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  1. Thanks guys, that's all that i needed.
  2. What's the difference between the 3 releases of Word 2007. Are they all the same with just the look and feel changed, and the bugs fixed (of course)?
  3. I need a list of the different actions that can be performed in Windows using the mouse, keyboard, or both. Here is a list that i could get. Are there any more actions i'm missing? Please add to the list or PM me. Thanks. Click Double-Click Click and Keypress (combination) Click and Keypress (alternative) Double-Click and Keypress (combination) Double-Click and Keypress (alternative) Keypress Keypress (combinition 'Alt') Keypress (combinition 'Ctrl') Keypress (combinition 'Ctrl + Alt') Right-Click Mouse Rollover Over Mouse Out Select/Highlight Type Text Click and Drag (To draw box / select objects) Click and Drag (Resize) Click and Drag (Rotate) Click and Drag (Move)
  4. I need some opinions

    If you've not yet got the camera here's my 2 cents. go with canon. reasons: 1. sony is overpriced(already said above) 2. if it's not then the cost of the accessories(stand, batteries, case, etc) wil make it overpriced 3. if you live along the coasts, the climate will damage your product pretty quick (i live near the sea and all my sony products, game, player, etc go off after two years), otherwise it is ok. 4. Sony cameras do click good snaps, but compared it with my cuzins Panasonic videocamera and his was much cheaper, more features, and "could do what my camera could do, but only much more."
  5. Cannot connect to Nokia PC Suite

    right-click the Nokia icon besides the clcok in the Task bar. You have to select the port/slot used for the connection( This appears in the form of different check-boxes that appear in a window. check options 7 and 8 ) hey you can also use the software supplied with the dongle. Bluetooth Soleil for transferring files.
  6. Same problem here. My Segate 250gigs External HD is not showing up. I am using Windows XP. I have an Asus Motherboard so i can't install SP2 heard that SPP2 and Asus are not compatible. When my friend installed SP2 on his PC (config similar to mine) his PC blacked out and would'nt boot. Editing this post to fill in the solutions i found to my problem posted above: 1. My hard disk was bad. something wrong with the board. (Seagate does not cover that under the warranty all my cash down the drain ) 2. Installed the BIOS update software from the Asus CD, downloaded latest version of BIOS, and flashed BIOS. Now, SP2 installs fine without any problems.
  7. My MSFN username stands for...

    Phoenix_nf Phoenix : The most powerful (and beautiful ) character from X-Men nf : initials of my first and last name. _ : just to join the two
  8. Ask-Reply Game

    Upside-down. Pac-Man or Mario
  9. Merry Christmas Everybody!

    Merry Xmas to u all too...... Dear Santa, I want........................everything all the nice people on this site ask for X'Mas. From, An unselfish person. P.S.: I want it all so that I can take the trouble and the nice people do not have any trouble testing / understanding all the complex products.
  10. digg vs slashdot

    slashdot is more professional... all information no freebies n all.
  11. Give Us Your One Liners

    Jack was feeling Happy, then Happy got up.
  12. Give Us Your One Liners

    Mother Earth loves you ..... she'll never let go off you......(i think that's too senti )
  13. what do you have your browser homepage set to?

    Google. Fast, Light, and Useful.
  14. Ask-Reply Game

    Coke. MS or Google will enslave the world (j/k -- rule the world)
  15. Which Dictator or Television sitcom character are you?

    I'm Wolverine from X men!