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  1. @daniel_k Thank you very much for the informations ! For reference, are affected by the problem the following USB flash drives: All models of Transcend JetFlash 780 (8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB) https://www.transcend-info.com/product/usb-jetflash-jf/jetflash-780 Three models of Grixx (32GB, 64GB and 128GB) Regards
  2. @Dietmar A Dell Latitude E6230 laptop. But same issue on a Dell Latitude E6430 laptop, mini PC ZOTAC Zbox EN760 or ID45 or a motherboard BIOSTAR A10N-8800E... In fact, on all computers on which I use the modded Intel USB 3.0 driver from MDL ! Regards
  3. @daniel_k The issue with some USB flash drives is resolved by using the modded AMD USB 3.0 drivers (build 145 or 276) extracted from the WinXP-IE Optional Patch Integrator! Are these pilots compatible with your PAE patch ? Are these pilots compatible with UASP ? Regards
  4. @Dietmar On Dell Latitude laptops with your modded free acpi.sys V4, I can now install the modded Intel USB 3.0 driver! It wasn't the case previously and I had to use the acpi_5048 for that. But the notifications for some special keyboard shortcuts (fn + ...) aren't displayed on the desktop. The notifications are displayed with the acpi_5048. Do you think that you can fix that? Regards
  5. @daniel_k It was a pain to find an ISO of Windows 8.0, but finally I got one! With its genuine drivers, no issue for the problematic USB flash drives. They are recognized and run at full USB 3.0 speed. About Windows XP and the modded free acpi.sys V4: There is one good news, I can install the modded Intel USB 3.0 driver from MDL. But otherwise, the issue is still present. Regards
  6. It's not an issue with the driver but the AMD Switchable Graphics technology (like Nvidia Optimus)...
  7. @Dietmar I have tried your modded free acpi.sys V4 with a Dell Vostro 3550 laptop. This laptop has two graphics cards (Intel HD 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 6600M). With XP, only the Intel HD 3000 graphics card can be used. The AMD Radeon HD 6600M graphics card is detected and the driver is installed but the device can't be started. Your modded ACPI file can't unlock the secondary card. Do you think it's possible to enable it or to invert the priority of the graphics cards? Dell Vostro 3550 Dell XPS L502X (another laptop that I own) Regards
  8. This morning I had some free time and I have made tests with my BIOSTAR A10N-8800E motherboard (AMD chipset). It's strange, but XP prefer to install and use by default the modded Intel USB 3.0 driver instead of the AMD USB 3.0 driver. The HCSwitch driver isn't used or even installed and I have exactly the same issue.
  9. As I'm curious, already done in my previous tests! Before installing the Intel USB3 HCSwitch driver and only with the Modded USB3 from MDL, I can plug and use all my USB devices (even the problematic USB flash drives) but not at full USB3 speed (around 30MB/s speed for file transfer). I guess that without the HCSwitch driver, the USB 3.0 ports stay in 2.0 mode. Here the link for all the ACPI tables + ACPI tables in binary format: ACPITables
  10. I have installed 7 again from 0 and resolved the previous issues. Before, I have installed some updates and drivers (video, network and chipset) and made a disk image. By installing the chipset driver, I can see in the devices manager the famous 1E31 device and install and start the Modded USB3 from MDL With the Modded USB3 from MDL and the Intel USB3 HCSwitch driver, each time I plug an USB device in one of the USB3 port, I get a BSOD and laptop restart. After that I have restored the disk image and installed the official Intel USB 3.0 driver for 7. With the official driver, no more BSOD and I can plug and use at full USB3 speed all my USB devices, even the problematic USB flash drives. Regards .
  11. With Intel HD graphics 3000 disable or not, I can't start the AMD graphics card (code 10 error). When I disable Intel graphics card, XP ask for restart, and after restart XP switch on the basic VGA driver. No hope from this side!
  12. Sorry for the delay, I'm very busy! Here what has been done: Windows 7 x86 installed Intel USB3 HCSwitch driver installed (from the original Intel driver for Windows 7) - Right click on the PCI bus in the devices manager -> Update the driver... Modded USB3 from MDL installed - Right click on the USB devices (with missing driver) in the devices manager -> Update the driver... Result: The xHCI controllers can't be initialized (code 37 error) in the devices manager. What to do ?
  13. In my previous post, I have made a mistake. The Dell Vostro 3550 laptop doesn't have a Nvidia graphic card but an AMD graphic card. But the principle stay the same. In the devices manager the driver for the AMD GPU is installed but disable (code 22 error) and can't be enable. Screenshot
  14. Nvidia Optimus ? I own a Dell Vostro 3550 laptop and a Dell XPS L502X laptop. Each of them has a Nvidia graphic card, and as there is no settings in the BIOS for disabling this stupid thing, I can't use them with XP. I own too a few Dell Latitude laptops with the Nvidia Optimus functionnality. But in the BIOS, I can disable it. If someone know how to bypass or disable this feature, I'll take it!
  15. With the latest acpi.sys, no more USB 3.0, only USB 2.0 ! I will try to install Windows 7 as soon as possible. Regards

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