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  1. why ? its pointless, MFT by itself is sort of DB, and fast search programs should use it instead indexer
  2. everything 1.2 MB US doesn't create one nor should any MFT searcher... but oh well...
  3. you do realise it was in BETA stage then and never updated ? yet it is still best tool to edit win7 (combined with 7zip)
  4. why use db / indexing at all ? most files don't even have metadata init, at least not useful MFT search is so much faster and more accurate voidtools "everything" and jamsoftware "ultra search" are my fav ones
  5. @MTDirector try using mem turbo 2, its an old app (can be found still) but good one as far as 1st post and w10 concers, I don't think anything will change for better MS somehow wants to remodel that "OS" to be mobile/tablet, ignoring how many desktop pc's are being used its actually sad to see how nobody there even cares or tries to predict how down the drain they will sink user base
  6. this would be the only "save" for them at this point
  7. the more you update the more OS-es get screwed seems like everything turned up side down ahahah
  8. sphinx firewall control, is good (tho i use older version) but only Pro version allows blocking of system processes, while free one passes them through
  9. ain't it less painful to just use WUD integrate safe ones into WIM do clean format and disable WU ? heck, even with just SP1 OS would be just fine, I haven't seen anything post SP1 that was worth updating for...
  10. wtf ??? nvidia xp lol 1. remove dx 12 BEFORE OS installation 2. install the last DX 9c offered (think its 2010 or was it 2012...) now you can test with DX 9 game
  11. or go to folder where link is, claim the ownership over a .lnk (yes i had to do same s*** on x64 as hilarious it is...) and simply delete it any pin or so called link is just a shortcut, not that hard to find...
  12. I for one hope for fall of MS PC's deserve better OS
  13. there is nothing to compare DX 9 will use everything it can out of GPU and GPU will give everything it can (if it can) via DX 9 the only fair comparison would be only when DX 11 would be removed from winblows 10 and leave DX 9 only on it this way you can't cheat out of it, it would be pure winblows 10 versus XP
  14. well now people are testers of OS, its cheaper and you get... broken crap
  15. i still don't get why is CLI of linux stiffed in winblows what is there to gain ? I'd rather see 99% compatibility layer in Linux for win32 apps, then f***ed off winblows forever
  16. worst OS in history of NT and they want to stiff it in 3D *facepalm* will BSOD be 3D too or will VR hat just go black ?
  17. I wouldn't mind, but can OSX even be installed on any machine or are they still limited to their own made ?
  18. rt7 offers 2 things 1. changes to WHOLE source (all images) or 2. change to single edition so beware what you choose
  19. well said ff they might as well put guy holding a gun to his head there as that is what NT is now
  20. well at least now we know that Win7 is last "normal" NTOS next stop: Linux + vmware with win 7
  21. lol check out Prism chart from snowden MS was 1st large company that agreed to it in 2006/07 (sorry for word) but they are whores
  22. ... not worth it, even old Geforce 440 mx had better bandwidth and trust me I raped that with games made in 2008 its worthless to buy any card for above dx 9, thus they are all cheap and they suck little PSU power
  23. its so funny and sad at same time for me to read all this after longhorn/vista fiasco, MS's goal (well one of main goals) was to de-componentise the OS hence why tools like vlite, rt7 exist... heck it was more clear when win7 introduced "removal" of .net and IE components but with winblows 10, they are glueing it all back together so nothing can unstick it total reversal of policy...
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