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  1. I need a program that can increase a file size without damaging the fi

    just pad out the end of the file to 32KB with 00 values
  2. (question) is it possible to get more than 3 users on rdc

    thanks guys just wanted some more connections so i can have lots on obviously
  3. (question) is it possible to get more than 3 users on rdc

    so if i install it using the add new components will that give me the full service? what is the full service called and how do i install it
  4. (question) is it possible to get more than 3 users on rdc

    In Terminal Services it still shows as 2 maximum connections, would enterprise allow more connections do you think?
  5. I have server 2003 standard and would like to know if i can get more than 3 users on remote desktop, any suggestions. Does server 2003 enterprise have unlimited remote desktop connections???
  6. windows server 2003 r2

    so if i have server 2003 enterprise i can just slipstream the trial cd2 into it and have server 2003 r2??
  7. Lean Back Remake

    well made with the added extra of being very funny what did you use to make??? like what program, i need to do a video soon
  8. [Desktops] 2005

    lol the best windows screenshot ever Picture
  9. CDImage and WinISO

    ill try using the proper cdimage
  10. Which Home ver doesn't need activation ?

    google superwinaio 2005 thats the one on the multiboot
  11. windows media center in single disk

    http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=41362 is the 1cd guide go on the mce forum 4 extra help
  12. windows media center in single disk

    1st thing are you using the 1st disc from the set of mce disks 2nd thing are you using the media center cd key 3rd you dont even need to nlite it just do as another post says on th forum and jobs done youve got yourself mce on 1 cd also put the files off cd 2 onto the root of the first disc
  13. MSDN Operating Systems?

    Is it worth buying a subscription to this because from what ive read it gives you free (well not exactly) oses. am i right in sayin that you get the oses free, and if so which ones can you get. can some people who have bopught one say if it is any good???
  14. my views on windows Me

    ill get back to you on this one i have got to install xp on computer that has me on at the moment tonite btw wat version of xp is this?? th pro or the home??
  15. Optimice windows 2000 for best speed

    do you need them networked??? do you need to send messages over the network?? how restricted do the users need to be?? can more information be given?? i would suggest turning off messenger and alerter, anyway 2000 should run alrite on a p3 runs perfect on some 600mhz durons ive seen even loaded with programs