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  1. I want to buy a netbook. I don't something very fantastic. But I am open to your suggestions. I already now have a mainstream Desktop and No Laptop. I do everything I need on it except for high end games. But for this , I 'd prefer to plan to buy an Xbox or PS3. A netbook is not going to be a replacement. It 's for mobility ouside and inside my 4 floors home. I am Planning to travel abroad for a couple of years. In the first few months there I will be busy renting a new flat and getting appliances there from the scratch. In the mean time I need to get connected with family via Internet, VOIP, Skype, and get things done with the minimal cost possible (without a desktop in the house). So, for cost/benefit, I chose to have a netbook I work as an Emergency Physician, So, I need ultra Portable device. Laptops can't(So heavy, less portable , good ones are relatively Expensive for me), very high end Smartphones should do it but it is both expensive and have a small screen, and have OS limitations. Yet a Netbook can save me with a descent Linux OS, get things done and also not so expensive. So I am planning to have a midrange netbook and might go for the new Atom 550 Processor. BTW I don't have great expectations for it. just do everyday tasks seamlessly A few months later, I can chose to buy a desktop. Or if not satisfied with netbook, I can give it as a present to my little sister and buy a Laptop. This is my rational regarding the netbook issue
  2. It is not just that. I don't want to see barely naked women every now and then in my browser.This is inconvenient So, If u know alternatives or who know alternatives, just mention them thanks in advance
  3. Oh, my GOD My bad. I didn't know I am such a blind man Here is the solution http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=125403 Weird is that only limit should be less than 265 Any way I am happy Thread could be locked now
  4. @Iceman262: Remodelling of this is to batch them in CMD in the same folder with the equivelant switches (No backup, No restart , silent install,...) Yet I am talking about the installation into windows Dir. Not KBXXX.exe which aren't downloaded by WindowsUpdate BTW: there is No SP3 for X64 bit system anyway Regarding SP4 idea , search for RyanVM , he has done a great gob at this
  5. Great interaction, my friends Here my score of which I am shy Any way, I'll try to disable write caching in my HDD , and post the results..
  6. I 've been using the beta , very good experience so far Except for: Only problem I can see right now in win7 is that the max connections is way too low. That is why I am getting low speeds with utorrent. Any patch to increase Max connection limit?
  7. Admuncher alternative? Any other Ad-blocker? Unfortunately, Admuncher doesn't work on 7000 X64 Is there any alternative?
  8. oh , I see. I kinda skipped Vista . ran from XP to 7 . Yet I haven't known ur score yet Please Share Your score. with this rig(in your sig.) I expect a rather high score
  9. It is lovely to have such a feature in windows 7 Performance scores can vary so much in eveery category. No info on how they measure the score precisely SO, I 'd rather like to share performance score here with you What do u think?
  10. I have updates my XP from automatic update, installed about 46 Hotfixes. Is there a way I can Back up these hotfixes to use on my next XP X64Bit install? Any Ideas?
  11. Not enough at all , want something more Native ,Nothing just compatible. Besides I want to Share XP 64-Bit Apps running on users' PCs ..... Hopefully Here is mine (NATIVE only)so far Avast Antivirus Infra recoeder (CD/DVD burner) Klite Coed Pack X64 Winrar In addition to other Compatible apps. PLZ share your Native Apps from Program Files Directory not from x86 dir.
  12. Relatively New to windows XP 64Bit , tried it but frustrated with lack of Native Apps Hope to find complete ,Uptodate ,Native 64-Bit software List OR Or alternatively, we may share programs we install after each windows installation of XP64-Bit
  13. Just bought a TFT Optiquest 20 inch I need Resources to how to migrate from CRT to TFT world and best management options for it thanks in advance

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