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  1. https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=324295.0 Guys, if you don't know, Avast stopped giving definition updates on versions 9/10/11 since November 2023. It means that non-SSE processors are vulnerable now (10.4.2223 was the last non-SSE version) @AstroSkipper Please edit our antimalware list. Dušan Vićić P.S. Avast is slowly closing in on version 18 definition updates... No announcement yet, but XP will lose Avast antivirus support in 5 years, at best... Version 11 was released in 2016, i think. Damn it.
  2. http://www.win3x.org/win3board/viewtopic.php?t=96 On this site there are some of those WIN 3.1 updates available in English and French language. Also, on the other hand, Windows NT 4.0 SP6a on IE6 SP1 installed every single update correctly in WUv3. I don't know how it behaves in the older versions of IE, like 5 or 5.5, or in the SP3, SP4, SP5, gotta test that...
  3. Finally, something that i was searching for a loooooong time. I don't mind it it's offline, but i think it is not a demanding one. It seems that i can't find any system requirements on their website, for some reason. For the layout of the antivirus i sincerely hope that it can run on the non SSE processors cuz it feels like those old antivirus programs from 9x/ME.
  4. That's nuts.... I never imagined IE6 to get it working in 95!!! (real talk, MS could made it possible to do this if they really wanted, but, ya know, 95 was approaching EOL in a couple of months, XP was a huge deal, so they didn't do it, cuz it would be a waste of time and money. Nuff said)
  5. Finally, the WINDOWS UPDATE HAS COME BACK TO WINDOWS 98/ME!!!! (read this in The Rock's voice) Took it long enough... (11 YEARS!?!?) I will test the website tomorrow ASAP (98 on VM, 2000 on real computer). By the way, i would remind you that you shall do some negotiations with Legacy Update team to include V4 on their sites, if you want... We can host our private servers, you know, we already have our domain... I've just gave some facts to consider what is next... Also, you can extract all official (and unofficial) updates in the AutoPatcher for Windows 98. The real thing is rewritting the download links to make this thing working... Still, HUGE freaking congrats to all of those who made this website functional!!!!! Cheers, mates!
  6. For the second question, you will get disappointed. The last version of IE that works properly on Windows 95 is IE 5.5 SP2. I don't really know of someone made a patch or a back port of IE6 on W95. For the first question... This is a first time i saw this type of question on forum... But probably it would work, with a lots of bugs, because it was designed to work in W95/3.xx kernel, and W2000 was on "all-new" NT kernel... Or it might won't even work...
  7. Very good!!!!! Finally some good news. Can't wait to see completed v3.1!!! Still, the big problems with v4 website are still not solved. The second most important WU website, after v6, imo. I'm gonna check if that v3.1 website is working on my W98 VM! Welp, for some reason, it redirects me to the 404 error, so i can't see it in the moment.
  8. In my opinion, and it's because of version 3 WU, i would go on Windows 95 and NT 4 (Server and Workstation versions). Also you said about getting new inventory system until 2002. Windows 95 was supported until December 31st 2001. (it's a shame that it wasn't long supported) So this does mean that it can recognize all W95 updates with this updated inventory system that has surpassed W95 EOL. You should especially focus on getting this working on 95 with different IE browser versions. (on some browsers it does work, on some it doesn't)
  9. In my childhood, the real deal was the Nokia Symbian OS and Series 60 feature phones. Nowdays, my favorite smartphone OS are Android 4xx series and IOS 9. Visually perfect in comparason of today's minimalistic OS-es.
  10. Goddamn, Office Update is now working!!! (almost) I'm super excited about WUv4, especially after seeing the latest news. We are a couple of steps to get it working properly!!! Hosting a update servers for each version would be the final thing to do, in my opinion. Cheers!!!!
  11. Man, i think Microsoft cutted support for W7 on OneNote app, idk when it was last year or this year. But still, you can go to the web page of OneNote and share it there.
  12. Damn! That's great news. That's problem no.3 solved. I'm still more interested getting V3 and V4 up and running, because i have retro computer that is capable of running W98, but i don't have the compatable PCI Network Adapter, but currently, this project is still up and running! Great job!
  13. Sorry to pop in unannounced, but i have to say that this work in progress is doing pretty well!!! But i have couple of ideas and questions about this project. After you get all WU versions up and running as it was long time ago, you must find a way to host the update servers on the internet, even if it's for the historical purposes. You can create one website in with the server will register with Windows OS are you using between 95, NT 4.0, 98FE, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP and then select the appropriate update version for each OS. For instance, let's say that you are using Windows 98 and you want to update the computer using the old fashioned way instead of AutoPatcher. User will connect to your website, then website would redirect the user on the WUv4 site and update that computer completely without using AutoPatcher. But i think the real problem would be the 95 users, maybe because IE version is limited to the 5.5 instead of 6.0 or it's because of the compatibility or something else, i don't know. Second. I read that the Windows 98 and NT 4.0 updates are still in Microsoft servers, miraculously, but most of the updates URLs are lost in time. At least the packages are saved on the various sites and utilities on the internet, but is it possible to replace the download links manually to not go to the Microsoft server but instead to go to the host servers? Will the WU work even after you've replaced the original download links? Third. When you've finished with this project, would you post the instructions how can we do this by ourselves step by step to replicate this finished work? I read the whole thread because i was always interested seeing the old WU versions on older Windows systems on YT, but after seeing that you've almost completed replicated the old WU system versions, i was actually impressed of your 5 month work on this project. Keep it up and let's hope that this project is gonna be finished in this year!
  14. Do you plan to upgrade to Windows 10 in the next 12 months? Unfortunately, i must do. After i finish high school so i must have a great and safe Windows 11 laptop. Are you paying for extended support? No, because of 2 reasons. 1. I don't have enough money to pay for that. 2. Some tech dude would break the code and serve us bonus updates past EOL that MS released for ESU users. What is the main reason you haven't upgraded? Windows 7 feels like the proper remake of Windows XP, than Vista. Used it since i bought this Lenovo G580 in 2015. I used this system for a long time and i don't have any complaints except the useless Windows Defender... When i saw Windows 8 (not 8.1, the OG Metro design), i felt like this wasn't Windows OS. I asked my friend "WHERE TF IS THE START MENU?!" just to show me "Metro" Start menu. YEEEEAH, not a good one. Idk what's worse: ME or 8. ME had unstable OS while 8 had NO START MENU and bloky style design. if i would choose, i would choose ME no questions. Because i had no Internet until late 2015 (yeah, i wrote that right), i remember looking on Windows 10 like "back to the basics" OS just to see the disasterous launch. It was yet so strange yet so different from the 7. The main problem in MS is the PRIVACY, MAN! Edge was a bad browser on launch and eventually, MS had to copy the Chromium style browser. For now, Edge is looking pretty good, but it has some privacy bs. And yes let's not forget the importance of Microsoft account in W10 and the infamous Windows Update system that REQUIRES to check for updates. You don't have 100% control over WU in W10, but on 7, you could never check for updates if you want!!! And the final thing is removing the Glass background and replacing with the something worse. Now W11 is a strange topic. The requirements are total "BlueBalls", in my opinion. Why, just WHY are you insisting to upgrade to Intel Core 8th generation if it's working properly on the OLDER PROCESSORS??? And it's proved already. TPM and Secure Boot is just an excuse for getting a newer system!!!!! AND LET'S not FORGET THIS!!!! " Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft account." AYO WHAT THE ****??? "REQUIRES", hahahaaha. This is saying: "Sorry but if you don't have internet connection, we have a product for you! It's called Windows 10!" (yeah it's E3 2013 Xbox 360 joke all over again). Ok, let's forget that topic for now. The main problem is having a Microsoft Account again to access some features, but i cannot forget one thing. Placing Start button IN THE CENTER of the taskbar. When i saw that, i immediately thought "wat, are they copying Mac OS?", but i realized that it can be changed in the settings. THANK GOD. For some reason i think the UI in the W11 is better that W10, and i really think that i should jump straight to the Windows 11 laptop. I really think that they should've fixed all the issues since the quick launch previous year, because i don't want to use a software that it's crashing non-stop. So yeah that is my opinion why am i still using Windows 7 in 2022. Windows 10 is gonna be some weird dream for me, while i still have "some" hope for 11 to at least not add some more privacy issues. In that case, I'm going in a unknown Linux territory.

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