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  1. @Andalu Will this corruption problem also happen with the Win2k "disk.sys" and "partmgr.sys" files?
  2. Paragon HFS v11.0.0.175 was still compatible with Windows XP only the installer wasn't.
  3. v8 was a very od one. The new one that was added is v11.0.0.175 https://www.mediafire.com/file/gj2i59pdix1o180/Windows_XP_-_Integral_Edition_-_Paragon_GPT_Loader_v11.0.0.175.zip/file
  4. Any config settings in Beta 5 still need to be set to avoid any BSOD?
  5. ChrLauncher is not Windows XP compatible. And the "Cache Directory" is not to save the Chrome User Profile data into the Windows User Profile folder.
  6. Is a fix for this possible? Or can it not be fixed because it's an X-Chromium Loader bug?
  7. The --profile-directory=Default is to change the Profile folder name. The --user-data-dir is to set a new Profile folder directory. Running 360chrome.exe --user-data-dir="%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\360Chrome" works fine, but not with the "360Loader.exe" or "360Loader.ini" file.
  8. This command change below in the "360Loader.ini" file will freeze the browser. Parameters=--user-data-dir="%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\360Chrome"
  9. I now found the RegEx solution for it. JREPL.BAT "\[SourceNames\.x86\]" "$&\r\nTest-Line" /XSEQ /f "File.txt" /o -
  10. I have to use the "JREPL.bat" tool. All other tools have problems with different text encodings. This works: JREPL.BAT "[SourceNames.x86]" "[SourceNames.x86]\r\nNew-Line" /XSEQ /L /f "File.txt" /o - But i try to do something like this: JREPL.BAT "(RegEx)[SourceNames.x86]\r\n(RegEx)" "Test-Line" /XSEQ /L /f "File.txt" /o -
  11. Hi, Dose someone know how to find the first occurrence of [SourceNames.x86] in a text file and then add a new text line under it?
  12. Yes this is the full LIP collection,. But i wouldn't waste my time on it because: 1. They only translate 70%-80% of the Windows Base text. 2. And forget about any IE8, WMP11, dotNET, . . . translation. 3. Users can't uninstall the LIP without you adding a extra uninstaller.
  13. Okay everything is working now after applying the patched wuaueng.dll file.😱 I would also add the Internet Explorer settings to the "Restore_WU_XP_DE.7z" tool too. 😏 The slider bar to set the Trusted Zone to High was not visible for me. Only after i pressed on the "Default level" it showed up. 😒
  14. Here is the Screenshot. I also tried to reset the Internet Explorer 8 but this didn't help. It's also a new installed Windows XP.
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