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  1. jesus christ you have been brain washed...
  2. for quick launch, try to unlock it and drag to the right, as toolbars actually control the height of taskbar in previous win's if you give QL icons "big icon" view which is some 38px if i'm not mistaken (instead 32), it bumps taskbar to higher height and you can't lower it, in your case giving it more space (worm like) maybe it will fix the right side too...
  3. Dibya you're too harsh but as time goes by you will have to switch at some point if you have any machine bought in 2007 it will run NT 6 just fine comparing to todays PC's mine is junk, but I'm switching to x64 win7 soon, coz of RAM, as stupid browsers need RAAAAAAM XP speed vs 7 ?, maybe 1 second in some cases - this goes on productivity more, w7 is faster as you can switch via favorites directly to given folders xp, you'd have to stiff shortcuts to quick launch toolbar or some other crappy place for that... not to mention taskbar being plagued by buttons too easily 3 GB OS is not that big now... s*** even hard disks from 2000 were 50 GB, now you can get cheap 500 GB so space isn't issue, speed... just freaking defrag your disk - and sorry to others for going off topic :P
  4. end of sale or not, its still not 2019 :P
  5. Dibya I was more referring to untouched, not backbone editing s*** if you wan't NT 6 stripped down to bone yet to work normally it would probably go up to 500 MB but thats not the point, point was how WIM is easier to edit than i386 setup, moreso for newbies while youre downloading other peoples scripts and configurations, newbie can do simmiliar by his own but as always you can't compare the 2 as they are totally different...
  6. you do realise that more useful tools were and still are given freely...
  7. go for easier way :D
  8. since i can't edit stuff on this new forum (sorry admin but upgrade was crap idea) I haven't experienced XP to misbehave, that comes with its every week maintaince (garbage clean + defragmentation) but I am aware that XP has problem with 2 things that KILL it, 1 is that stupid VERCLSID.EXE and its low Desktop Heap in registry these 2 make OS freeze and stop working NT 6 doesn't rely on VERCLSID in same manner but Desktop Heap was increased so no troubles there as for XAML and "win store", pff MS is behind everyone in all this things... Linux was 1st and this was lol when ???? Apple 2nd (iOS/iPhone) - 2008 yes ? then Android and glorious MS when 2 years ago ? and is still broken
  9. coz you use wrong tools slipstreaming updates is easy as with nlite, just another tool is needed and they are not bigger than DVD at all, if you use clean source, as in win7 SP1, with all updates till now (ofc not counting obsolete ones that were replaced) you get maximum +200 MB and ISO which is for all SKU's is what 3 GB ? the most that takes space in NT 6 integration are drivers, nothing else and WIM is so much easier to edit "on the fly" unlike i386 which you have to decab EVERY file you edit, in WIM not, WIM is just archive and you uopen it as such (hint 7zip) haha also comparing XP which is like 600 MB and single SKU vs NT 6 that contains ALL SKU's is... dumb hand on hand x86 XP Pro version ~600 MB, x86 win7 pro ~2.2 GB (yes tweaked both), tho one modder who did tinyXP and did tiny7, made win7 to fit 700MB CD so there you go
  10. well i wrote it he made so many to be seeable but all icons are 16x16 size by his view you did the same but with larger, thus if you'd target 16x16 too you'd get more than he by number of files shown tho both vista and 7, dunno for 8/10, have the bug with long names so there XP wins then again nt 6 has scalable icons while xp doesn't :P
  11. regarding the up button, sorry to say but its only good for 4:3 monitors any other widescreen gets good use of "breadcrumbs" or why don't you just set folders to expand to place you go... single click on treeview on left is again enough to get "up" 1 level he has 16x16 view there you have 32x32 can't compare that
  12. look at process number, it has 24 win7 uses 30+ (depending on setup)
  13. thats why i liked later Longhorn installations it was still just background, without "detailed info" - which is useless btw but on the bottom it showed the 3 stages of setup, which is only thing... there is 1. dvd dumps needed files for setup 2. WIM gets unpacked 3. "OS" is getting configured for user (MS OOBE) everytime i look at vista/7 setup makes me vomit 1. Copying windows files... - okay... 2. Expanding windows files... - WRONG !!! you're extracting them from archive 3. Installing features... - WTF what f****** features ? this aint Feature Pack nor "Extras" ! 4. Installing updates... - WTF ??? - if there are any they are INTEGRATED DOH !!! STEP 2 MORONS !!! 5. Completing installation... - no s***...
  14. yeh but POS ready is only for SP3 "level", not rtm/sp1/sp2
  15. wouldn't take it for free haha let alone pay for it winME is better than this crap
  16. bookie32, its not just about "recommended update" or upgrade... or whatever they have "Fast ring" which is buggy crap they dump weekly i guess, and "Slow ring" which is like "stable" but still bugged haha its laughable to me but oh what the hell...
  17. lol and what is Abandoned if not Ended support ... no fixes = no official support = end = abandoned
  18. they spit on it coz author/developer hasn't done any updates since "beta 2" version and truely no updates are needed... but people are always moody when there isn't something "latest" as for blocking win10, thats why you download updates manualy and integrate them there is list which ones are defective so you rule them out as for "best" version, it is "Ultimate" as it was with Vista, so is with win7
  19. yeh winblows is now delivered as chrome is weekly basis full of bugs who the f*** wants such os ?????
  20. XP SP0 (RTM), SP1 and SP2, are abandoned SP3 is also abandoned officially, but since you can trick registry to think OS is no longer XP SP3 but WinEmbedded POS, you can prolog hotfix download till 2019 i think and it will work for SP3
  21. this is most EASY to do with rt7lite, it supports both 32bit and 64bit versions of win7 sp1 tho people spit on this proggy so much, it is by far STILL the easiest and best to use and ofcorse it offers integration of drivers, hotfixes, manual registry scripts, bat/cmd scripts and at the end, it offers you to either choose which SKU to rebuild (just Pro for example) or ALL versions then it gives you to either make, bootable ISO, bootable USB, or direct burn to DVD you can do this within few minutes if youre not into deep removing of sys files
  22. but did you try with older "webkit" based/compiled version of browser example, if latest opera is 37, try with either their 39(alpha) or some older like 29 ? if it always comes back then its probably server side app bug
  23. could be cache of program/component (older) maybe even prefetch-ed data of program/component (older) or even browser specific version "inside engine" (either webkit or js v8) , or just some settings you did on chrome in either case always check with twin products of same foundation (iron, opera, vivaldi, chromium) see if it effects all of them
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