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  1. For capture from VC I use WinDV. http://windv.mourek.cz/
  2. Dude, get a grip, would you please? Stop whining like a baby. Are you running out of HDD space? Try a different client like Pidgin, Trillian or Miranda.
  3. I use Firefox 3.0.6 with NoScript & AdBlock Plus and I only see the odd add on a gaming or torrent site. Quite happy with that.
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys, I know some of you went out of your way to provide it. I appreciate it. I have fixed it. I ran Dial-A-Fix to fix the fonts issue. I had to reboot as well. Cheers!
  5. Not sure, you can try reinstalling MSN or start an archive of all your old conversations and start from scratch.
  6. I fixed it. I used RegMon to monitor just the Sims2EP8.exe process upon launch and focused my attention on registry keys and/or values being accessed at the moment the error message appears. I saw one of them happened to be the following: So I navigated to that location in the registry and noticed the problem immediately. This happens to be where many executables are listed as keys and their installation / source directories are listed as values. So I reviewed the values for all the Sims 2 executables and noticed that out of all of them, the Sims2EP8.exe (Apartment Life) was missing several values. So I exported one of the other ones and modified it to match Apartment Life and imported the following: I attempted to launch the game after this and it worked. Cheers.
  7. I have The Sims 2 with all the expansions and add-ons installed for my wife. I recently decided to move the installation from D:\Program Files\EA GAMES to E:\EA GAMES. I copied the entire folder there and then used jv16 PowerTools 2008 to do a mass Find & Replace in the Registry. This worked. The game functioned just as it did before. However, the next day I cleaned my registry with the latest version of CCleaner. Today, while I was at work, my wife told me over the phone that it had stopped working. --------------------------- The Sims™ 2 Apartment Life --------------------------- Some needed files were corrupted during the installation. Please reinstall this application. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I restored the registry changes I made with jv16 but this did not resolve it. I have come to the conclusion that there were registry values other than the file/folder paths that were removed by CCleaner. Could someone who is familiar with the registry make a backup of all the Sims 2 keys and values and provide me with it? I can make the necessary changes (serial numbers, file/folder paths, etc) once I have it. Cheers.
  8. I'm at level 19 and one the last part of the main quest. I don't want to beat it yet because I still have a lot of locations to discover. I love the game. I haven't been this immersed in a game since Oblivion.
  9. I recently uninstalled a PC Game (Left 4 Dead). During this process I was told a font file was in use. I used Unlocker to unlock the "handles" and successfully delete the file to remove all traces of the game. I later rebooted to find that my fonts in Windows are incorrect now. Mostly everything now is bold and italics. Does anyone know of a program or command I can use to reset all my fonts back to the way they were / default? Thanks, Jeremy Edit: Just to clarify, the font file in question was not in the WINDOWS\Fonts but in the Left 4 Dead directory, which is why I deleted it. It has been several days since this happened so those of you who might feel compelled to suggest that I recover the deleted font file; this is no longer possible.
  10. Wow, so if you lose that your life is over...
  11. Oh, I see. You thought perhaps your DX was corrupt so you tried to remove and reinstall it and that's when you encountered a big problem. I misjudged your intentions. I apologize. Cheers, Jeremy
  12. I used to be an nLite fanatic. Given today's HDD and memory capacities and well-coded freeware / open-source software, I don't feel the "need" to be so picky. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of disabled Services, but that is because I have been doing this for several years so I know what I can disable and set to manual. I am starting to play with Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9. I'm quite impressed so far. I am moving to freeware / open-source software as much as possible. I replaced Nero with ImgBurn. I can still burn DVDs that playback in my DVD Player exactly the same as Nero did. My point is that, with good software and affordable 500GB drives and 2/4GB of RAM... I can let XP take all the memory it wants until I finally start playing COD and Steam games on Linux using Wine and/or Cedega. Cheers, Jeremy
  13. Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > Show pop-up description of desktop and folder items. Ensure this is unchecked. That should fix that. Use msconfig or strun.exe from Nirsoft or CCleaner to remove any undesired start-up items.
  14. You're unable to copy the CDs to your HDD and make ISOs or .ZIP/.7Z/etc out of them? Are these files locked by other processes? If so, you can use Unlocker and the Assistant it comes with to close the open handles.
  15. Or a simple reinstall might do the trick. These types of errors are common when using certain registry cleaners.
  16. Perhaps Adobe's trial period day counter is on Adobe's end. Even though you only used it for 10 days, if it is a 30 day trial and it took you 3 weeks to get your laptop restored, you'd be on the 31st day and thus beyond your trial membership. And since your next question with a " " asks how to change your IP address, I am guessing it is on Adobe's end and they track your trial period by IP address. Why don't you try The Gimp or Paint.NET? They are both free.
  17. There's only one program I know of that can remove DirectX from Windows XP... XPLite. Just reformat and reinstall. Given today's HDD and memory capacity and how affordable they are, there is NO reason whatsoever to go removing essential components like that. I used to be an nLite fanatic. Now I don't even use it anymore. I'm actually playing around with Linux distros like Ubuntu 8.04 and Fedora 9. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.
  18. Does anyone know a freeware / open-source program capable of converting an AVI or an AVI converted to a sequence of image files to an animated GIF? I intend these for use in instant messenger clients as custom emoticons.
  19. PC > Router > Modem > .... MSN Server ... > Modem > Router > Other PC

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