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  1. Yes, I have posted the same question on the Win-Raid forum but until now no answer. . Thank you very much for your answer!
  2. A question to everyone! Is there an XP driver for Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics solutions? I can find on the internet a lot of links for a driver for XP but concretely does anyone use a PC with XP and this graphic solution? I'm asking the question because I have the opportunity to purchase a computer equipped with an Intel Core i7 4770R. As the computer is a mini PC, no place for a dedicated graphic card, only the integred graphic solution of the CPU can be used. Thank you in advance Best regards
  3. @ArcticFoxie and @VistaLover Thanks you very much for your help! Regards
  4. Hello, In 360 Chrome Browser 12.0.1592.0 (russian repack), somebody know what is the purpose of these settings:
  5. Hello, The last version of Comodo Firewall fully compatible with XP is the After this release, you begin to have issues with the icon in the system tray and more and more issues after that.
  6. Everybody can check this in the event viewer (winlogon 1001 event in the application category). If you want, you can install the pstools and at the command line : PSLOGLIST -i 1001 -o Winlogon Application
  7. don't fear this! The result you get is normal! I have the same thing on all my computers.
  8. If this is a problem for you, you can add these domain names in the hosts file like this: browser.360.cn cloud.browser.360.cn dd.browser.360.cn qurl.f.360.cn chrome.360.cn ext.chrome.360.cn u.qurl.f.360.cn puv.tt.browser.360.cn 360 Chrome Brower 11 and 12 works like a charm.
  9. Try one of the numberous NirSoft programs. You will find what you need. https://www.nirsoft.net/network_tools.html
  10. For that, you can try FreeProxy Internet Suite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeProxy
  11. For programs that don't support proxy settings, you can use WideCap: http://widecap.com/ Regards
  12. In Internet Explorer, setup a proxy ( by example) and in the exceptions, add your domains allowed. That will works with all browsers installed on your computer.
  13. For a question like this, you will have more chance to get an answer on the Win-Raid forum (XP section). https://www.win-raid.com/f45-Windows-XP-Server.html
  14. @Sfor Thank you for the informations. To be honest I don't need Bluetooth with XP. So the lack of a XP driver for bluetooth insn't a problem.
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