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  1. siv32L works great for getting that info. Find here - http://rh-software.com/
  2. I can confirm that the following USB audio adapters work in Windows 98 (with no additional drivers required) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RV6VBNR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IRVQ0F8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 or something a bit higher-end: https://www.amazon.com/Behringer-U-Control-UCA202-Ultra-Low-Interface/dp/B000KW2YEI Also here is a page with some detailed info on that thin client: https://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/hp/t620/plus.shtml I would personally recommend something like a Radeon x600 Pro card (Dell made a ton of OEM versions that work fine in Windows 98) since they are small, (most are half-height and some come with full-height brackets), silent/fanless, cheap, and marginally more powerful than a GeForce 6200.
  3. @deomsh Still no luck. I assume you meant 3C0A for pcipatchB (as this would represent IRQ 10 where the HDA controller is located). Nevertheless, I tried several different values, and they did reflect correctly in INTELHDA.EXE; however, the IRQ in the device manager always remained at 10 for the HDA controller.
  4. @Deomsh thanks again for all the assistance....I've tried 4200 again and no luck, also re-tried some other values. I think it may finally be time to admit defeat here and move on to a USB solution. I do have an unused USB 9-pin header onboard, I may or may not try to come up with a mod solution whereby I can mount some audio ports directly to the case while they're connected internally. I did test with an old Behringer USB DAC and to my surprise it actually worked flawlessly in Windows 98 with no drivers needed (even gave me emulated soundblaster audio in some DOS games when launched within Windows 98). Unfortunately these have skyrocketed in price recently - I think I paid like $30 for mine way back when, now they're going for $90. There are a few $10 to $20 solutions I'm looking at.
  5. And so I combed through that data, and I notice only 2 differences compared to my Windows 98 output as follows: W1E - 0110 (XP) compared to 010A (98) W21 - 0000 (XP) compared to 0007 (98) W1E I assume is the IRQ (10 in 98 compared to 16 in XP). So W21 is the pciPatchB? Value of 00? So is that 4200?
  6. Here ya go. Mine looks similar to yours but there are indeed some differences.
  7. If I comment out wavehda and then run IntelHDA and go to the widgets tab, all I get when I click any button is it locks up for about 5 seconds and then the output box under the buttons is black with nothing in it at all (other than the teal blue desktop color). I'm not clear as to what you're looking for in the output from the register sniffer program, so I have just attached the entire output. pci.txt
  8. And....no luck. Have now tried $4402 through 4407 and 4200, 4201, 4204, and 4207 for pcipatchB. This time around I tested with timings of $250. Are we at a dead-end? Is there any useful information that could be gotten from the working Windows XP installation?
  9. Ok, so there were 3 registers with different values than the first time around. They are as follows: W1E 010A 0000 (old) 000A 0000 (new) W20 0000 0007 (old) 0000 0002 (new) W22 0001 0000 (old) 0000 0000 (new)
  10. Yes, pcipatchB=$4207 for that screenshot. I followed your procedure, and once in DOS, Judas loaded a sound file and said it was playing it, but I could hear nothing. I eventually pressed ESC and then it eventually booted back into Windows. Do you still want another registers screenshot upon the auto-boot into Windows?
  11. My bad, I meant verb interface of 0 caused no log. It is back at 1. PCI Patch B at 4207 did not help. So I have used that 4207 value, reverted the timings back to 100, and here is a register screenshot:
  12. No luck with any of that troubleshooting, unfortunately. I will note that changing Verbinterface to $1 caused the log file to be empty and caused some other oddities such as the 0000's changing to FFFF's in both the HDACIN file and various entries in the CFG file. I do appreciate your help, btw. Benchmarks on this machine with a Radeon x600 card installed are impressive - nearly 3x faster than any other thin client I've ever tested, and sound right now is the only thing holding this back.
  13. @deomsh There are no power saving features in the BIOS nor is there a modem to activate. I tried the config changes and no luck - still all zeros and upon re-activating HDA-OUT still no sound. BUT.....I may have found some additional helpful info. I went ahead and dual-installed Windows XP, and from within XP, I was able to figure out the codec. Realtek ALC268. I hope this information is useful in further troubleshooting (audio works fine, btw, in XP after installing the proper drivers there, so I know that my audio out jack and speaker work fine). Lastly - one other thing I'd like to add to this....I do have one other unknown device that I'm fairly certain is the AMD High Precision Event Timer. I have not been able to find any Windows 98 drivers for this, and I hope that its lack of drivers has no impact on the audio capabilities (I am admittedly clueless as to exactly what HPET does).
  14. A bit off-topic, but I'll respond.....I'm probably going to end up going with a Radeon x300 or x600 card. My x600SE card peaked at 35 watts system power while the GeForce 6200 hit 47 watts and the x600 didn't benchmark all that much less than my GF6200 (granted, my 6200 is the gamer's edition so I don't know how an LE variant would do). I have a pro model to try as well. I have to admit that I'm partial to the Radeon x300-x850 series of cards for Windows 98 retro builds on PCIe hardware. I had also experimented with a Radeon 9000 (believe it or not, you CAN get a Radeon 9000 on a PCIe card as this is the chip used in the FireMV 2400 multi-view card), but the power consumption is similar to the GF 6200 because it has 2 graphics chips on the card and you can't disable the unused one, so you have idle power draw on the unused chip.
  15. Ok, so after trying some of the troubleshooting in here, I ended up breaking things and needing to re-install Windows. So I re-installed Windows 98 from scratch, installed all my other drivers, and lastly installed the HDA driver. I'm back to where I was before with WAV files playing in sound recorder but just no sound out of my speaker. I also note that on boot, it says TSR Installed. Here are some screenshots: Next I did as you said - to disable HDAICOUT.HDA I simply renamed it with a .bak file extension and rebooted. After that, here is the cfg file: ....and the log file..... $000F0000=$00000000 $000F0002=$00000000 $000F0004=$00000000 $001F0011=$00000000 $001F2000=$00000000 $001F000F=$00000000 $001F000A=$00000000 $001F000B=$00000000 $00170500=$00000000 $00C707C0=$00000000 $00C3B000=$00000000 $00C3B000=$00000000 $00D707C0=$00000000 $00D3B000=$00000000 $00D3B000=$00000000 $00E707C0=$00000000 $00E3B000=$00000000 $00E3B000=$00000000 $00F707C0=$00000000 $00F3B000=$00000000 $00F3B000=$00000000 $010707C0=$00000000 $0103B000=$00000000 $0103B000=$00000000 $011707C0=$00000000 $0113B000=$00000000 $0113B000=$00000000 $012707C0=$00000000 $0123B000=$00000000 $0123B000=$00000000 $013707C0=$00000000 $0133B000=$00000000 $0133B000=$00000000 $014707C0=$00000000 $0143B000=$00000000 $0143B000=$00000000 $015707C0=$00000000 $0153B000=$00000000 $0153B000=$00000000 $016707C0=$00000000 $0163B000=$00000000 $0163B000=$00000000 $017707C0=$00000000 $0173B000=$00000000 $0173B000=$00000000 $018707C0=$00000000 $0183B000=$00000000 $0183B000=$00000000 $019707C0=$00000000 $0193B000=$00000000 $0193B000=$00000000 $01A707C0=$00000000 $01A3B000=$00000000 $01A3B000=$00000000 $01B707C0=$00000000 $01B3B000=$00000000 $01B3B000=$00000000 $00224011=$00000000 $00270610=$00000000 $00224011=$00000000 $00270610=$00000000 $00270500=$00000000 $0143A07F=$00000000 $0143907F=$00000000

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