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  1. I think I posted something like this in the past, I went back and couldn't find it so sorry for the repeat. I have a windows xp 8 in 1 install disk, not sure what file to copy to start my unattended disk. Here are the folders files on disk. See attachment.
  2. I just noticed this problem, I copied exe files to a dvd, then when I went to click on them a small command screen flashed up and then nothing happens after that. I was wondering if any one could help, please? I have windows xp pro.
  3. Thanks for your input and I will do some more research and possibly try to upgrade my computer. One more question, admtek 9511 Ethernet adapter driver for vista, I found it on some page but when I clicked on download it wanted me to download a program like driver detective. Does any one know where I might know where to look so I can just download the driver itself without downloading some driver program? Any help would be appreciated, thank for the help.
  4. rfwdwork


    My apologies I checked it with windows explorer and that told me that the disk was full at 4.37gb, sorry I didn't look closer and sorry for wasting your time in replying to my question.
  5. rfwdwork


    I just installed a DVD-rw, they say 4 gb on the new DVD-r disk but my system won,t say that they are that big. I went to manufacturer's website and downloaded the latest firmware for the drive. Is there anything else that I should do. Like what about a dvd burning software. I put the same disk in my girl Friends computer that is running vista and it says that the disk is 4gb. any suggestions?please.
  6. I am currently running windows xp pro. I am using a Ge Force 6200 video card, with 256mgs of ram. I would like to switch to vista, so I ran vista upgrade advisor. It told me I need to update some drivers, the question I have is, do I need to update the Trident Video Accelerator Blade 3D/Promedia. In device manager next to the video accelerator it has a yellow circle with a ! in the center. Do I need that driver. There is a error code 10, this device cannot start. I hope that this is in the right forum, if not I am sorry. Anyhelp would be appreciated.
  7. Hi. I tried to use windows desktop search, but couldn't get it to work. What I would like to now is just get rid of it, uninstall it. I have looked all over the web, trying to find out how to uninstall it. What I found is to use add & remove programs. I looked in there and couldn't find it anywhere. I did some more searching and some people say to use the spuinst package to uninstall it. My question is how do you use the spuinst package cause I have never used it before. Please could anyone help me, like tell me how to use it, to uninstall windows desktop search? I am getting desperate.
  8. Thanks alot iamtheky for that answer. I looked at the link you provided and that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  9. How do get my computer to automatically start a program installation after I put a cd in the cd drive, the cd has all of the program files on it.
  10. Hi, everybody who responded to my initial question. I tried universal extract, but it came up with an error. So I then downloaded 7zip, and instead it and it unpacked it with out any problem. From I can gather by looking at the different files it is installsheild for windows, and my question is, can I use an integrator to integrate the update since it uses the same type of installer, or if not can some one tell me if it is even possible? Thanks again.
  11. Hi Nitroshift. thanks for the reply. So it is my understanding that it is normal and there is nothing wrongand it wonder harm the computer or anything else, right.
  12. Thanks guys, I really appreciate the answers. thanks.
  13. I download a program that is a ***.exe file, I double click on the file and it unpacks to a temp file, then a installation window opens to start installing the software. What I am wondering is there a free program to unpack the file , or how can I unpack it and save it.
  14. I believe the motherboard is amd, xp pro with sp3. the mother board has graphics built in. I am not sure where in the bios I would find find the things you mentioned. Yes the monitor is plugged into the gforce card. I am not sure where to find the switch in the bios .
  15. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am running windows xp pro, 1gigcpu, video built into mother board, but later installed a gforce 4700 nvidea graphic card. Went into device manager, next to VIA graphic controller is a yellow circle with a ! in the middle. I double clicked on the driver and down toward the bottom of the window I saw this error, This Device cannot start (code10). the driver is VIA TECH VT8361/8601 Graphics Controller.

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