTW according to the txt file of DumpPE you added version 2.20.
  14. I had downloaded DumpPE 2.20 from softpedia yesterday. I am not familiar with it. It works, but the box closes or crashes immediately after writing the last line. Is there somewhere a text or log output?
  15. I can't reach the desktop: latest Kexbasen.dll Release 11 KernelEx.dll Release 8 Kexbases.dll Release 8 Yesterday I wrote SorryI would better have put on my glasses!: My Faultlog was:
  16. 7Zip 15.14 The BUG was fixed: there was incorrect mouse cursor capture for drag-and-drop operations from open archive to Explorer window. Unfortunately the fix doesn't work for me on Win ME.
  17. I also can't run ME on first test machine. I get three errors Rundll32 in Kernel32.dll on start. First: 0177:bff641a2 ... More tests will follow.
  18. I use a MSI 915P Combo FR (MS-7058) for many years. The device manager shows exclamation marks at two of six motherboard resources. In my experience it isn't a problem. ACPI is enabled! 1. motherboard resources conflicts with E/A 0060-0060 used by Standard or Microsoft Nat. Keyboard E/A 0064-0064 used by Standard or Microsoft Nat. Keyboard 2. motherboard resources conflicts with memory area E0000000-EFFFFFFF used by motherboard resources No conflict with: Intel 82802 Firmware Hub-Device INF File MACHINE2.INF Hardware ID ACPI\*INT0800, *INT0800
  19. Kext doesn't matter. I testet with a modified, the original Kstub822.ini and without Kext. Then I checked on two other machines. Opera doesn't start. It runs with default options [KernelEX is enabled] only, but of course then the menus are unusable. Opera starts if I replace Kexbasen 4.5.2015.9 by 4.5.2015.8. Release 10: I still can't run Opera. Apparently my problem is caused by Kexbasen.dll. Jumper, I don't know, if the KexApiLog might help: Opera 11.64.7z
  20. New release 7Zip 15.12: Right click Context menu doesn't appear and work (windows version check). Set KernelEx comp. modes of the executables and dll's in the 7Zip program files folder to Win2000SP4. 7-Zip.dll (Shell Extension) , 7zG.exe (GUI)... Running 15.12: - Kstub822: [Advapi32.dll] LsaAddAccountRights=r0xC0000002s4 - KernelEX compatibility mode: Win2000SP4
  21. The automatic and manual vps update of Avast Home 5.1.889 failed on XP SP2 since 29th October, too. Same message: Not enough storage to process this command. I had tested successfully 4.8.1368 on XP SP2 after the 04 October. The update worked. But I suspect that it no longer works now.
  22. Mixtures of different Player versions (plugin folder, Macromedia Flash folder and Registry) may cause the malfunction. A thorough uninstall is required. Also wrong KernelEX comp. mode settings may cause the malfunction. Note the name of the Flash dll: If the name is (with version number) NPSWF32_19_0_0_245.dll, set the KernelEX comp. mode of the file to Win2000SP4 or (and) set Opera.exe to Win2000SP4. My settings are: NPSWF32_19_0_0_245.dll > default [KernelEX is enabled] ; Opera.exe > Win2000SP4 Many other reasons are possible.
  23. Most probably it is a wrong speed information. Better check the HDD speed with HDTach 2.70 or CrystalDiskMark9x or other tools. The results of different tools will be slightly varying.
  24. Sumatra PDF 3.1 portable requires to run: [Kernel32.dll] InitializeSListHead (supported by Kstub822) - There is a problem with the installer. The window is empty without buttons and text. I have some prereleases. The Installer of the prerelease 3.1 10314 (September) works. - Can someone still print with ComDlgKs.dll or ComDlgEx.dll (topic - Printing with KernelEX)?
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