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  1. MtK

    No Custom Definition

    before I rename it back, how was this even changed in the first place?
  2. Hey, I'm not sure if I did anything or how did this happen, but 'my computer' says: No Custom Definition
  3. MtK

    WIF + BT = slowdown

    not sure I understood what you meant. I have a LG notebook, with WIFI+BT integrated...
  4. MtK

    WIF + BT = slowdown

    thanks for the info, but WIFI by itself works fine. BT by itself works fine. and the combination of both, does, no matter were I am (even, in a coffee shop)
  5. Hello, most of the time, my BlueTooth connection is disabled - while my WIFI connection is always ON. whenever I enable the BT, it seems like the WIFI connection slows down, connection to site/services take longer and seem to fail (often). is this something normal?
  6. I got it working! apparently, it was (somehow) not properly minimized, which caused it to not maximize properly. after playing a little with Win+Tab, I managed to click the maximize button - and now everything is back to normal...
  7. yes, I forgot to mention that this is RC (7100), but this didn't happen until now, and it doesn't happen in a similar installation on a different PC... I'm not sure I know at wchi point this started.
  8. here is the hang dump: http://www.smartmtk.com/Hang_Mode__Date_08..._16-45-4646.zip
  9. I've tried removing IE8 from the Windows Features, and did several restarts, but the file are not deleted from: c:\program files\internet explorer 8\! I've tried to delete them manually, but got an error: I have administrator privileges (actually I'm the only user on this PC).. (also tried safe mode)
  10. MtK

    IE8 stuck at start

    all the times I've tested this it worked, but since it doesn't happen every time, I'm not sure this helped... (although it might be) this didn't help
  11. MtK

    IE8 stuck at start

    I've formatted and reinstall Win7 on my PC several times, it always happens. So I guess it's not a malware, or an incompatible add-on - or a matter of safe-mode or reset of the settings. just to be clearer, the IE itself does load (not hanged), but the URL won't open...
  12. hi, I'm mostly using FF as my main browser. whenever I open a URL with IE8, the page loads for ever without being open. if I close the browser and it again, most of the time it works. this also happens in a computer with only IE8 being installed (as main browser)...
  13. Hi, suddenly without a warning, IE Dev Tool doesn't want to load... I press F12 from within IE8, a window is open but nothing is loaded! I've tried re-installing the Dev Tool, but nothing changed.
  14. I managed to successfully install Vista, just to see it works fine (as expected). Then I formatted again, and successfully installed Windows7. all problems seem to be solved! thanks for the help!!!

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