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  1. The answer about this issue is here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178380-extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-general-discussion/?do=findComment&comment=1174038
  2. --disk-cache-dir="w:\" --media-cache-dir="w:\" Replace w by the letter of a drive that is never allocated on your computer and you will say bye bye to the cache.
  3. Perhaps more simple to use, especially with command line tools. I Use a lot of them for my scripts.
  4. OK, I have jush finished to test PatchPE 1.30 (why not version 1.31, see below) with hexdump for Windows https://www.di-mgt.com.au/hexdump-for-windows.html By default, hexdump doesn't works on XP: So, I have patched hexdump with PatchPE 1.30 and that's works : I have used version 1.30 because version 1.31 doesn't works on XP ! BUT, if you want, you can patch PatchPE 1.31 with PatchPE 1.30 and it will works again on XP : There is only one disavantage with the version 1.31, now PatchPE need a computer that's support SSE2. It is not the case with the version 1.30. It seems that PatchPE can be useful in some situations.
  5. Five minutes after closing the browser: There is a real memory management issue. Pehaps that @heinoganda has a debug version of the proxy ?
  6. I confirm the situation. After a few minutes of surfing with only 2 tabs opened with SRWare Iron 49: After closing the browser, the memory footprint stay the same. I'm testing the latest build on a ThinkPad T500 with the french edition of XP Pro SP3.
  7. Hello, Can you reduce the memory footprint of ProxHTTPSProxy ? After only one hour of surf on internet, the process take 100 Mb of memory!
  8. Thanks a lot for the link. The repack version is more stable and fast that Maxthon Browser or the official release. But some pages as youtube are displayed in russian... Do you know how to get ride of this ?
  9. What is a glitche for you ? There was slowdowns, especially in the GPU test 1 (the guy with the very big machinegun), nothing more.
  10. Yes ! Only because I have deployed a disk image of XP with Sysprep and 6 GB of drivers from DriverPacks (http://driverpacks.net/) injected into the disk image. No XP driver for Radeon HD 8250 exist. So, no catalyst Control Center was installed. I have forced the install of the driver (and just the driver) for the Radeon HD 8210E from the DriverPacks. For installing the Catalyst Control Center, I would have to find the setup exe and install it. To be honest, I don't know. I will have to check the version the next time I will power up the computer. I can just to tell you that the driver is included in the Nightly builds of the DriverPacks. Instead of Firefox, I use SRWare Iron based on Chromium with Hardware acceleration enable by default. No issues for surfing the web. Firefox 45 is already present in my disk image but I don't have surfing with it. I will try Firefox and Pale Moon the next time. I don't know because I'm using GOM player and SMPlayer. I already reported that playing HD videos isn't an issue. For GOM plaver, DXVA acceleration is enable:
  11. I have tested too some free games in windowed mode with no slowdowns and no issues.
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