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  1. For people who are interested, I have successfully installed XP with ALL drivers on a mini PC powered by an AMD A6-1450 APU. XP isn't officially supported by this computer. It's even not necessary to use a modded acpi.sys file. More informations on the Win-Raid forum: http://www.win-raid.com/t5493f45-XP-and-mSATA.html#msg95791
  2. I have posted a message about the missing drivers: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware-234.html#msg96429
  3. It seems that yes. Changes are added to the previous ones.
  4. Hello everybody, The acpi.sys file has been update and I have successfully installed XP. Here the link to my message on the Win-Raid forum with some screenshots and more details: https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware-227.html#msg96114
  5. Tried today... The latest build isn't compatible with AMD Carrizo APU. At boot, I always get a BSOD (STOP : 0x000000A5) I will post a message on the Win-Raid forum.
  6. Thank you, I will try it in the next days.
  7. The modded ACPI file doesn't works with an AMD Carrizo APU. Here the link to the motherboard : https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=935 at XP boot, I get a BSOD (STOP : 0x000000A5) Can you do something about this ? Best regards
  8. @PPeti66x Thank you for the clarifications. As you, same thing.
  9. OUUUPS ! I started again from the beginning (just to be sure that I can reproduce the installation of the driver). Again, the driver doesn't works, the 3.0 USB ports are in 2.0 mode. The result of the installation is random. Disappointed
  10. YES it works ! I must have done one error. I don't know. I started from the beginning and it worked. Since an external hard drive, I can reach a transfert rate of 80 MB/s. Good job guys!
  11. The first solution doesn't works, but the second solution yes. BUT, after restarting Windows (to be sure that the drivers are loaded). I played a little with some USB 3.0 devices and the average speed never go beyond 25 MB/s. The 3.0 USB ports are always in 2.0 mode. Any idea ? Best regards
  12. Thank you @IntMD, I will try to install the driver tomorrow !
  13. OK, I bought an used laptop Dell Latitude E6230 wth Windows 7 Pro installed on it (and Intel USB 3.0 drivers installed, I checked the devices manager). For me it was the perfect candidate for testing the modded USB 3.0 drivers because it has all drivers for XP except the Intel USB 3.0 drivers. I used a disk image of Windows XP Pro SP3 prepared with Sysprep and 5,7 GB of drivers from DriverPacks injected into the disk image. With the genuine acpi.sys and acpi.inf files : No yellow marks, all is working as expected, the USB ports are in 2.0 mode. Now with the modded acpi.sys and acpi.inf files (I injected the files via Hiren's Boot CD before the first start of the disk image and the execution of Sysprep) : Now, step by step, how to install the modded USB 3.0 drivers ? On the pictures, do not made aware of the name of the computer, it's a E6230 ! Best regards
  14. And how do you use the file ? Just by remplacing the previous by the new one ? And that's all ? I Use disk images of XP prepared with Sysprep and 6 Gb of drivers injected (DriverPacks) for deployment on a new computer. Do I have to replace acpi.sys before doing a disk image and deploy that disk image on a computer powered by a ryzen processor by example and that's all, XP will boot on the new computer ?
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