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  1. I have a client who is looking for software to manage social media accounts for their clients. They are wanting to make posts posing as the clients. I've found a few programs but it is limited to only client social media accounts. I've tried drumup.io but it limits me to 10 social media accounts. Does anyone know of any software that would allow more than 10 social media accounts?
  2. I have a laptop that has an email account setup in Window Mail app. The customer had old emails from an old laptop that they wanted transferred to the new laptop. I have the emails from the old machine but I cannot import the old messages into the mail app. I've downloaded Thunderbird and I know how to transfer the emails from the old laptop to Thunderbird, but where I am stuck is transferring the emails from the Windows Mail App to Thunderbird. Can anyone point me in the direction of where to find the location of the emails and/or get those emails to transfer into Thunderbird?
  3. I have a customer that is having issues with Outlook 2007. When they try to reply to a certain customer if you keep the window open anywhere from 2-4 minutes, Outlook crashes. This only happens with one particular sender. I tried removing MSO.dll and letting office reinstall on launch but it doesn't resolve the issue. Has anyone else ran into this issue and know of a solution.
  4. I'm running into an issue on a clients computer. We just installed a new computer running Windows 8.1. We installed Office 2010 onto it and now every time they startup when they go to the desktop the Outlook 2010 Startup Wizard launches. I've checked all of the startup folders and can't find anything in it. I've even gone as far as open up the wizard and tell it to not create an email account and when I reboot it still launches. Has anyone else ran into this issue and know of a fix?
  5. Great idea jumper. Is there a way for the generic account to be auto cc that way they don't have to worry about putting it in every time?
  6. I received a call this morning from a client who is looking for a new email hosting company. He is currently using 1&1 for his website and email hosting and is not happy with his service. Here is what he is wanting. Currently his business has a generic email address where customers and send requests for quotes. The issue he is having is when one of his employees or if he responds to that email no one else is able to see the response so they are constantly spending more time tracking each other down to follow up on things to ensure everyone is on the same page. Does anyone have a recommendation on an email host that works well in situations like this to where everyone can see the response easily? They are using Outlook as their email client.
  7. DP that fixed part of the issue. The preview will now work but as soon as that mouse flashes the preview goes away. Any ideas on what is causing the mouse to flash?
  8. DosProbie, how did you repair the damaged file?
  9. Thanks DosProbie. What did you do to resolve it. I have several Windows 8 machines I can copy the file from and paste it over or is there a different method you recommend?
  10. I have a co-workers system that has Windows 8.1 on it and the screensaver won't activate. I have uninstalled and resintalled the video card drivers to see if that resolves it but it didn't. I did notice that the mouse flashes a round circle every few seconds so I don't know if that is causing the screensaver not to kick on or not. Has anyone else ran into this?
  11. Thanks all for the great help. I will let my friend know that to find a store in Australia and they should have the plugs there. Thanks again.
  12. She said it has the three pins aka Mickey Mouse plug.
  13. If I get the model number of the power adapter she had can I check online to see if it has built in auto ranging?
  14. I have a friend who is going to Australia in September for a month and they are wanting to take their laptop with them. They asked me to find them an adapter that will work overseas but I do not know what to look for that guarantees will work over there. Also I don't know if I will need a step down converter to convert from 220 to 110. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks allen2, the computers in question are all Windows XP devices. Is there a way for XP to do this?

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