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  1. I would use this on WinNT5.0 and up and PowerShell is only directly included in Win6.1. If supresssing this MSG Box is not possible with a VBScript would it then be possible to skip the CopyHere with a silent switch (/s) when a Font file is already installed?
  2. HI, Is it possible to modify this script to support a silent install command (/s) to suppress the MSG Box when a Font is already installed? Const FONTS = &H14&Dim Dic :Set Dic = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")Dim Fso :Set Fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Dim Shl :Set Shl = CreateObject("Shell.Application")Dim Fns :Set Fns = Shl.Namespace(FONTS)Dim i,v :v = Array("fon","otf","pfm", "ttf") For Each i In v Dic.CompareMode = 1 'Make lookups case-insensitive. Dic.Add i, True Next For Each i In Fso.getfolder(".").Files If Dic.Exists(Fso.GetExtensionName(i)) Then Fns.CopyHere i.Path End If Next
  3. Internet icon in Start Menu not changing?

    I reversed back to KB975713 because KB2926765 only fixes a Elevation Privilege Vulnerability where you have to be log on locally to exploit this vulnerability. Let's see if MickySoft fixes this until April 2019.
  4. I'm using this command multiple times and it makes it easier to edit and to find typos and i will also using this code in a different scenario.
  5. I use this command in a .inf file. 11,,cmd.exe,,,"/Q /V:ON /C ""SET ""EmptyFolder=%ProgramFiles%\Software\temp"" & PUSHD ""!EmptyFolder!"" && (RMDIR ""!EmptyFolder!"" /S /Q 2>NUL & POPD)"""
  6. After looking into this a little more i think this will not work because the "Add/Remove Windows Components" is using "ocgen.dll" to execute the .inf files. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\OptionalComponents\MU]"INF"="WINXPUP.inf""Section"="MicrosoftUpdate""Installed"="1"
  7. I'm using "ocgen.dll" not sure if i could use "advpack.dll" for an UpdatePack without messing things up. This .inf part is being run from the "Add/Remove Windows Components".
  8. The thing is that the "DataStore.edb" file is used by the "wuauserv" service so it needs to be stoped before i can overwrite the "DataStore.edb" file. But no matter what i try the .inf file is always executing the CopyFiles ("DataStore.edb") before the UnregisterDlls (SC stop "wuauserv"). So i try to find a workaround for the .inf file to first execute a command before a copy process.
  9. True "net stop wuauserv" would be a more cleaner way to do this then "taskkill.exe /IM "wuauclt.exe" /F". But still have to find out how to execute this in a inf file before CopyFiles.
  10. Interesting this one works great thanks. For anyone who asks themselves why i need this command here is the complete command i use. CMD /S /Q /V:ON /C "SET "EmptyFolder=%ProgramFiles%\Software\temp" & PUSHD "!EmptyFolder!" && (RMDIR "!EmptyFolder!" /S /Q 2>NUL & POPD)"This will delete everything in a folder but will not delete the Root folder (temp). I'm only not sure if i should use the /S at the beginning or not it works with both.
  11. Here is the best i could come up with (Trimmed down). The "wuauclt.exe" process needs to be terminated so that the "DataStor.edb" file can be overwritten. But this does not works because the CopyFiles is executed before the UnregisterDlls so i'm trying to find a way around this problem. [Version] signature="$Windows NT$" ClassGUID={00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} SetupClass=Base LayoutFile=layout.inf DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.5512[Optional Components] MicrosoftUpdate[MicrosoftUpdate] UnregisterDlls = Stop.MicrosoftUpdate CopyFiles = DataStore.Files[Stop.MicrosoftUpdate] 11,,taskkill.exe,,,"/IM ""wuauclt.exe"" /F"[DestinationDirs] DataStore.Files = 10, "SoftwareDistribution\DataStore" DataStore.Files] DataStore.edb, DataStor.edb, ,4
  12. HI, I try for hours to find a way to run taskkill in an .inf file before CopyFiles i tried so many different thinks but none have worked.
  13. Thank you this command line is working great.
  14. The first example didn't work so i used the last one but since i need to have everything in one code line i used this code below this one should work but it doesn't. CMD /Q /C V:ON SET "FM=FolderName" & ECHO "!FM!"
  15. HI, I'm trying to get this first command line here to work but i have no luck to get it working. @ECHO OFFSET "FN=FolderName" & ECHO "%FN%"PAUSE But on separate lines i works. @ECHO OFFSET "FN=FolderName"ECHO "%FN%"PAUSE