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  1. could be cache of program/component (older) maybe even prefetch-ed data of program/component (older) or even browser specific version "inside engine" (either webkit or js v8) , or just some settings you did on chrome in either case always check with twin products of same foundation (iron, opera, vivaldi, chromium) see if it effects all of them
  2. never win7 is last normal NTOS unless they get huge kick in a butt to return to normal for me is win7 -> linux
  3. problem is that they don't give a d*** anymore yes they are obliged to make patches till 2019/2020 ? but that doesn't mean win7 is their priority, as far as legality goes they can push 1 hotfix per year so yeah...
  4. I guess best defence on winblows OS is to use another in VM let the VM one get infected and host to be your main workstation
  5. it is ~490 MB btw... if this is not Service Pack by definition then I don't know what is but as*** don't want it to be SP 2 otherwise the support for Win 7 would be extended
  6. vinifera

    x86 or x64

    yeh... I became annoyed when ordinary browser eats my whole 3 gig of RAM so if I can stiff to have 5 why not... ill strip x64 to maximum without breaking it and use it haha
  7. holy shit ! Yzöwl you are life saver ! cant believe it did it all in less than a second O_o THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. i suck at loops can someone make me a cmd/bat script that would rename bunch of these: Windows6.1-KB2511455-x64.msu to simply KB2511455-x64.msu i have 160 of these (all different number) and its nightmare to do manual renaming...
  9. that neowin should get golden reward for asskissing to ms crapware
  10. vinifera

    x86 or x64

    or merge it... btw I F'kin hate this new board style/version, its so messy and hard to use :(
  11. vinifera

    x86 or x64

    ok I won't spam another topic, but few questions of 64bit OS since I have 5 gigs of RAM I'm gonna jump to win7 x64 but: 1. will old games as Diablo 2 work normally ? 2. why does OS have Program Files (x86) when it installs and/or runs 32bit apps NORMAL from ordinary Program Files ??? 3. can I remove Program files (x86) ??? :P
  12. ill test that crap when migrate to bigger hard drive never knew this existed, but again its their fault they split some valuable options into some mole hole can't find stuff in this NT 6 control panel
  13. vinifera

    x86 or x64

    hmm there is some weird stuff here heh... the OS (32bit) can't fill above 3.68 GB RAM (yes i'm testing its limit now) at least task manager shows as such, then either popup warning gets out or programs crash taskman also reports 75% memory usage, but "commit charge" reports "5075 MB" / 5117 MB used while resource monitor says that used RAM is 3882, and above it can't go so I guess at the end x86 OS even patched can't use these 5 GB :(
  14. oh man... now I see why it is so useless haha btw, there on list says (among other things) "Complete PC Restore (to restore from a volume backup image)" where is this volume backup stored ? or user has to do it himself ?
  15. vinifera

    x86 or x64

    AV is my last concern my jaws dropped now when I saw OS sees full 5 GB of memory (since I added 1 GB stick more) sjeez god **** microsoft many thanks :D
  16. no no, i have 4 slots 1-empty 2-has stick of 2GB 3-has stick of 2GB 4-empty when i put stick in slot 1, its ignored by OS, and this isn't some stuff brand, its Transcend
  17. well it turns into gestapo OS as I see by comments above so again, why do people use this crap again ?
  18. vinifera

    x86 or x64

    currently i'm on win7 32bit with 3.2 GB RAM (4 in reality) and I have 1 GB more lying around is it worth it to jump onto x64 version for 5 GB of RAM or not ?
  19. in your picture the first option, when you click it, it will launch the very thing i talk about :)
  20. its MSI K9N Neo v1.0 (MS-7260) think RAM slot 1 died as the OS doesn't detect any stick init
  21. no its the like win setup but there is popup dialog with marquee status bar going
  22. I'm still wondering why people use this "OS" when its such a garbage to begin with... as for Cortana and blocking and OS, they are doing same thing they did with IE in past they will integrate cortana and this edge so deep into system that excuse will come to: OS can't work without it sounds familliar ?
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