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  1. Hi everybody Basically, I'm trying to format one of my computers using WinXP Pro boot disk because it got infected by viruses. The problem is that the hard drive formatting is stuck at 12% (on blue screen). Can somebody please help me with that? Thanks
  2. It's now been replaced with another keyboard. Thanks for your help guys. I really appreciate it.
  3. Yeah, i'm using Windows Vista. Thanks for the help guys. It seems like the keyboard won't work like this. I'm just wondering if i get a USB to PS/2 Adaptor for this USB Keyboard, would it need work? or it would require some drivers? Thanks
  4. no, i dont have a usb->ps/2 adapter. but the thing is that there would be no point of having a "USB" keyboard if it needs a usb->ps/2 adapter to run because then it would be better to just buy a "ps/2" keyboard. Do you think the keyboard is faulty or it needs a driver?
  5. It says Unknown Device. I have tested the keyboard with two different computers but its not working for some reason even though its brand new. Is the keyboard faulty or it needs driver? I couldn't find driver for this model including the manufacturers web site http://www.chic.com.tw/eng/download_driver.asp Hope you guys know what's wrong with it.
  6. Hi, i've bought a new USB keyboard from currys yesterday and it's not working for reason. I didn't get any drivers with the keyboard so obviously it should work straight away. But for some reason no keyboard lights are lit. I've also checked on Chic's web site but they don't seem to have drivers for this keyboard. Make: CHIC Model No: TKB020U Has anyone got any idea why it's not working? Thanks
  7. I am using a cable modem and it is using a USB lead. I am not sure why i have got 2 connections in my Network Connections folder. Local Area Connection and Local Area Connection 2 As my computer is not linked to anyother computer, shouldn't I have just one connection?
  8. It is a stand alone computer. It is not connected to any other PC. My Internet Service Provider is NTL. I have a NTL broadband connection. I hope somebody knows what the problem is.
  9. Hi everybody I am having a problem with the internet. My internet is not fully working properly. Sometimes it lets me visit a website and sometimes it doesn’t. For Local Area Connection 1, it says the network cable is unplugged and it stays like that. But for Local Area Connection 2, in one second it is connected and in the next second it says network cable is unplugged. I am constantly receiving balloon messages in almost every second saying this “Local Area Connection 2 A network cable is unplugged.” I have checked all the cables and there are all plugged. I don’t know why I am keeping on getting this message. Does anyone know what the problem is? Regards
  10. Please visit that link, click on the button called "Free" and then a link will come up, click on that link download.
  11. Hi everybody I have a dreamweaver template given by one of my friend. I would like to use this web template for my college work. But if i use it for my college work then i will have to explain how i made it from step 1. i mean how he (the guy who made it) set the layout and background and tables etc. As i am not sure how this web template has been made from scratches so i won't be able to explain properly. So i am uploading that template and i hope one of you guys will be able to tell me that how this web template been made from scratches. http://rapidshare.de/files/1074984/Web_Template.zip.html Regards
  12. Hi everybody I am creating a web site on dreamweaver for my college work. I want to add a search engine to my web site but i don't want a search engine which is linked to google or any other search engine, i want a search engine which could only search from the pages created by me. So I would like to know that how can i put a search engine to my web site. Regards
  13. Thanks for your advice but unfortunately it still did not work.

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