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  1. Wow there are ALOT OF NEAT THINGS LISTED THERE!!! Thank you very much
  2. Yup they keep making stupid/UN-NEEDED changes to these basic programs!!!!! (Makes ya wonder if they are doing it ON PURPOSE!!)
  3. I last watched Halloween 2 this morning...
  4. Well for instance I have the first release (ORIGINAL RECORDING) of Friday the 13th (1980) and I love it!!!!I like the original look and feel of a movie.... (If I can get it)
  5. I last watched Ferris Buellers Day off - 1986 Ya VESTRON is quite good for sure.... I have the movie CLASS OF 1999 from them and its also the unrated one luckily! (I wasnt sure when I ordered that if i would get R or unrated)Im looking for ENEMY OF THE STATE (1998) --The only ones i have found are "DIGITALLY MASTERED" copies and I dont like that... I consider myself A 'PURIST',i like originality of things!! (I like to see a movie how it looked/sounded WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT) Ill check that site you listed and see if they have that movie... Thank you
  6. Hmmmmmmmm the tape was censored bud?? I love VHS,i collect it!! (I much prefer ANALOG over ANYTHING DIGITAL) Here is the original VESTRON VIDEO release.... I wonder if that one is RATED R OR UNRATED?? (Unrated would probably include everytihng) http://www.ebay.com/itm/310594321996 I assume that this original 1972 version IS MUCH BETTER than that new one!! I havent ever seen the original.......
  7. You should have that file Andy! (I just checked and I have it (Version 4.2.2209.0 (In system directory))) If you want I can place it somewhere for you to obtain EDIT: I forgot your on Win95.. I dunno if my version would work for ya or not.... (I hope the above works!!)
  8. I last watched Six days Seven nights - 1998
  9. Right now I have WPDH on http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/wpdhfmaac.pls They said LED ZEPPLIN is coming on next .. I wonder WHICH ZEPPLIN song it will be??
  10. Ahhhhh its good to do that my friend and NO i dont blame Andrew either
  11. Exactly Steve!!! Thats why I wont use skype now!!!!!!! (They ruined it.....NOTHING GOOD ABOUT SKYPE ANYMORE)
  12. Hehe thats interesting...... When I edited the version # in the file it wouldnt run!!
  13. Im listening to my Country Express record Current song: Three hearts in a tangle
  14. Well why does version not connect?? DID THEY CHANGE SERVERS WITH THE 1.O AND NEWER VERSIONS?? Ill look @ the PDF you supplied!

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