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  1. Hello zuko1, Did you try updating the bios?
  2. Hi msfn users, What i want done with the memory modul driver is have that driver asigned to IRQ, to the memory boards so that the pc run's better. Is this possible to asign memory mudul driver to IRQ and memory boards?
  3. Hello, could you guy's write a how to guide on this reimaging windows partation?
  4. that's the anwser reprogram the firmware. do u think reprograming the firmware is pssible?
  5. are u sure about the hard drive with the llimations? beacue someone told me there is more hidden space. and everyhing isn't reformated to it's fulliest.
  6. yes i do mean unlimited hard drive storage space to what u want. you all correct. without limation. they love to make money of the limation. Is there away to make ti unlimited? Hello jaqie, you have to understant one thing. my details are always limited. read between the lines for when i'm trying to make out the details. thank you
  7. Hi msfn users, I been looking around on the web to find away to unlock the full hard drive storage space. still don't seem to find anything on this. Is there away to do this is my ? Can anybudy anwser this one?
  8. Hello I been looking in to programing for awhile now. I need some pointers on where to start and would visual basic be aright for begainners shuch as my self?. Please reply back asap
  9. Hello rabiddog, your link to the zip file won't allow me to donwload. Maybe there is something wrong with the link posted. the web site says the file has been deleted because the file was too big or larg. why would the site say that?
  10. How sorry I forgot to search. my misstake. I been so busy working these days. My head is ihn a bider. lol
  11. Hello there long time sence I'v haven't had to post anything. I need something to explain how to instal UPnP. Dose anybudy know a install guid to services?
  12. I end up reinstall becuase of adware, virus, spyware. not all of the softare out there is 100% finding spyware. I sure wish that was true.. or some unkown reason my pc slows down. that why I end up reinstalling windows xp.
  13. Hi, how do I download this? i been trying for like 10 mines still have gotten this microX download I'm curiest what this password suppost to be for? what am i doing incorrect?
  14. Is there a better program to replace IE'S clear cache on exit?

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