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  1. What you didn't notice is that the 700MHz was an other PC. And that I run 2k on that box, which I am more than happy with!
  2. Well put. I'd strongly advise against itunes on windows anyway Also: change of plans. It seemed alright, but time and use revealed otherwise. Three random reboots in the past hour or so. They have an IT guy that helps them out from time to time, I'm going to hopefully put my head together with his and get every last bit sorted out before I head home on Friday. ... I wish I was home :\
  3. I don't see the big deal with disabling services. I disabled a few here. I disabled several when I installed 2k on my home box in June of 07. Not a single problem, so... *shrug* Well, it's pretty much done at this point. I just need to ensure that automatic system restore point is turned off, replace adobe with foxit, and... ah, immunize with spybot. That's really about it. After getting rid of Norton and nuking the trojans that were found by superantispyware/avg, the system runs fine. It's not perfect, which is what I compulsively aim for (I did it at home, dammit!), but it's feasible. They'r
  4. Ahead of the game in some respects, been using processexplorer before I started and googling my heart away, just finished installing AVG an hour ago, going to start a scan then lounge about in the pool. No need for eye candy. If you saw my foobar at home... yeah I'll make sure when we back up all my uncle's data and such that I have all the drivers. I'll take a peek in the tower to see what the junk situation is in there (I watch mine like a hawk at home). More as it becomes available, I'll definitely check out those links when the time comes (I was so happy when I found the Intel App Accele
  5. I'll look into that, thanks! I've already made a phone call or two, and might be able to work things out that way. In the meantime I've been trying to clean up a bit more in case circumstances change or we run out of time or whatever. Superantispyware has found 5 trojans, and it's still not done scanning D:
  6. Update: uninstalled most of the things mentioned, and the improvement is wondrous. However, I checked the size of the windows directory, and it's 4.8 gigs O.O ... so yes, I discussed it with my great uncle (the owner, and a member of aforementioned family), and we are going to back up, reformat, and reinstall. Now I just need to find XP SP3 Pro so I don't have to use the original manufacturer's disc (*wink wink*?) And yes, ff3 portable. They use IE here, and I think I've converted them, but after the reinstall. I just installed portable for myself. I was just overwhelmed with the mess on this
  7. Let's see if I can get this all in one reply: Poolshark: I'm familiar with my registry and services at home (good ole 2k!). Here... eh, I can figure it out, at least. Not sure where it was purchased from, I'm told it was bought in 2001. It's a compaq *shrug* (mine is an emachine, and like I said it does all I want, all the time). North is Orlando (home is Palm Beach). Unique: I have to admit, it's been so long since I've had to deal with the evils of symantec that I had completely overlooked it . I'll switch it to AVG. I use foxit at home and adore it, but adobe reader didn't register very hi
  8. I've been spending some time with family up north, and this system is, to say the least, less than satisfactory. I run a lean 2k installation for my pitiful 700mhz celeron 192mb pc133 i810 system at home. On the slow side? sure, but it works. All the time. here's the cpu-z report for the system here: ------------------------- CPU-Z version 1.46 ------------------------- Processors Map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Number of processors 1 Number of threads 1 Processor 0 -- Core 0
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